Amazing "Grace" leads us home to "Porteous, his secretary and various New Orleans judicial miscreant activities"

Federal Judge Thomas Porteous, his secretary, and various New Orleans judicial miscreant activities is reproduced in total with a tip of the SLABBED hat to Law and Grace:

U.S. Atty. Jim Letten, must be proud of doctoring the facts and evidence from the “Operation Wrinkled Robe” / Gretna Louisiana Courthouse / Bail Bonds Unlimited scandals which concealed Judge Thomas Porteous, preventing Porteous from the same fate as his former judges, sheriffs, and other affiliates who went to jail. Diligence in doctoring the “Operation Wrinkled Robe” facts, prior to sending them to the FEDS in Washington also helped Porteous’ secretary, as Porteous went on to become a federal judge, continue his illegal activities; and now his handsome salary despite being evicted from his federal bench. Even more appalling is the fact that all these years, Porteous had been destroying certain peoples’ lives and ruining businesses. I have no doubt that U. S. Senator David Vitter is happy that –in reward for covering for Vitter and the other “Johns” involved in the Canal Street Brothel– Vitter secured U.S. Atty Letten’s placement at the New Orleans location INjustice Department. As it pertains to Porteous’ secretary who apparently thought she should continue being employed as ?somebody’s federal secretary? and she filed a lawsuit to get her job. One would think that she would see a problem with the fact that she helped Porteous to abuse litigants, or maybe this revelation: “Secretary for federal judge Thomas Porteous paid his gambling debts”

It is a loathsome reality how the New Orleans ‘INjustice’ Department untiringly, repeatedly conceals horrific New Orleans federal court judicial abuses. If the oppressive, unconstitutional, abuses of authority and dishonesty of federal judges like A.J. McNamara, Lance Africk, Kurt Engelhardt, Dougla$$ Dodd, Alma Chasez and others became exposed to the public (not exposed to Letten so Letten can cover it up), it would be evident that these judges don’t belong on federal benches either!

Further, as I will go on to clarify, it’s probably confusing to Porteous (and to most reasonable thinking people) how come certain New Orleans Criminal court judges with well-published wrong doings, have not received any consequences. For instance, it is astonishing how Criminal Judge Bigelow not only refused to disqualify himself from the Hurricane Katrina NOPD criminal shootings case –despite the myriad reasons why recusing himself was the only proper thing to do, Bigelow had no qualms about fortifying his reputation of being an unjust judge when he UNJUSTLY dismissed the criminal charges against those New Orleans police officers. Five years later, the victims and their families are beginning to encounter some semblance of justice –mainly because the truth became exposed due to the 4-part series called “Law & Disorder” that was published in Times-Picayune in December 2009, in collaboration with ProPublica and PBS’ “Frontline”. *Despite the spin which makes it seem like Jim Letten was the hero -NOT.

Moreover, it is a Louisiana reality that, practically for any wrong that occurs to a person or a business for which judicial remedies are required, all that’s needed for a good outcome is to hire a lawyer who has the greater influence with the judges! (Big Oil knows it can be certain that a judge will ‘look out’ for Big Oil’s interests.) Even if the judge doesn’t help certain companies / individuals, the judge will help his lawyer friends make lots of $$$$$$ from litigation. Yet, often the crafty lawyer drags out cases and pretends it is the opponent or the “pro se” party who is “costing taxpayers’ money”.

Example: When Louisiana “foreclosure mill” lawyers file fraudulent foreclosures using whatever name they desire in order to sometimes personally gain possession of Louisiana homes, they know that judges don’t care if “Mary had a little lamb” was the name that the lawyers use as foreclosure plaintiff. And “Mary had a little lamb” could also be utilized as the “Mover” in Bankruptcy Court by foreclosure mills in “Motions To Lift Automatic Stay.” Yet, to the contrary, no matter how delinquent might be the debt payment, it is not lawful to repossess / foreclose movable or immovable property by use of an entity which lacks lawful lien. Particularly, liens MUST be recorded in compliance with Uniform Codes and Louisiana Statutes before, that is before an “Executory” Proceeding is proper; otherwise –particularly if Bankruptcy is filed, repossessions should be “Ordinary” Proceeding so that others with “ranking” can be able to claim any entitled proceeds. In Louisiana, foreclosure mill lawyers are delighted when owners of property –confiscated via unlawful methods– challenge those lawyers in court (the ‘established’ method for raising one’s challenge.

