The Times Picayune editorializes on the post Katrina Religious Street beatings: The consequences of having a police force staffed by Feral Lawmen. “I was begging them to shoot me and get it over with.”

Folks, turns out that while the nation watched in horror as reports of rampant lawlessness in New Orleans after Katrina filled the media it was the NOPD that was at the heart of the problems.  We’ve covered the coverage on this topic and in certain instances supplemented it.  Slabbed’s own Ashton O’Dwyer unfortunately lived it in what for him would become a life changing event. Like Robert Davis, Ashton will probably never receive justice.

With that background in place it was natural that I would mention the impending indictments coming in on what is being called the Religious Street beatings.  In the days after Katrina on Religious Street the NOPD would kick the teeth down one guy’s throat while beating another to the point where he lost control of his bowels. Unfortunately such stories are far too common in the aftermath of Katrina.

The Times Picayune editorial board weighed in today on the Religious Street beatings. Their reporting on the post Katrina NOPD has been excellent as is today’s Op Ed.  Here is an excerpt:

“I was thinking we was gonna die,” Mr. Williams recalled. “I was begging them to shoot me and get it over with.” Mr. Bell estimated seven to 11 officers were involved in the beating.

Changing the ingrained culture of thuggery at the NOPD will take time. Calling the perpetrators to face justice is a good first start. However, justice for all means that others with cases that are just as strong should not be forgotten.


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  1. I think Ashton still has case against the City. There are roughly another 30-40 NOPD officers who will be indicted in the next six months. If any of those officers were involved in your arrest, police report, etc my advice is to file a RICO action against those named parties and the NOPD immediately. You read that right look for another 30 to 40 officers just from the NOPD who will receive target letters. I think I know some attorneys who would represent you too.

  2. I’m told Robert Davis was paid $900,000 by the City. In the same correspondence Feldman’s name came up and as per usual it was not in a positive light.

    I agree SupaSleuth, Ashton ought to sue.


  3. Thank you for your interest and advice, SupaSleuth, but the NOPD had NOTHING to do with what was done to me. I recently solicited the assistance of Superintendent Serpas, forgetting that the NOPD is now OWNED “lock, stock and barrell” by the U.S. Department of “Injustice”, which is protecting a number of their own in my case. Such a cause of action against the Federal Government for civil rights violations is called “a Bivens action”. The individuals, etc. who should be hung by the thumbs in my case are: Charles C. Foti, Jr. and his “hatchet-man” in the Louisiana Department of “Injustice”, Burton Guidry; now Chief “Injustice” of the Louseyanna Supreme Court Catherine D. Kimball, and her Chief Disciplinary Counsel Charles B. Plattsmier, Jr.; former Louisiana State Bar Association President Frank Neuner; former Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (that’s State Police AND Department of Corrections); Angola Warden Burl Cain and a bunch of his “goons from Angola” who inflicted most of the bodily harm on me; Assistant U. S. Attorney Michael Magner (who works for Letten), and a host of other Federal employees who were present at Camp Amtrak while I was shot, indoors, @10 times with a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds, and twice outside, while in a Guantanomo-style dog-cage. These Federal employees included other employees of Letten’s office, employees of the Middle District U.S. Attorney’s office, FBI agents and agents of ATF&E, among others. The Federal Government WILL NOT INVESTIGATE WHAT WAS DONE TO ME BECAUSE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WAS COMPLICIT. Two additional points: (1) The degenerate maggot who is currently prosecuting me criminally WORKS FOR MAGNER, who is his Supervisor. (2) Also working for the maggot and for the degenerate cockroach Magner is the son-in-law of the “DisHonorable” Stanwood R. Duval, who I have accused of CORRUPTING the “Victims of KATRINA litigation, among other things. This person’s name is “Edward Rivera”. BOTTOM LINE: The Feds won’t help me because they were complicit, and are persecuting me to run interference for their “boys”. If I’m in jail, I can’t work on “the book”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. 2 questions Ashton. Who arrested you for no reason and who shot you with the bean bag rounds?

    While I understand your angst against those at the top that you hold responsible, focusing on them has allowed the perpetrators on the ground a free pass and frankly plays straight into their hands.

    Also I was unaware the Feds were going after you again. What have they charged you with this time?


