And Sonja Spears is now officially toast….

We covered the unfolding saga of Judge Sonja Spears who moved to the Boston area but never bothered to resign her local judgeship or stop collecting her paycheck. Since then I’ve recently been told Letten’s boys are closing in on indictments.

Since Lee Zurich at Fox 8 broke the story it is appropriate we link their breaking news coverage of Spears’ resignation.

Slabbed the book, if we ever get around to writing it, may have some behind the scene color to add to our coverage.


Will he or won’t he. Brett Favre calling it quits?

We begin with my post from September 2009, To the Superbowl and Beyond, actually Nowdy’s comment left on the post after I made it sticky following the NFC Championship game. Brett took a playoff caliber beating and Nowdy took umbrage.

Just before the kickoff of Superbowl week, Rick Cleveland at the Clarion Ledger posted a blog entry which contained pictures of Brett’s ankle and hammie. Someone from Team Favre must have complained because Cleveland pulled the entry.  Unfortunately it spread like wildfire in the Who Dat Nation of which the Slabbed Nation is a part so without further adieu here is the pic of the troublesome ankle from Cleveland’s blog purportedly taken after the NFC Championship: Continue reading “Will he or won’t he. Brett Favre calling it quits?”

Everyone has a Price so get your tickets to Price Aid now. Proceeds benefit convicted felon/former Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price.

Folks in Louisiana it just doesn’t get much zanier.

With all the active federal investigations in New Orleans we never got around to covering the conviction and sentencing of former Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price. I thought this quote from Price’s sentencing was spot on:

“Don’t you think people have gotten weary of public officials who don’t live and act the way citizens expect them to act? Don’t you think this kind of conduct stains all public officials?” Continue reading “Everyone has a Price so get your tickets to Price Aid now. Proceeds benefit convicted felon/former Mandeville Mayor Eddie Price.”

Jim Brown

Thursday, July 29th, 2010
New Orleans, Louisiana


The “Rally for Economic Survival,” organized and orchestrated by the oil industry drew thousands to the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana last week. “No Moratorium” and “Drill baby Drill” were the T-shirt slogans of the day. State officials made no bones about their willingness to have an open slugfest with the federal government. As the Lt. Governor ranted: “We are not going down without a fight.” All well and good, and there are certainly logical arguments against a long-term moratorium in the Gulf.

But perception is critical when any state is trying to take on the feds. Sure you can go to court. And Louisiana has had initial success with federal judges in New Orleans. No real surprise here, since all four federal judges in the process were loaded down with oil company investments. But the office of Minerals Management, the federal regulator in charge, can bring the permitting procedure to a slow crawl by holding hearings and requesting reams of detailed data extending the process so that it takes months, or even years to complete. Continue reading “Jim Brown”