Scores of people are exiled (unlawfully –they have never lawfully lost ownership of their properties) from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina became the fraudulent means by which “land grab” went down! One might ask how would a lender get anything out of it if the lawyers wound up with the property or if the lawyer fees exceeded the loan? Simply look at how Wells Fargo Mortgage company does it: Create a false IRS form 1099-A (aside from the likelihood that the property note has been sold / paid through the years.) Alarmingly, appallingly about all those fraudulent form 1099-A’s which are submitted to the IRS with people’s names and social security numbers, is that all those people will unjustly face A HUGE tax bill.

The association of all this with Federal Judge Thomas Porteous is that the foregoing racket begins at Parish Courts, and always wounds up at Federal Courts in New Orleans –the venue where the REAL money, fraud, kickbacks, real estate racketeering, Lehman Brothers, Wells Fargo, Freddie Mac, etc., dealings go down! –and New Orleans Clerk of Court, DALE N. ATKINS (*see: “Dangerous Clerk of Court Dale Atkins, Killing Us Softly), is a prominent instrument toward this federal court injustice! The foregoing is a succinct depiction of one aspect of unlawful, outright criminal Federal Court activity for which –in the past five years, Thomas Porteous was really not a participant!

Considering all this, who can blame Porteous for not comprehending why he is being impeached, or what a riddle it must be for criminals on the street to be penalized while the ELITE crooks are being congratulated –and some are even given immunity? I think the mantra might be true: No Justice, No Peace. By the way, although NOT a surprise, people sitting in jail must be scratching their heads at the latest development in yesterday’s news story: “Two lawyers in Thomas Porteous impeachment trial granted immunity”

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  1. Oh, what a tangled web we weave… So why aren’t Stanwood R, Duval, Jr. and Ivan L.R. Lemelle on the “hit list”? I aver that these two miscreants BELONG IN JAIL. One’s white (a Democrat, suck suck Clinton’s dick), and the other’s a Negro (everybody suck, suck my dick). Duval is the most corrupt, intellectually dishonest motherfucker to EVER hold a Federal Commission on the Federal Bench in New Orleans, and Lemelle – well- he’s just a______- we all know how he got his Commission. No white man as lazy, stupid and corrupt as he is could ever have been confirmed by Congress. If the Readers of SLABBED want the “details”, I will furnish them. These two: Duval and Lemelle, are CRIMINALS. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. I guess the only real question to ask is can anyone say or show that any of the Judges in the Eastern District of Louisiana are honest?

    Or is Lady Justice just totally screwed or did she work for the Canal Street Brothel

    Chief Judge Sarah S. Vance
    listed by Section list alphabetically
    A JAY C. ZAINEY C467 C455 504-589-7590
    B IVAN L.R. LEMELLE C501 C525 504-589-7555
    C HELEN G. BERRIGAN C552 C556 504-589-7515
    D A.J. McNAMARA C102 C107-A 504-589-7570
    F MARTIN L.C. FELDMAN C551 C555 504-589-7550
    I LANCE M. AFRICK C427 C405 504-589-7605
    J CARL J. BARBIER C268 C256 504-589-7525
    K STANWOOD R. DUVAL, JR. C352 C368 504-589-7540
    L ELDON E. FALLON C468 C456 504-589-7545
    M PETER BEER C102 C117 504-589-7510
    N KURT D. ENGELHARDT C351 C367 504-589-7645
    R SARAH S. VANCE C279 C255 504-589-7595
    S MARY ANN VIAL LEMMON C414 C406 504-589-7565
    T G. THOMAS PORTEOUS, JR. C224 C206 504-589-7585
    CS CHARLES SCHWARTZ, JR. — — 504-589-7520
    FJH FREDERICK J.R. HEEBE — — 504-589-7520

