"Withdraw, my lord, I'll help you to a horse" – King Martin of Feldman denies Motion for (his)Disqualification

His Majesty denied the Motion for (his) Disqualification in an Order signed last Friday (7/16/2010) but entered on the docket today (7/19/2010):

Before the Court are the following motions: (1) defendant intervenors’ Motion for Disqualification and (2) defendant intervenors’ Motion for Expedited Hearing on the Motion for Disqualification.

IT IS ORDERED: that the Motion for Expedited Hearing is GRANTED.

The Motion for Disqualification is without merit under In re Placid Oil Co., 802 F.2d 783 (5th Cir. 1986). Accordingly, IT IS FURTHER ORDERED: that the Motion for Disqualification is DENIED.

The Docket doesn’t show a hearing; so, do we assume he held a hearing with himself before denying the Motion? “My horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse!” but In re Placid Oil was not a horse Feldman could ride: Continue reading “"Withdraw, my lord, I'll help you to a horse" – King Martin of Feldman denies Motion for (his)Disqualification”

SLABBED Daily – July 19, 2010

With the collection of news on my desktop, a catch-all catch-up revival of “SLABBED Daily is in order – regardless of just how “daily” such posts will be.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality posted a news release on its Web site Friday containing the results of testing of oil waste at the Pecan Grove landfill in Harrison County. From samples taken July 9 it did not detect hazardous elements in the oil-spill waste.”

“The results showed the tar ball-like material was non-detect for the crude-oil components that are considered to be hazardous — metals, and volatile and semivolatile organic compounds,” according to the release. “These hazardous components are stripped away by the natural weathering that occurs in the weeks or months it takes for the oil to travel from the well site to Mississippi. The remaining material is comprised of high molecular weight hydrocarbons similar to asphalt.

Anyone else wondering what  MDEQ didn’t test for that the sample contained? Just saying that with certain coastal state  universities selling out to BP, all research becomes suspect (unless it comes from Rob Young and other scientists like those at the University of South Alabama).

Naturally, I had to follow the link provided and check out the facebook page for “Bring Fresh Air back to Mississippi” and, naturally, I then had to follow the link from facebook to that “gratuitous discussion” AKA The Louis CK Interview That Got ‘Fresh Air’ Banned from Mississippi.

It’s sooooo embarrassing, but clearly my duty, to inform our readers that it appears some of the same people who can’t take a joke  – “because nobody has sex in Mississippi and there are certainly no unattractive or overweight people who live there” – think nothing of letting BP  f#@$ with our universities.

As the sand berms turn: Slabbed goes on assignment. Drake adds outstanding analysis.

Slabbed contributor Russell and I traveled to the campus of Western Carolina University last Friday and met with Rob Young, Professor of Geosciences and of the Director of the University’s, Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines. Our readers should well know Rob by now as his name has been mentioned here frequently of late last time being Thursday night passed just before he appeared in an interview with Anderson Cooper.

We had a wide ranging discussion that included barrier islands, coastal insurance issues, state wind pool solvency and of course Bobby Jindal and Billy Nungesser’s sand berm boondoggle.  Rob requested that I keep certain portions of our discussions off the record and I’m happy to honor those requests. The reason is not that he is hiding something far from it in fact.  Rather, it was because he complained, rightfully so in my opinion, about the relatively recent trend of the politicization of science and he did not want any of his remarks misconstrued.  I am convinced Rob is in this for the science and only for the science. This is what separates him from certain politicians whose initials are B.J. who likes to use science only when it furthers his political ambitions.

With that said there are three points that need to be made. The first is I have a boatload of links saved where politicians like Nunny, Jindy, Chris Roberts and others whined to anyone who would give them an open mike (ie Anderson Cooper) about the feds not letting them dump rocks around their sand berms but I have none of those links handy as I write this post. It is just as well because these blowhards weren’t saying anything of substance anyhow though I’m certain it made for good TV footage and news copy, especially when Cooper’s airhead replacement went stalking the Corps of Engineers on July 5th inquiring why they were not working with the now suddenly wanting to be cooperative Nunny and Chrissy as their permit to dump rocks was rejected. For the record the powers that be at the COE were evidently doing the same thing Anderson Cooper was that day in enjoying the federal holiday but I digress.

Second, regarding the rock addition to the sand berm scheme, if the new goal is to rebuild the barrier islands as Chrissy suggested, Rob pointed out to us that the endangered sea turtles which use the islands and beaches to breed can’t very well lay eggs in concrete and rocks. It is those pesky little details the politicians never seem to grasp that comprise the reasons the coastal scientific community are united in their opposition to the berms or more simply put, it is the science stupid. Continue reading “As the sand berms turn: Slabbed goes on assignment. Drake adds outstanding analysis.”