To commerate the upcoming 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina….

I ate an old MRE for lunch: Roast beef and vegtables with gravy.  I know several folks that threw their spares out. I’m not a hoarder but hate throwing away good food, especially the variety that is good for camping.  The problem is we’ve not gone camping since the storm.

If you’re a Slabber and still have old MREs check this site.  The TTI clearly indicated the case I stockpiled was still good. I seem to remember the jambalaya was not bad either.


MOLE’S THEORY OF RATIONALIZATION: An Outcome Determinative Fee – a Whitmergate guest post

Yes, I afraid so craplapalooza...and yes, oy vey is right !

Unlike Enstein’s Theory of Relativity which enriched the sciences of physics and astronomy, Mole’s theory of Rationalization decays the social tenets of ethics and morals.

This is yet another installment in the seemingly ‘neverending story’ of the impeachment proceedings against Tom Porteous, Federal Judge, LAED.  Mr. Joseph Mole became an active participant in this debacle when he enrolled as counsel for Landmark in the infamous Liljeberg case heard by Porteous while he was an sitting judge.

The facts and the legal issues concerning this case are irrelevant to the labyrinth of depravity I intend to critique; that being the presence of the ‘White Elephants’ in the courtroom and how they got there; the cameo appearances of attorneys who were close personal friends of Porteous ; Mr. Lenny Levenson and Mr. Jake Amato at bar for Liljeberg, and Mr. Joseph Mole and Mr. Don Gardner representing Lifemark.  One would only have to read the numerous postings registered on Slabbed for a more detailed synopsis of the circumstances surrounding this fertile ground of judicial corruption and unethical, and possibly illegal conduct by all attorneys associated with this trial.  Truly an unmitigated assault by all concerned directed toward the very core beliefs we were instilled with growing up; the ideals of fairness, honesty and decency.  These very same intrinsic civilized values that we had hoped would sustain our society’s sense of law and order. Instead, an institutional collapse of the legal profession is unfolding before our very eyes, and proof positive is the reading of both Mr. Mole’s testimony at the Congressional Impeachment proceedings and his fee proposal to retain Mr. Gardner.

This personality contest of which lawyer would have more influence with Judge Porteous to shape the outcome of the trial was exacerbated by Mr. Mole’s negotiating to hire Mr. Don C. Gardner in an attempt to’ balance the scales’ of favoritism, not justice. In fact it is Mr. Mole’s letter of February 18, 1997, addressed to Mr. Don C. Gardner c/o Thomas G Wilkinson , 320 Huey P. Long Ave., Gretna, Louisiana, referencing the Lifemark Hospitals of Louisiana, Inc. v. Liljeberg Enterprises, Inc. that gives the best evidence that our legal system is spiraling into the abyss of total chaos; a resigned state of amoral bankruptcy.

What was Mr. Mole thinking ?  Continue reading “MOLE’S THEORY OF RATIONALIZATION: An Outcome Determinative Fee – a Whitmergate guest post”

“Lifer at Angola unearths DNA evidence…” and Wendy Vitter surfaces!

Thanks to prosecutors Glen Woods and Wendy Baldwin Vitter, “the Orleans Parish jury that sent Booker Diggins off to prison for the rest of his life on Jan. 25, 1988, didn’t hear much about the rape he supposedly committed during a robbery,” according to the Times Picayune’s story Lifer at Angola unearths DNA evidence that might help him fight 1988 rape, robbery conviction:

The examining doctor wasn’t called to the stand, and no blood evidence turned up at court.

Instead, prosecutors relied solely on testimony of the alleged victim, a 23-year-old woman who picked Diggins out of a photographic line-up and then pointed him out in court as the one who raped her while she was handcuffed to a post in the storeroom of the restaurant she managed.

Diggins was convicted of aggravated rape, which carries mandatory life without parole, plus 30 years for armed robbery and five years for conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

The judge ordered him to serve the three sentences in consecutive order.  But 22 years after Diggins was shipped to the state penitentiary, he and his attorneys have unearthed the fact that prosecutors kept quiet the medical evidence that could have helped him at trial.

Well before January 1988, then-District Attorney Harry Connick’s prosecutors — Glen Woods and Wendy Baldwin Vitter — knew that blood and semen had been collected from the victim, along with a blood type that didn’t match the woman’s.

Vitter, wife of Louisiana Senator (“Diaper”) David Vitter and “home-schooled” in “closed-eye experiences”, knows Chet Traylor faces an uphill fight in getting the Senator to man-up to anything.  However, the question at hand is will she [wo]man-up and do right by Booker Diggins: Continue reading ““Lifer at Angola unearths DNA evidence…” and Wendy Vitter surfaces!”