To amplify some of Dambala’s recent posts. Follow the money folks.

Hat tip Editilla.

Dambala over at American Zombie has been doing some great investigative work lately involving LA State Rep Cedric Richmond.  He wrote this:

For the past four months, I’ve been researching a tip I received on current 2nd District Congressional candidate, State Rep. Cedric Richmond. I was told that Rep. Richmond took a chapter out of the Mose/Bill Jefferson playbook and set up at least one 501c3 (non-profit), then bilked the organization’s cash flow for personal use.

I think we have some stuff up on Slabbed that can help fuel the fire. I welcomed Ike and Sonja Spears to Slabbed and highlighted his connection to Dollar Bill and family. I imagine Ike was a member of that political machine.  Jim Letten has the goods on Sonja Spears yet has not released an indictment despite the slam dunk case he has against her.  Sonja is Ike’s wifey. This could also tie into them rumors we keep hearing about Civil District Court.

Regarding the LSED subpoenas were served there early this year as we reported in the context of the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption scandal. Tim Whitmer ties in via Tim Coulon and now we find out the LSED passed out grants to certain non profits. Those grants pre dated Coulon’s tenure but the later revelations on Coulon’s double dealing give us a flavor for how business is conducted there.

I now wonder who was running things back in the year 2000 at LSED.  They obviously provided no oversight over their sub grantees. I bet there is a tie into with the Jefferson Political machine.


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  1. So when is the Federal Bureau of Constipation and the U.S. Department of “Injustice” going to quit fucking around with CHICKENSHIT and go after Stanwood R. Duval, Jr., Calvin Clifford Fayard, Jr. and others (including, without limitation, Ivan L.R. Lemelle – hey Letten, afraid to indict another NEGRO? – and James L. Dennis)? The CORRUPTION still being “played” by these CRIMINALS is measured in the BILLIONS. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. I just watched the Channel 8 News at 6:00 P.M. which featured a Lee Zurick piece on The Clerk of First City Court appearing before a Federal Grand Jury today, presumably to testify how many days “Judge” Sonja Spears actually showed up for work at the Courthouse in 2010, 2009 and 2008. So here we go: A SMOKESCREEN for Letten and some of the CRIMINALS who work for him (want the names of the ones I know?) and the prosecution of another minority public official who is as ignorant and stupid as she is corrupt. When are we going to learn? So Letten will stand on the Courthouse steps in the next few weeks and pound his chest about what a “great” prosecutor he is. And while Letten and his office prosecute over @ $100,000 in public funds (if that), REAL criminals like Duval, Lemelle, Dennis and Fayard remain free to continue their crooked schemes involving BILLIONS (you don’t believe me, do you?). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. I cant believe this. I keep hearing stuff about this fool. He is an embarrassment! and right when we think we are getting past Dollar Bill Jefferson, here comes Cedric Rolex Richmond. Cant believe I am saying this, but lets save ourselves the trouble and vote for Joseph Cao.

    1. Terrence if you are new stick with us. I’ve been loaded up with ancient history that will tie things back to EWE and then Mike Foster.


  4. I am new to the political world and as naive and ignorant as this may sound,all I want is an honest and dependable congressmen, someone who isn’t stealing money and caught up in osme type of scandal. Is that too much to ask for?

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee Heard a political ad this morning from a radio, the construction guys have in back of The Non-Performing Arts Center, that had the New Orleans DA and Sheriff both verbally backing Richmond as an “anti-crime fighter”. I wonder if they have heard/read America Zombie or SlabbedNation? Do these recently elected politians vet these candidates before they recommend a candidate or is it based only on political deal making? Shouldn’t the DA and Sheriff look at these recent reports and reevaluate their endorsements? If these facts are true there’s going to be alot faces with egg on them? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. They are backing Richmond because they know they can control him George. It takes a special kind of miscreant to loot a charity so one naturally wonders the nature of Richmond’s unshareable needs.

      An “unshareable need” is a term used by Dr Donald Cressey, a sociologist and white collar crime theory pioneer. Anyone with an auditing background (like myself) has studied Cressey’s work. Examples of unshareable needs include addictions to booze, gambling, drugs, and sex. I have seen familial pressures also rise to the level of an unshareable need. Long ago I uncovered an embezzlement in a local government. The perpetrator used to money to pay for a story book wedding in that instance.

      In Tom Porteous’ case he had a mistress on the side as well as problems with booze and gambling. Those addictions were used by those that enabled him as the hook to control the man.

      I can just about guarantee you Richmond has at least one of the vices I mentioned.

      I hear the Ike Spears has been in town lately and that the multiple distractions he is facing such as Letten’s investigation of his wife and this topic are taking a toll. Given how the Spears run through money I can pretty much guarantee Ike has an unshareable need or two himself. Two peas in a pod they are.

      I have about 20 links worth of research I’ve done on the money behind Richmond. In the scheme of things he is but a pawn IMHO and of course there are Jefferson Parish connections.


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