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  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee Nowdy, great post. I’m curious why Judge Porteous’s bankruptcy attorney, Claude Lightfoot, has not been investigated and or disciplined by the Louisiana Displinary Board ? Mr. Plattsmier where have you been on Mr. Lightfoot? Mr. Lightfoot had to read both the false name of “Orteous” and erroneous address of Judge Porteous before Mr. Lightfoot signed his name on said bankruptcy petition as Porteous’s attorney.For an attorney to sign a bankruptcy petition with conspiratorial intent to hide the identity of the bankrupt has got to be worthy of the Disciplinary Board’s review. Mr. Claude Lightfoot however still not only practices bankruptcy law, but still maintains himself as an U.S. Chapter 7 Trustee, an appointment he has held since 2000. Now an U.S. Banruptcy Trustee is under the U.S. Justice Department and such Trustees are held to a very high degree of legal/fiduciary integrity. So how could Mr. Lightfoot still be a U.S.Trustee? Well you see, it is rather simple. Mr. Lightfoot is a federal “worker bee” who does the dirty little political favors for the good ole’ boy network like Judge Porteous. And in return is rewarded with favorable decisions not only in U.S. Banruptcy Court for his own private bankrupcy clients he represents; but when bankruptcy cases are appealed they go before Eastern District judges like Porteous. And besides when “worker bees” run afoul of the law, “worker bees” don’t get prosecuted and get to keep their Trusteeship positions. So you see its not just judges and their secretaries, but an entire federal good ole’ boy network that causes the injustices in the Eastern District of Louisiana OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  5. Much obliged SLABBED:

    To Ashton and many others who know about, as well as have contacted me and supplied me with information about other New Orleans federal judges. Please know that I will not write what I cannot absolutely prove; and in these instances I definitely know what I

  6. Curious: your post brought me all the way back around to Jay Wilkinson the Federal Magistrate and brother of disgraced former Jefferson Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson who was forced to resign during the Whitmer-Broussard corruption fiasco. Jay W was very involved in the preliminary motions of the case (Lilgeberg/St Jude Hosp)that ultimately tied Porteous to all the corruption on the Federal and State court levels. What a worker bee he turned out to bee. It IS like swatting at gnats! They are all so intertwined we may never unravel the stories.

  7. From the TP: “Danos was granted immunity from criminal prosecution to testify before the Judicial Council, as were other witnesses, according to records from the investigation.

    “If she was doing what she was doing to help him to hide assets, she would be complicit in some fraud-type offense, but they’ve granted her immunity so she’s not going to be prosecuted,” said Dane Ciolino, a Loyola University law professor. “Obviously, they’re not targeting her.”

    The closing of Porteous’ office last month eliminated five posts: Danos plus those of two law clerks, a case manager and a docket clerk. They had been working in a limited capacity for five years, as Porteous was on administrative leave or worked with a restricted docket since it became apparent in 2003 that the FBI was investigating him.

    Beside Danos, none of Porteous’ former employees could either be reached for comment or returned messages.”

    Something to note here is that L&G connects Judge Bigelow and the Danziger charges with Porteous.

    With all the news that has come out everyday with new Danziger prosecutions and hearings and the like, I’m surprised no one has gone back to Bigelow and the fact that this was all addressed in NO courts before. Bigelow dismissed the charges, charges that *now the DOJ itself seems fit for prosecution. Jordan? Nary a peep from him either post dismissal. And now as a long and comfy 15 year career as a Judge Bigelow has up and quit. He just saw fit to dismiss these charges?

    But then there is also this – From Mrs. Grace’s blog article, she connects the Bigelow recusal issue. Here’s a random snippet from the google machine: “The conflicts of interest disclosed by Judge Bigelow include:

    One of Judge Bigelow’s minute clerks, Emily DeSalvo Blackburn, is the daughter of Frank DeSalvo, the attorney for defendant Kenneth Bowen. Both her brother, Gerald De Salvo, and husband, Robert Blackburn are her father’s law partners. In addition, her father is the legal representative of the Police Association of New Orleans (PANO). Another minute clerk in Judge Bigelow’s office, Claire Livaccari, is the wife of Sgt. Donovan Livaccari. Sgt. Livaccari is an officer with the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) and is the employee representative and spokesperson for the Crescent City Lodge #2 of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), an organization that zealously advocates on behalf of NOPD officers.

    Defendant Ignatius Hill’s attorney, Bruce Whittaker, was formerly the law partner of Judge Bigelow’s clerk, Michael Riehlmann, until August 2005. Again, this relationship, particularly when viewed in context, only undermines community confidence in the fair and just disposition of this case. … ”

    {Mr. Blackburn by the way just became an “honorable” magistrate:}

    Here’s something missing from that TP article – those other names in Porteous’ office would not be interesting to ***anyone? Who were the rest of the staff? Because if the Bigelow incident is any indication, the staff can show where a judge’s power base is (judges tend to hire relatives of important friends it seems) and it also shows a whole layer of potential conflict and undue influence that never gets addressed.

  8. Jordan, by the way, was ultimately hired by a… the police.

    “After Jordan resigned the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation, a group that buys bulletproof vests for police officers, hired him as a consultant. NOPJF Executive Director Robert Stellingworth said they hired him as part of an agreement for Jordan to resign as DA.”

