Thomas "Chris" McIntosh speaking on the record about settlement with State Farm – a Rigsby qui tam update

“Thomas “Chris” McIntosh trusted insurance companies before Hurricane Katrina…My grandfather was in the insurance business. My father was in the insurance business, and I grew up trusting the insurance business…you knew if you paid your premiums, they would take care of you…I trusted State Farm when they walked in my door, and I had no reason to distrust them. I had trusted them for 20 years, and I trusted them for the year after that they lied to me and defrauded me, and now I probably will never trust anybody again in my life.”

Anita Lee’s Homeowner lambasts State Farm, appearing in today’s Sun Herald, reports McIntosh speaking on the record about his settlement with State Farm – in contrast to the record speaking for McIntosh:

“As part of the settlement, the McIntoshes acknowledged in the dismissal order entered into the court record that State Farm had a “reasonable basis” for its original payment and adjusted the claim fairly.

State Farm attorney Robert Galloway quizzed McIntosh about the dismissal order during the pretrial testimony. Galloway asked McIntosh if he agreed the majority of damage to his property was caused by flooding, as the order said. McIntosh said he did not know.

“So you don’t disagree with that?” Galloway asked. “You’re just saying you don’t have personal knowledge one way or the other?

As a long day of questions drew to a close, McIntosh responded: “I vehemently disagree, and I disagreed with this and was extremely (upset) at my counsel when I read this.

“I didn’t approve it. I didn’t read it in advance. I have no doubt that State Farm wrote it and gave it to my counsel; and at this point, we were financially unable to continue, and the message was sent to us that — excuse my language — but we would never see a (expletive) dime if we didn’t settle now. It would be appealed till hell froze over.”

Frankly, it appeared hell was at least icing down when McIntosh v State Farm settled “on the date the Rigsbys… ‘Response to the second set of dispositive motions’  was due”.  SLABBED reported: Continue reading “Thomas "Chris" McIntosh speaking on the record about settlement with State Farm – a Rigsby qui tam update”

As the sand berms turn part deux: Dear Thad, time to end the madness.

The coastal science community continues to over fly the developing environmental catastrophe also known as the sand berm boondoggle as Bobby Jindal’s sand castles continue to wash away at the hands of our typical summer weather patterns.  Bonnie’s remnants probably did a good bit more damage. A few days before her passage, Coastal Scientist Rob Young wrote an open letter to Thad Allen calling for an end to all permitting associated with the berms.  This means Chris Roberts will have to eat those rocks that were purchased that he kept whining about on Anderson Cooper 360 but we’ve let the merry gang of political incomps do enough damage to the environment as it is.

Len Bahr featured Rob’s open letter over at Louisiana Coast Post, which was signed by over 20 coastal scientists. I’ve embedded the original to scribd for our audience.

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Speaking of Len, Continue reading “As the sand berms turn part deux: Dear Thad, time to end the madness.”