I had to laugh yesterday because our Desiree alarm went off in a big way as our readers sent in the links to the latest news from Slabbeds favorite self promoter of all times, former White House social secretary/New Orleans party girl Desiree Rogers. In today’s installment of All My Glapion Children we find that Desiree has accomplished her mission of helping friend Linda Johnson Rice begin the process of righting the ship at Johnson Publishing, which has evidently struggled due to the economic slowdown at Ebony and Jet magazines. Now Desiree takes over as CEO.

I had a great time reading between the lines from my last post to yesterday’s press release from Johnson.  Change came to Johnson just days before Desireee was hired as a consultant as this press release trumpeting the hiring of Amy DuBois Barnett as the new editor at Ebony indicates. Then our girl Desiree evidently became Desiree the Knife as the axe fell on President/COO Anne Sempowski Ward. With the dirty work done that left the coast clear for Desiree’s coronation as CEO, a title previously held by Ms. Johnson Rice herself. Desiree then immediately announced the hiring of a token male at Johnson, Rodrigo A. Sierra who looks to me to be the person who will be doing the actual work to salvage Johnson. Continue reading “D”

“Policyholder wins round one” – Anita Lee reports on “Coastal Hardware v Underwriters at Lloyd’s…”

Once again, Anita Lee comes through for the SLABBED – this time with news about Katrina litigation still active in State court.  Hancock County Circuit Court Judge Lisa Dodson (Corban v USAA) issued an Order Concerning Summary Judgments with Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law in Coastal Hardware and Rental, Co. v Underwriters at Lloyd’s, Statewide Insurance Services, Estate of Dan McManus, and John Does 1-25:

Coastal Hardware and Rental Co. has been fighting almost five years now to have its Katrina wind damage covered under a policy issued by Underwriters at Lloyds.

The case was headed to trial in Hancock County Circuit Court, after Judge Lisa Dodson issued a ruling that denied Lloyd’s motion to dismiss the case. The British insurer claimed its policy excluded wind coverage.

Dodson pointed out the policy had not arrived when Katrina hit. Under that circumstance, the policyholder rightly relied on a binder issued before the policy was mailed. Under exclusions, the binder listed only earthquake and mold.  Further, an e-mail from Lloyds to the agent selling the policy said, “Please sell it based on the fact it is now All Risk coverage including Theft excluding Flood and Earthquake . . . ” Continue reading ““Policyholder wins round one” – Anita Lee reports on “Coastal Hardware v Underwriters at Lloyd’s…””