SLABBED not exactly Daily – August 17, 2010

No doubt insurance claims handling after Katrina is reflected in the population loss reported for two of Mississippi’s three Coastal counties:

Here’s a glance at population gains and losses in selected Mississippi counties, according to the Census Bureau website…

Harrison: 189,601 in 2000; estimated 181,191 in 2009. (Down 8,410)
Hancock: 42,967 in 2000; estimated 40,962 in 2009. (Down 2,005)

Opponents of multi-peril insurance offer no alternative for storm victims, an editorial in Sunday’s Sun Herald took the U.S. Chamber of Commence to task for its opposition to Congressman Taylor’s legislation:

The failure of private insurance companies to offer wind coverage to home and business owners in the nation’s coastal regions ought to compel Congress to add wind coverage to the National Flood Insurance Program.

Yet Congressman Gene Taylor’s proposal to do just that is stalled in the House of Representatives.

A primary opponent of Taylor’s proposal is the United States Chamber of Commerce, which four years, eleven months and two weeks after Hurricane Katrina still does not understand the severity of this situation…

If you do business on either the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic Coast, we urge you to contact the U.S. Chamber and urge them to support the only alternative to financial ruin being offered to coastal residents and businesses. Their address is: U.S. Chamber of Commerce; 1615 H St., NW; Washington, DC 20062-2000. Their phone number is (202) 659-6000 and their Web site is

Governor Barbour said “the Gulf of Mexico is the driving force of the Gulf Coast economy” and, although his statement was in reference to a newly formed oil-spill recovery panel, experience documents both  hurricanes and oil spills have a negative economic impact on the State as a whole and not just the coastal counties.

Favre to rejoin Vikings should wake up anyone trying to sneak an afternoon nap.  Eyes open? Good, here’s the latest from Anita:
Circuit Court Judge Lisa Dodson declared a mistrial Thursday afternoon in the policyholder lawsuit Coastal Hardware and Rental Co. v. Underwriters at Lloyds et al…A juror complained after lunch that he had been unable to hear some of the testimony in the Katrina case. Lloyds immediately asked for a mistrial. Dodson polled the jury, finding others also were unable to hear all the testimony offered in the newly renovated courthouse in downtown Bay St. Louis.

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