If Slabbed can make it there, we'll make it anywhere….

Photographer/Artist/writer Gene Geter gave us a shout out via twitter on his new video about the oil spill. We’re happy to feature it. ~sop


5 thoughts on “If Slabbed can make it there, we'll make it anywhere….”

  1. BP doesn’t give a rat’s ass about “us” (I haven’t personally “suffered” yet, except for the oiling (which keeps “happening”, day-to-day) of my island, Queen Bess Island in Barataria Bay, which is non-compensable, since the island is non-developable, and the oiling of “my” birds (which the CORRUPT State of Louisiana claims as property of the State. But I have two thoughts that came to mind as I looked at TV and read “The Times-Pick-Your-Nose” over the weekend: (1) Back in the day, I was an avid duck hunter and bird-shooter. Although I was NEVER cited for a migratory bird violation, I knew “plenty” of guys who were. The “offences” (they were FEDERAL offences) were things like “one dos gris oner the limit” or “exceeding the 100 point limit by 30 points”, all BULLSHIT in the big scheme of things, but violations fo Federal Game Laws (The Migratory Bird Treaty Act) nonetheless. But the guys I knew who were cited were made MISERABLE (the Federal statute is a “strict liability” statute, which means you will get a fair trial, and then they will hang you). Most were fined very severely (I seem ti recall @$1500 per bird), and lost hunting privileges for 5 years. Two of the most flagrant violators I heard of, with a number of teal over the limit (this was a knowing, intentional violation) actually got “jail time”, although it was only for two weeks, in addition to a very “hefty” fine. So as I look at the oiled pelicans and plovers and other waterfowl, and oiled sea-birds, I have to ask myself, “Just who will those dedicated public servants, the Federal prosecutors in Letten’s office (those CROOKED sons-of-bitches), prosecute for the thousands of dead and oiled federally-protected birds?” This is “bird-o-cide” on an unimaginable scale, which makes the preceding Federal prosecutions for violations of the Migratory Game Treaty Act look “puny” in comparison. And now would you like to talk about the sea turtles, and the oyster beds? And who knows what damage has been wrought, and will be wrought, by disbersants, which were PERMITTED by the Enviornmental Protection Agency? (2) As an admiralty and maritime lawyer for 35 years, pre-KATRINA, my clients often called me to deal with the aftermath of small oil spills, in the Mississippi River, in Lake Pontchatrain, in the MRGO, in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, in the Gulf, etc. Most were small spills which occurred unintentionally, due to a tankerman’s mistake, or equipment failure, like a defective hose or an insecure coupling. But like the game laws, the appliciable statute(s) were “strict liability” statutes, and the Federal officials who were charged with enforcing these laws WERE USUALLY OUT FOR BLOOD. If a U.S. company was involved the poor hapless tankerman usually lost his job and, in the interim, faced jail time (the “Feds” had the capacity to make is life so miserable, that he was happy – in the end- just to lose his job and not go to jail). Both U.S. and foreign companies were fined heavily (they were called “civil penalties”) depending on the amount of oil spilled. So the BP situation gives new meaning to the prior U.S. Coast Guard attitude towards oil spills, namely “ZERO TOLERANCE” – which is a “joke” in light of what BP (and others) are responsible for – and don’t leave the Federal Government and the Coast Guard out of the “mix” (“We’re in charge!” Remember?). So I think of all of those “little” incidents when I read that “The Federal Incident Commander, Admiral Allen, has authorized the temporary cap to be removed from the well as part of the on-going well integrity test, but that is only expected to result in the release of @ 50,000 barrells of oil per day from the well, as long as the temporary cap remains removed”, said a spokesman for BP, who is speaking for Admiral Allen. I mean, this is all so much BULLSHIT, and renders Federal “enforcement” of anti-pollution laws pre-DEEPWATER HORIZEN total BULLSHIT. If I wore a U.S. Coast Guard uniform today, I would resign, and burn the uniform, in shame. Ashton O’Dwyer. P.S. “Admiral” Thad Allen ain’t even IN the Coast Guard no more. How’d you like to be taking orders from “that”, whatever the hell he is?

  2. Ashton, i have a question:

    Why can’t we sue BP et al for violation of the Migratory Bird Act? They have certainly ‘taken’ more than a few ‘over-the-limit’ n’est-ce-pas?

    As citizen Sportspersons from the great Sportsman’s Paradise I’d hazard a guess we just might have standing as recreational hunters, fishing folks and just plain nature lovers.

    With your experience could you develop a theory based on the Migratory Bird Act and any other applicable State and Federal Laws? Might be fun to see if we can fly that kite.

    BTW: Let’s all remember that hunter of all hunters Sheriff Harry Lee who didn’t like to have a level playing field in anything he did and so when he went hunting in ‘salted’ fields. I am not clear on exactly how he got off or with what fines but he sure set a fine example, now didn’t he? Fat and lazy: remind you of any other political operatives in the area?

    At first while watching the video I thought for certain Ninny Nungesser was in it. Bravo, well done and heartrenching.

    Au revoir. And Ashton let me know what you think about the idea. Thanks

  3. To: UNSLABBED: I’m not looking for any “compensation” from BP. Rather, I would kile to see BP DESTROYED as a going corporate entity and its assets distributed to people whose lives were destroyed by this catastrophe. As for its officers and directors, “hanging by the thumbs” would be “too good”. What I have in mind is more like “nailing their testicles to a tree stump and pushing them over backwards”. Even that may be too good for them. And I realize that the responsible officers and directors of this multi-national, ie. international, business, may be less than willing to travel to the United States in the future, which will “immunize” them from our criminal laws (even if Obummer and Eric Holder had the “will”, and they don’t, because they already have engorged themselves with so much BP MONEY). Now for “the birds”. The Federal statute does not make provision for a “private cause of action”. So when Letten tires of investigating Marc Morial, Sherman Copelien, Cleo Fields and C. Ray Nagin, he would have to instruct his minions (maybe the ones who prosecuted me, Gregory Kennedy, Michael Magner and Ed Rivera – SPIT!) to prosecute “someone” withinn BP itself, or BP itself, for Federal Migratory Bird violations. Also, it is “rumored” that “the Caldwell Administration” has handed a “plumb” to some “rich and powerful, and politically-connected” plaintiffs’ lawyers to file an action against BP pursuant to LSA-R.S. 56:40.1 and 2. To “translate”, this means that Caldwell is allowing lawyers who contributed to him to prosecute a “slam-dunk” case, which will allow them to collect legal fees which should, by all rights, go into the public coffers. The name for this is PUBLIC CORRUPTION. So, who gets nailed to the tree stump first? Does this answer your question? Ashton O’Dwyer.

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