  5. SOP: Answers to your questions: (1) The Feds have appealed the dismissal of the Indictment against me, which means I have to defend myself all over again, but in a Court which is hostile to me, and which hasn’t given me an inch in 5 years. I kid you not. It’s called the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. (2) I was “arrested”, ie. taken into custody for “nothing” at 5 minutes past midnight on 9/20/05 by a Tactical Squad of Louisiana State Policemen (3 to 6 in number). No one would tell me why my hands were cuffed behind my back or why I was being taken. One “officer” (SPIT!) whispered in my ear, “Sir, you are coming with us; either you will come voluntarily or I will remove you from your property by force; now what’s it going to be?” I replied, “I will not resist, but you will have to remove me from my property by force.” They ultimately did so. At the end of my 16 1/2 hour ordeal, during I repeatedly asked whether I was under arrest and, if so what were the charges against me, I was handed a piece of paper suggesting that I had been arrested on my own property for “public intoxication”, which is a LIE. (3) The State Police injured my right ribcage when they threw me to the ground (unnecessarily) at my house, but the “pepper-sprayers” and shooter with the 12-gauge (only one sociopath) were “goons from Angola” who worked for Burl Cain and former Secretary Richard Stalder. (4) As for my litigation strategy, and joining the “planners” with the “goons”, the result was pre-ordained anyway: Ashton O’Dwyer was going to lose, because if he was allowed to win ANYTHING, then the whole house of cards would come tumbling down. I guarantee that if you had been shot 12 times in the thighs at point blank range with a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds, you’d go after the shooter AND whoever gave the shooter his orders. (5) My litigation is all public record and is referenced by Civil Action Number (in the District Court and by Case Number in the Court of Appeals) in Professor Carl Bernofsky’s article entitled: “Police State Comes to New Orleans” available @ “’dwyer_10a.htm”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ashton I hate to hear that. I’ll call you sometime after he get settled in and catch up.

      You’d think with everything on Jim Letten’s plate his office would have far better uses for the man power.


  6. Ashton, I wish you the best! Still I was wondering just where would any proof of what you say could be used. The locals involved in all this wanta be mob like game for idots are bad enough. Add the feds and the issues become a matter of stealth to the courts. They hear nothing, see nothing and as usaual know nothing.

    That comment of mines, me being dismissed of being a most wanted only subsided long enough for regrouping. Between 1998 – 2006 you name it. Arrest, beatings, unlawful abductions, one death all supported of criminal actions documented. Then there is the cause of extortion which all other actions was based on as a need. These criminals work the states courts of law.

    So whats the deal? Is the government protecting the corrupted corporations or are they both sharing profit from unspoken rules for the screwing of U.S. citizens?

  7. To Robert: If I understand what you’re asking me, as opposed to reflections and rhetorical questions about the “persecution” you’ve suffered (and continue to suffer), you want to know what extrinsic evidence or corroboration of my allegations I have. Well, listen up: (1) First there’s the “charge” of public intoxication by as many as 6 State Police Tactical Squad Officers, a charge for which I have never been arraigned, much less prosecuted. I was in the custody of police “goons” for 16 1/2 hours, and yet I was never field-sobriety tested, required to “blow”, or asked to permit blood to be drawn. I have sworn statements from two men who were at my house on the evening of 9/19/05 (both available on the “” Web-Site) who say I was NOT under the influence, much less intoxicated (and on my own property). In addition, my words and actions in dealing with the “goons” belie intoxication. I was in full control of my faculties at all times. (2) In addition to being pepper-sprayed in the face 30 to 40 times (that doesn’t make “noise”, I have previously described being shot at point-blank range with a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds @ 10 times indoors, and twice outdoors, once I had been put in a Guantanomo-style dogcage. I don’t know what you or the other readers of SLABBED know about “the Union Passenger Terminal” a/k/a Camp Amtrak. However the ground floor of the building is entirely “OPEN”. High ceiling, pasteboard-like ceiling material, not a very “substantial” structure. Firing one shot inside the building with a 12-gauge shotgun would AROUSE EVERYONE on the 1st and 2nd floors (the building only has 2 floors). Firing 10 rounds indoors with a 12-gauge shotgun would have everyone inside and outside the building “running” to see just what was going on. A “Technical Assistance Report” commissioned by former Secretary Stalder by the National Institute of Corrections reported one incident involving “violence” at Camp Amtrak, when one inmate was shot with one beanbag round. One shot got mentioned in the report, but 12 shots didn’t even get mentioned? The incident involving me was “covered up” by the Louisiana department of Public Safety and Corrections, by the FBI, by the U.S. Attorney’s Office (Letten), by the U.S. Department of “Injustice”, and by other Federal agencies, BECAUSE ALL OF THEM WERE COMPLICIT. (3) The photographs of my wounds do not lie. My medical records (Dr. Brobson Lutz who authored 3 reports , and the Combat Support Hospital at the Convention Center where I was treated for 8 days) do not lie. I sure as hell didn’t shoot myself 12 times. In addition, numerous friends can attest to the fact that on 9/19/05, I was in great physical shape, and that I was severely “wounded” when released from the custody of police “goons” at 1730 hours or thereabouts on 9/20/05. (4) One of the “goons” (I can’t recall whether he was a Sergeant or a Lieutenant), who I believe was a “goon from Angola” named “Reid” screwed up by writing a FALSE report, which states that only 3 rounds were fired at me, in the dogcage. Forget about the fact that only 2 rounds were fired at me in the dogcage, not 3, and ask this question: “How does Reid account for the 12 wounds to my things which are perfectly discernable in the photographs?” Under no circumstances can 3 equal 12. Was Reid so sure that he would be “protected” by his bosses, and by their bosses, and by the Feds, that he would FALSIFY an official report, just like the Danziger defendants did or conspired to do? (5) Anyone who might be interested in the infliction of serious bodily injuries and violation of the civil rights of a WHITE MAN by the State and by the “FEDS”, who will not investigate or even give the WHITE MAN the time of day, other than to prosecute the WHITE MAN for allegedly “threatening” unnamed and unidentifiable individuals, can look at the public record in Civil Action No. 06-7280 on the Eastern District docket, Case No. 08-30052 on the Fifth Circuit docket, and Criminal Case No. 10-034 on the Eastern District docket. I don’t know any other way to say that “This STINKS” other than by saying “This STINKS”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  8. Ashton,

