Everyone has a Price so get your tickets to Price Aid now. Proceeds benefit convicted felon/former Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price.

Folks in Louisiana it just doesn’t get much zanier.

With all the active federal investigations in New Orleans we never got around to covering the conviction and sentencing of former Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price. I thought this quote from Price’s sentencing was spot on:

“Don’t you think people have gotten weary of public officials who don’t live and act the way citizens expect them to act? Don’t you think this kind of conduct stains all public officials?”

Pot meet kettle as those words were uttered by interested conflicted US District Court Judge Martin Feldman, who failed the folks at Versai when he home cooked them depriving them of them honest services of the US District Courts (before being reversed at the 5th Circuit).

Of course Price Aid is brought to you by the same folks that financed Eddie’s political career all these years who also no doubt received the benefit of city business for their trouble and efforts. I’ll be curious to find out how many folks actually attend.


3 thoughts on “Everyone has a Price so get your tickets to Price Aid now. Proceeds benefit convicted felon/former Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price.”

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee Sop, I bet there were some of the new, political “Super” pigs at the “Price Aid” benefit.We(Whitmergate and I) have recently spotted a new species, genetically engineered bigger, fatter political pig and requiring enormous amounts of slop from the taxpayer’s trough in Gretna,La., namely Mark Morgan. Mark’s brain created by Gretna’s mayor, “Dr. Frankenstein” Ron Harris, thinks it is entitled to the royal slop of three(3)political benefited positions, namely the JP school board, Gretna’s city attorney and his private practice ( probably partially consisting of some legal,garbage items tossed his way from his first two positions). Please SlabbedNation, be on ALERT and lookout for more of these “Super Engineered” political pigs in your parish or county governments.We have to assume there are more out there feeding on super amounts of slop, breeding intensely with the opposite sex, super pigs and having super slop piggies. And of course bragging to the taxpayers that they are giving their government entities “good bargains”. Please report all new sightings here on SlabbedNation immediately so we can vote them out before we are overun by these freaks.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Only in Louisiana could people have the stupidity to have a fundraiser for a disgraced, drunken, crook, do nothing felon. Eddie Price is a disgrace and so are his benefactors.

  3. It’s indecent Mr. Price. I, and I would venture to guess, most citizens who would have had some empathy for your present circumstance are insulted. That you would allow your family, friends and cronies to wallow in your misfortune. Have you no shame, no remorse ?

    What you, of your own free will, albeit arrogance and greed, have been a principal participant in, is ineffable !

    Let me express myself more to the point in the French: Qu’est-ce qu’un minable putain vous sont degeneres !

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