My whipped cream is weeping and I’m tearing up – the heat wave and other hot news

Record-breaking temperatures are expected to continue this week after one Mississippian died over the weekend as a result of the heat…The temperature in Jackson is expected to break 100 today and Tuesday with the heat index between 105 and 110 degrees…”The normal for this time of year is around 92 degrees…You definitely can consider this a heat wave.”

At the moment (7:23 am), the temperature here is 82° – and even hotter “under the collar”:

“It saddens me as an American that a company would stoop so low as to make a profit on the death of a soldier. Is there anything lower than that?”

“The American economy rises or falls based on whether or not the country’s very richest people believe they are being properly respected and made happy. And Politico reports that the sensitive rich people are not happy with the Obama administration…”

Brenden DeMelle and Jerry Cope report in the Huffington Post that, “a group of oil companies including BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Citgo, Chevron and other polluters are using a front group called ‘America’s Wetland Foundation’ and a Louisiana women’s group called Women of the Storm to spread the message that U.S. taxpayers should pay for the damage caused by BP to Gulf Coast wetlands, and that the reckless offshore oil industry should continue drilling for the ‘wholesale sustainability’ of the region.”

Looking for something “cool”?  Try Lunch ladies going gourmet

They still wear sensible shoes, but the nation’s lunch ladies are trading in their hair nets for chef toques as they undergo a gourmet makeover…For lunch ladies seeking new skills, “boot camps” are booming from California to New York…”We used to cook this way a long time ago, and I think it’s great,” said Marlene Camdelaria, a high school cafeteria manager who was carving a swan out of a green apple. “I have no idea why we went to all the processed stuff. This is so much better.”

With my whipped cream weeping, I definitely won’t be cooking; but, if it doesn’t get too hot to type, I’ll be back in a while with a bit of legal news.

3 thoughts on “My whipped cream is weeping and I’m tearing up – the heat wave and other hot news”

  1. Have you been bit by a lyrical bug? I’m still sloping down that poem from yesterday so the pacing of this post seems to bounce along like a game of snakes and ladders with between TS Eliot and William Faulkner.
    Jus’sayin… look at it this way:
    With my whipped cream
    I definitely won

  2. Re: America’s Wetland Foundation and contributions to the Group by oil companies. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Organizations like America’s Wetland Foundation require MONEY to “do their thing” and oil companies have more money than…well, more money than ANYBODY. Oil companies and their PR people are very BIG on getting out the message that “We’re committed to preserving the…’whatever’…”, and they are until a DEEPWATER HORIZEN happens. Then human nature and self-preservation kicks in and the culprits run for cover and point the fingers of blame at “the other guy”. So to me the more reasonable questions that the movie Starlet, who apparently has abandoned The Women of the Storm, publicly raising their “integrity” as an issue for not disclosing “oil company contributions” to her, are: (1) What is the “mission statement” of the America’s Wetland Foundation? (2) Is the America’s Wetland Foundation living up to its mission statement? (3) Is the Board of Directors of the America’s Wetland Foundation an “independent” Board that acts in the best interests of the foundation in furtherance of the mission statement, or are the Board Members simply “lackeys” for BIG OIL? Much ado about nothing. One man’s opinion. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. Ashton – With members like Frances Fayard, the Women of the Storm can’t do anything wrong.

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