    I have an idea and a suggestion. What if we form a Non-Profit Public Activist Organization that would concentrate on redressing similar and/or analogous legal scenarios such as yours or mine… those who have been a victim of this cesspool of the Judicial/Attorney crap that we fully understand and empathathize with. That way we could by-pass the “PERSONALITY” deminsion, and concentrate ont the PURE LEGAL issues involved; and, bilaterally engage the the the Disciplinary Committee of the La. Bar and/or Judicial Commission.

    Just for a moment put your personal agenda aside, as I and many others “outside the bar” would do, to confront this BS on another plane. In fact I propose the mission is the name, and be christened, “ON HIGHER GROUND”… leveling the playing field.

    I believe the time is now; I believe we are the people that are being chosen; and I believe it’s the right thing to do…

  9. Whitmergate: I’m “on board”. Tell me what I should do to help formulate and formalize the effort, to assist ALL in making the effort successful, and what I should avoid saying or doing which might compromise the effort, and jeopardize success for all. I can be reached at: 6034 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, la. 70118, or “[email protected]”, or (504) 891-8790. I don’t have an answering machine (the Feds required that it be disconnected when I was on home confinement), so if I don’t answer at once, I’m outside, walking or away from home momentarily. Just try again. Thank you. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  10. Hey Y’all,
    I’m trying to move past referring to The Flood as Katrina. Don’t know how to get there right now though. I sympathize with using the storm as a reference point, but have become more concerned now that the Louisiana State Museum will soon enshrine the name Katrina to frame what happened in New Orleans post 8/29/05. I understand Katrina devastated MS. That is simply not the case with New Orleans. What I am getting at here is a subtle augmentation of the idea of Katrina Shorthand in the MSM which we have battled for 3 years with surprising success. But if everyone keeps referring to Katrina, as in Post-Katrina New Orleans, then what does it really matter to posterity.
    The Times-Picayune has an article seeking Post-Katrina photographs (which I changed the lede on the Ladder to Post-Flood), CNN has one today about their expose’d (sp) “heroes” 5 years after Katrina.
    To many this is the 5th Anniversary of Katrina hitting New Orleans. That is factually incorrect and I think a dangerous precedent to set. In fact, we approach 5 years since the Corps of Engineers flooded New Orleans and started us all on this long dark road home.
    But I just don’t know how to handle the Misframing yet.
    At the very least I would like to see people use the term Post-Flood. That is basically adequate, and easier to understand quickly than say Corps Flood, Federal Flood. at least strongly refers still to it as The 5th Anniversary of the Worst Civil Engineering Disaster in US History. But that is a bit long to lay in someone’s memory but accurate to the truth.
    I may begin writing editors the same way has relentless written them when journalists refer to the flood as caused by Katrina. It was not as we all know now. None of this in your post would have happened had the Corps done the right thing in building those floodwalls correctly. True, it may have happened given the nearly congenitally ugly nature of the NOPD, but not on the scale you write about.