    Of course.

    Jordan pretended to be prosecuting and Bigelow pretended to be adjudicating.

    Ronald Madison, however, was not pretending to be dead.

  9. For the record “Ignatius Hill” Is not me,a relation nor acquaintance of mine…for the most part I think Sop will confirm. I hate when other people show up in blogs with part of my name…..LOL

  10. Law and Grace:

    As someone who has done extensive and on-going research and writing of this disgraceful and deplorable debacle, the impeachment process of the profligate Judge Porteous, I feel compelled to comment in light of your closing sentence as it concerns the immunity of some and not others. I hope the following information will be as helpful to you as it has been to me, to more fully appreciate and grasp the severity of the ever devolving dilemma at hand:


    To phrase it more succinctly, nous sommes foutus, pure et simple. It is justice of the guillotine that is needed, swift and final; but alas, I am but a dreamer…however…

    My reality is akin to yours, one who feels compelled to battle evil; as children of the light we will forever be engaged in an eternal war with the children of the dark. In this moment in time, ‘our’ here and now, it would appear we are teetering at the precipice of utter moral decay, presumedly void of redemption.

    What to do ? As Sergeant Friday (Dragnet) would say…Let’s start with the facts ma’am, just the facts.

    There are in fact, TWO ‘waves’ of investigations concerning the impeachment of Tom Porteous. First, the DOJ and FBI initiated an investigation in late 1999 relative to allegations of Porteous’ dealings with bail bondsmen (Marcotte) and monies given to Porteous by lawyers (Amato & Creely, Gardner, Levinson, and others). This investigation culminated with all parties being given immunity by the Government to testify before a Grand Jury sometime in 2002- 2003. No returns, no indictments, no Bill of Information. The second wave was initiated by the the 5th Circuit, Special Investigative Hearing in October 2007. Again all parties were given immunity by the Government, including Porteous. However this proceeding spawned the subsequent voting by the US House of Representatives to adopt the Articles of Impeachment that will culminate in a trial of Porteous by the US Senate scheduled for September of 2010.

    Porteous, with or without lawyers, has gamed the system; and the government seems to have bent over backwards to accommodate this scumbag for the most part. I keep asking myself why ? It is inconceivable that all the power of Washington DC has not been able to step on this cockroach of a human being for the last 10 years. Collins, the black judge who sat in the division Porteous ascended to, was charged, indicted and convicted and resigned as a Judge within 2 years (1991-1993). It is without a doubt that Porteous’ bankruptcy fraud alone was more than sufficient to indict and convict. Wrinkled Robe ? Porteous was the mastermind of various schemes with bail bondsman Marcotte, and for some vague rationalization he isn’t charged or indicted ! Something’s not right, and we all know it, and it’s frustrating.

    FIRST WAVE: Relating to conduct of Attorneys

    In August 1994 Porteous was nominated by President Clinton (by way of Sen. John Breaux, who’s friends of Porteous included, Kyle France, personal, and John Mamoulides, DA Jefferson Parish). The FBI is obligated to conduct a ‘due diligence’ background check, which is inclusive of those persons referred to by the candidate (3) and their own independent investigation of the nominee’s reputation within the community. We know that Marcotte, a Porteous selection, was coached by the nominee relative to his prospective positive responses to give the FBI. The other people interviewed, including Creely and Gardner, chose not to volunteer any negative character traits even though they felt and/or knew differently; to be the ‘tattle-tale’ that would sabotage Porteous’ advancement, would most certainly result in personal and professional repercussions in Jefferson Parish. However, the ‘Truman’ is that Porteous himself lied about his alcoholism, whoring, gambling addiction, financial irresponsibility, and general over-all reprehensible personage, all too well known throughout Jefferson Parish; and particulary by his sponsors Breaux, France and Mamoulides ! The fact that Porteous’ impeachment is partly hinged on the divergently motivated statements of only Marcotte and Creely is LUDICROUS. That the Government would have us believe that the ‘positive’ interviews of Marcotte and Creely were all that were needed to buttress Porteous’ appointment as a Federal Judge is simply NOT CREDIBLE.

