Homeboy Michael Grimm taking it to da house in America's Got Talent

Nowdy introduced Waveland guy Michael Grimm to the Slabbed Nation back in June. The mission is to sing his grandparents back into a house,  replacing the one they lost to the storm almost 5 years ago. Into the quarter finals we go. (H/T The Sun Herald)



Jim Brown

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


The present financial disaster in Louisiana has cost the Louisiana economy almost three billion dollars. Check this figure again. Not three million or 300 million but three billion dollars. And the timing could not be worse. The Bayou state’s economy is on a plunging downward spiral. Education will experience major cutbacks, new construction projects are on the verge of grinding to a halt, and basic government services may come to an abrupt end. So why the huge financial hole? It’s the oil spill, right? Read on.

Sure, the oil castrophe all along the Louisiana coast will have a damaging economic effect on the state’s already dwindling economy. But if the new capping procedure put in place last week holds up, cleanup efforts can quickly become more effective with projections of relative normalcy along the Gulf coast within a year. So the oil spill damage to the economy will hopefully be mitigated, with the continuing financial help from BP and the federal government.

However, there is a different cause of a $3 billion loss to Louisiana citizens that continues year after year with little apparent concern being expressed from a host of responsible public officials. Continue reading “Jim Brown”