    This is becoming a non-trivial issue for me at least, and I just wanted to run it by my friends first. Maybe y’all can help out with how you title your own posts.

  11. Editilla – New Orleans Ladder – I have a name for you, “Why wasn’t 33 CFR 208.10 used?” for the local hurricane protection project?

    It is a four page law to follow for the operations & maintenance of the LVP, that was in effect well before the COE took over our flood protection. It does not mention the Flood Act of 1927, which de judge said applied, but he never even bothered to mention this document from the Assistant Secretary of the Army [Civil Works]. He screwed the citizens, and again he screwed them with his MRGO verdict and tried to avoid sayinf the levees that were destroyed were also part of the LVP and not the MRGO. Check the maps there is no levee associated with the MRGO, but these are ring levees to protect certain populated areas to the Bohemia Spillway.
    You will also note that he said no Mississippi Levees were topped in the New Orleans area. However in Plauuemines & St. Bernard Parishes some were damaged and/or over topped.

    Again the levees on the West bank of the Mississippi River are also Hurricane Protection topped levees built on top of the existinf river flood control levees.

    Another simple title – When will they follow the law?

  12. Katrina – Started in 1965 and still coming again!!! The lack of following the law for engineering the LP&VHPP has been going on for 45 years and as of this writing is still going on! Read 33 CFR 208.10 , as well as the Dept ofthe Army Engineering Manuals & Regulations required to be followed but NOD had no intention of following. Same thing on allowing permits for land use in a Coastal Plain Area even though no proof of ownership was required. Squatters on others land takes place and they make money off of property that they do not own including selling lands for a power river crossing to LP&L that no ownership was researched on and no proof of title ever given. We are in the time of evil is good and good is evil. The next act may be against one of us. As in Germany all sat by while others were attacked and did nothing until it was their time and no one was left to help them!!
    This nation could easily be lost to those that fought for freedom so long ago, and possibly without a shot being fired as one Soviet leader said so very long ago!

    Remeber less than 50% vote and just barely 51% of those that did vote put the anointed one in to change the greatest nation on the earth!!!!!!! Just think less than 26% of this nation voted for what we now all share!! How many were illegal or uninformed!!

  13. OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee Wayne, are you saying that a parish entity sold the use and rights of land, to which you have legal title, to a third party without your knowledge?OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. Curiousgeorge, not my land but a friend and it was done with building permits from the COE which allowed the State, the Levee Board and the Parish of Jefferson Council to pass a resolution for these actions without a proof of ownership even though they all say it is required.

    If the land was your’s what would you do? Take them to court at your expense? What if you didn’t have the money and why do you need to prove the land is yours when you have a title search and tax receipts showing you have been paying taxes since 1945 to said Parish.

    All Permits require certain elements to be fulfilled and over half of the critical ones were never met. THe main one is proof of ownership or signed lease. Septic tank size, location and meeting the state H&H Dept demands, ramps meeting COE guides, placement of fuel tanks, and pipeline crossings & utility crossings. As the area is considered a wet land the COE also does not allow fill to be placed there except when digging out forthe septic tank and backfill over it. Excess fill is to be taken away or smoothed out to blend into the existing wet land surface.

    The entire process is wrong!!!!! Those with structures have sold some of them to others and one selle even cited he did not own the land. One struct was a “modification” that replaced and overshadowed what was there originally which is in violation of the COE Permit which I have a copy of and the response if there are violations the landowner will be fined!!! If you want to disput this permit due to title problems then you take them to civil court to have the issue settled!!!!!

    In other words we are above the law, we create problems and you must fix our mistake at you r own expense!!! Beautiful country isn’t it?????????

    Hope they don’t have any jurisdiction over any of your property!!!!

  15. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wayne, I have a friend in COE who may unlock some information concerning your questions or refer the matter to the person who knows what happened. The case sounds very similar to the illegal land grab in St. Tammany by some attorneys from land owners. To me the key question is who had the responsibilty to verify land rights and title? Was it COE,the State or the parish. The answer may require several Public Records Requests from the above three entities to discover who made the mistake or allowed the construction of improvements(i.e. valid permits I agree require proof of owership or proof of lease from owner.)Then there is the question of prescription of ownership after a squatter in an illegally constructed building has occupied the land. Send SOP an e-mail so you can contact me so I can get more details to give to my COE friend. OOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeee

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