    And what about these so called “quid pro quo” curatorships from Porteous to the law firm of Amato & Creely. From an outsider looking in, and having read the House testimony and House Report way too many times, it seems as though Amato (conspiring with Porteous) had prepared to put his law partner Creely under the bus in the event the situation continued to go south and bottom out. It was Creely who had voiced that he had had enough of giving money to their “friend and former law partner” of some 30 years plus. It seems strange that all of the curatorships were put only in Creely’s name but it was Amato who was constantly telling Creely that they needed to “help” Porteous out. It was Porteous who initiated the curatorships to make up for Amato & Creely advancing him monies. It was Amato who was approached by Ken Fonte, along with Levenson, to sign up on the Liljeberg case. Amato stated that the Liljeberg “case was exceptionally important to him.” Why ? Yes it is true that Amato, unlike Gardner, was actively engaged in the litigation; and had his client prevailed would have reaped a large fee, but that was not to be. Gardner on the other hand, cashed in with a $100,000 Dollars ($30,000 given to Tom Wilkinson for a “referral”) By coincidence Jay Wilkinson was the presiding Magistrate in the Liljeberg case; and his former law partner Joseph Mole, who was representing Landmark, contacted Tom Wilkinson, who contacted Don Gardner for the “cameo friend of the court” role. Gardner too was given curatorships and had given his “friend” the Judge money and meals and gifts. Levenson too was on board with the meals, trips etc.

    Should Amato & Creely have given Porteous monies based upon the number of curatorships allotted to them. Of course not, and they both testified to that fact and confessed that it was wrong. But it also is a fact that they had given Porteous monies over a long period of time to “help” out a man, albeit a manipulative reprobate, they considered a colleague and friend. Until the Liljeberg case, with the association of Amato, there is absolutely no evidence or reliable rumor that Porteous favored Creely or his law firm in any litigation.

    Tell me what’s the difference in what Amato & Creely, Gardner and Levenson did compared to the recent revelations of the number of curatorships and relationship between Aaron Broussard and Judge Robert Murphy, Tom Capella and Judge Hans Liljeberg, Mark Morgan and Judge Ellen Kovach, Debbie Villio and former Judge Martha Sassone and the list goes on and on, reeking of quid pro quo: money for contributions, money to assure that a wife’s client gets a contract, money to pay back political favors of hiring relatives, money to ease the way for a close friend to develop property contrary to code.

    Until the Louisiana Bar, both lawyers and Judges, adopt reform measures as recommended by the American Bar Association, to modify the way curators are appointed and how political contributions affect appointments, this cesspool of corruption will continue to exist. And it is because of the lack of ethical standards, that the cry of selective prosecution by law enforcement and bar officials becomes that much more conceivable; the arguments by those singled out for punishment become more persuasive and the conduct of the ‘persecutors’ become more suspect.

    SECOND WAVE: Relating to conduct of Attorneys

    After the Fifth Circuit hearing in 2007, the Task Force seems to have gone fishing for a period of almost 2 years. Why ? Well it seems that the Government’s politically connected outside Counsel had a conflict due to the fact that he had been a major political fundraiser for some members of the Congressional Committee which was to conduct the impeachment proceedings in the House. So in 2009, with a new Government counsel in charge, we learn that new depositions are taken and new witnesses interviewed. Although some of their activity regurgitated Amato & Creely, Gardner and Levenson, we are now introduced to the big boys who have been playing with Porteous for the majority of time he has served on the Federal Bench. How many times have I written about Lenny Cline (shotguns and cruises), Dick Chopin (hunting trips, meals, gifts) Patrick Baynham (hunting trips, meals), and the abominable behavior of Porteous in the Turner vs. Pleasant case (recently digested again here on Slabbed). Only recently we were treated to yet another “Conflict of Interest” escapade by Porteous’ lawyer Westling, who apparently suffering from Korsakoff’s Syndrome, forgot to tell everyone he had counseled the Marcotte’s ! Fortunately that has caused only a 6 weeks delay. Maybe the investigators should have been investigating every person even remotely connected to this farce.

    From Chopin, who became aquainted with Porteous, while he was a State Judge, we read his glowing character assessment of Porteous in 2008, some 15 years after the initial FBI interviews we later learn were not honest or accurate. In fact everyone now knows, what most had known before, that Porteous is a shameless abusive alcoholic, addicted gambler, corrupt to the core, money mooching, bankrupt bum:

    Chopin wrote a letter to Second Circuit Judge Ralph Winter, dated March 28, 2008, supportive of Judge Porteous, in which Chopin described Judge Porteous as an `outstanding judge’ and among `one of finest judges before whom I have ever appeared.’ He stated he had never `heard, seen or experienced any impropriety in Judge Porteous'[s] conduct’ and characterized the allegations against Judge Porteous as having the appearance of a `witch hunt.’ Letter from Richard A. Chopin, Esq., to Hon. Ralph K. Winter, March 28, 2008 Chopin Dep. Ex. 58 (Ex. 258). Chopin also solicited other attorneys to write letters in support of Judge Porteous. Chopin Dep. at 70-71 (Ex. 182); Chopin Dep. Ex. 59 (Ex. 259).

    Now I ask you, should Chopin still have a license to practice law ? Well Amato and Creely voluntarily surrendered their licenses, and without any formal complaint filed by anyone or having had disciplinary proceedings instituted by the Disciplinary Board of the Louisiana Bar. An honorable thing to do ? Maybe, or just short circuiting the inevitable to avoid further embarrassment to all concerned. However I’m beginning to wonder if they acted too hastily relying on the theatrical threats by Plattsmier, considering he apparently has his head up his ass where it concerns: Gardner, Levenson, Hans Liljeberg, Ken Fonte, Joseph Mole, Lightfoot, Cline, Baynham, Dick Chopin and of course the star of this drama, G. Thomas Porteous.

    So Grace the only suggestion I can give to those in jail thinking all of this is unfair to them is: if you did the crime, don’t whine, get Lenny Cline and immunity will come your way, as you say “I have no recollection, one way or the other ” !

  11. Footnote: Plattsmier, please add that incompetent, incorrigible and disgracful former Parish Attorney for Jefferson Parish, TOM WILKINSON to the list I have mentioned previously.

  12. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeee Ephesians 6:12— and I pray: O’ Lord, in Whom I place my Trust and Faith, that You will guide Honorable Plattsmier of the Louisiana Disciplinary Board and Honorable U.S.Attorney Jim Letten to do Your Will to remove the evil political powers in Jefferson Parish so that we may become a “shining city on a hill( or at our altitude “within a levee system)” Amen ! Amen! and Amen! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeee

  13. Well why am I not surprised ! Having just posted a critique of the machinations of the government’s investigations and findings of particular aspects of the seemingly never ending impeachment process of Porteous, we are now confronted with a “push back” maneuver by Porteous’ new and competent lawyer, Mr. Jonathan Turley. And within 24 hours of my making this observation in my previous post Thursday at 2:30 am:

    “And it is because of the lack of ethical standards, that the cry of selective prosecution by law enforcement and bar officials becomes that much more conceivable; the arguments by those singled out for punishment become more persuasive and the conduct of the

  14. I read the report on Turley’s argument in a story with this lead, Whitmergate:

    “Only in America does a Federal Judge argue that I was a Crook before you made me A Federal Judge so you can’t hold it against me because everyone in Louisiana does it when they are State Judges.”

    If I’d just noted the source, I’d happily give credit for such a great lead.

  15. Nowdy, just look at the names: SASSONE (84 curatorships to Villio and supporter of Villio’s campaign for Judge thanks to her significant friend, DA Connick); KOVAK (former JP School Board ally of Morgan whom she appointed as a curator in the ongoing JP Sheriff’s tax case with him receiving $90,000 plus a year); and none other than LILJEBERG (yea you got it, THE INFAMOUS Liljeberg case with Porteous, soon to be impeached, and Mole, Amato, Levenson, Gardner and so many more).

    All Louisiana State Judges in Jefferson Parish, 24th JDC. What a dysfunctional disgrace we seemed to be confronted with on a daily basis as we read the latest:

    Judiciary Commission investigates unnamed judge in C-Murder case
    Published: Friday, July 23, 2010, 7:00 PM
    Paul Purpura, The Times-Picayune

    “Court observers speculate the commission’s investigation stems from an October 2008 decision by then-Judge Martha Sassone. During her contentious re-election bid against Ellen Kovach that fall, Miller asked that Sassone postpone the trial until after the election because Kovach’s campaign attacked Sassone’s controversial rulings in the rapper’s case. Sassone demurred on the request but referred the matter to the Judiciary Commission.
    Meanwhile, the Judicial Campaign Oversight Committee, another entity under the state Supreme Court, ruled that Kovach crossed ethical lines with her campaign’s use of the Miller case. Kovach won the election, and within days of taking the bench last year, she recused herself from the Miller case.
    Kovach would not comment this week. Nor would Judge Hans Liljeberg, who inherited the case after Kovach and two other judges sidestepped it.”

    Is there no shame, nor indignation by the Louisiana Bar ?

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