Did BP call the plumber?

Reading Yahoo News,  I discovered I wasn’t the only one wondering why BP didn’t try a tighter cap sooner:

When BP’s newest spill-containment strategy in the Gulf yielded such encouraging initial results, many asked why the oil giant didn’t hit on this solution earlier in the crisis.

The short answer is that the model of the well cap now in place didn’t exist in the earlier stages of the spill saga. But what’s more noteworthy than the timing issue is the likelihood that the device owes its origin to the same authority that any homeowner turns to in order to get a leak plugged: a professional plumber. (emphasis added)

That, at any rate, is the theory that the Christian Science Monitor’s Patrik Jonsson has floated — and the recent sequence of events leading to the plugging of the leak make it seem plausible.

Jonsson reports that six weeks ago, University of California, Berkeley, engineering professor Robert Bea received a late-night call from an anonymous plumber. According to Bea — who had formerly worked as an oil-industry executive before his present gig as an academically backed manager of engineering crises — the “mystery plumber” reached out to him because he had an idea for how to plug BP’s busted well in the Gulf. The plumber provided Bea with sketches of a containment cap that upgraded some of the design flaws in the cap the oil company deployed in its unsuccessful bid to plug the leak several weeks ago.

Bea passed the plumber’s sketches on to a contact at the Coast Guard, and to a panel of experts who were evaluating proposed schemes to repair the leak submitted by the general public. Jonsson writes that when Bea first got a glimpse of the containment cap that has stopped the flow of oil into the Gulf, he noticed striking similarities to the designs dreamed up by the plumber.

“The idea was using the top flange on the blowout preventer as an attachment point and then employing an internal seal against that flange surface,” Bea told Jonsson. “You can kind of see how a plumber thinks this way. That’s how they have to plumb homes for sewage.”

BP spokesman Mark Salt told Jonsson that he presently has “no way of finding out” if the well-capping crew used any of the mystery plumber’s ideas. Salt added that there’s “a good chance that this was already being designed” when Bea handed over the sketches.

Still, there’s one way that BP’s containment officials can be sure if they followed the plumber’s blueprint: When he submits his three-figure-an-hour bill.

With concerns about how well the cap is working, SLABBED suggests BP call the plumber!

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  2. It struck my funny bone, too, Editilla – and damn if it doesn’t seem to be working! Just goes to show you than a little common sense makes good cents!

  3. From the Inventor Afif Abou-Raphael who provided the sketches and the know how to BP
    Sure it existed and was sent to BP through the US Coast Guard since May 15, 2010.
    And Dr. Bea sent to the USCG what he received from the inventor Afif Abouy-Raphael on May 29, 2010.

    See the following and let me know if you need more solide evidences.
    TO the Coast Guard with respect
    I admire you for watching the US coasts with a vigil eye.
    But here I would like to tell you; to go looking to find the qualified person who didn’t do his job well by sorting my idea since I sent it to you on May 15, 2010. And that was clearly mentioned that if you use it, it will kill the spill in a few hours.
    Because you were trying to deny my rights, I had to show what really I did to help you to finish with the furious oil spill.
    Please change your negative attitude, and show the American people and the word the sketches, description and full details of how to stop the spill in hours completely and effectively, that I sent you since May 15, 2010, where the results are shown in the positive results after you applied my idea around mid July, 2010.
    At the same time, I want to thank dearly Dr. Bea to forwarding to you the sketch I sent him on May 29, 2010, after I left on his answering machine a brief description of my idea that you used in the end but very late to stop the spill
    By the way, you have already a copy of my e-mail that was sent to Dr. Bea on May 29, 2010, and a copy that I sent you July 25, 2010, through Mr. Session and Madame Reynolds.
    With respect
    Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael

  4. From Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael
    To the publisher:
    I thank you dearly for letting my blog to appear on your site.
    At the same time I ask please to publish it as an article if it is possible for everybody to know the truth about not applying my real and effective design when they received in mid May 2010, and about the solution that exists since 1982.
    Afif Abou-Raphael

  5. Afif I have an email into Dr Bea to verify your identity. If your story checks out I think we can do even better than a guest post on Slabbed for you.

    Thanks for stopping in with us.


  6. From Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael

    Here is the copy of the e-mail that I sent Dr. Bea on May 29, 2010.

    Send an e-mail address please to send you all of the proof.

    Please I don’t accept what you said that I am not his plumber.

    For you to be sure.

    I ask you please to check this e-mail with Yahoo.

    From Inventor Afif Abou-Raphael. about Oil spell in the golf of Mexico (BP)Saturday, May 29, 2010 12:16 PM
    From: “Afif Abou-Raphael” To: “[email protected]” Message contains attachments1 File (43KB)OIl well’s plug. (Golf of Mexico.JPG
    Good morning Dr. Bea

    I read in a paper that you are interested in oil drilling and lately you said that what BP is doing to kill the well does not look promising.

    For that I have called you and left a message for you, telling you that I am an inventor for a plug for oil wells here is it link to the Canadian Patent Office


    It is in French, but if we can speak on the phone I can explain anything you would like to ask for.

    This device is not more than another pipe that can be introduced easily in the well’s pipe at ground level:

    1- The pipe has an upper part that stays outside of the ground, because the lower part can be as long as we need,

    2- The upper part has enough valves (in number or size) that let oil pass through it during the installation,

    3- The lower part has on the outside kind of hydraulic cylinders capable to compress seals at many levels, where first the steel seals can go in the


  7. From Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael

    Please give me a call and let us talk to clarify the issue.

  8. From Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael
    By the way
    From May 15, 2010 the USCG received from me the white paper submission.
    Then a lot of updatings followed it.
    When you see the sketchs and the explanations I thing you will feel sorry to saying that I am not Dr. Bea

  9. From Inventor: AFIF ABOU-RAPHAEL

    Here is the net address of the article I read on May 29, 2010.


    In which Dr. Bea said; “BP is quick to point out that the current feed does not mean they have lost, it might just be between different phases of this operation. Bob Bea is a professor of engineering at University of California and he has studied offshore drilling for 55 years. Mr. Bea says what he has seen on the live feed does not look promising”.

    This proves that the date of May 29, 2010 of my e-mail is accurat.
    Afif Abou-Raphael

  10. From Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael

    Proof of my call to Dr. Bea at his home phone no: 925 631 1587
    from my home No: 819 776 0443

    The following is a copy of my phone bill of June 2nd 2010.

    It shows clearly my two phone calls to Dr. Bea. on May 29, 2010

    the 1st call I left a message and it was at10:53:42 AM Ottawa local time or 7:53:42 California time.
    And in the second call I spoke to Dr. Bra personally, but he was in a harry, So, he didn’t ask questions, but I told him that I left for him a message before on his answering machine about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, And I assured him that I will be sending him an e-mail in which I will put a brief about my idea and it will include a drawing.
    Finally the e-mail was sent the same day, and you have a copy of it.

    The following are the details of the two calls as they appear on my phone bill (See below please).
    1- 123983 2010/05/29 10:53:42 9256311587 143 sec MORAGA 0.07

    2- 123983 2010/05/29 12:17:59 9256311587 170 sec MORAGA 0.08

    330 Richmond St. Suite 205
    Chatham ON N7M 1P7
    Invoice Number: IN751461
    Page Count: 2
    Due Date: 6/2/2010
    Account Number: CID50210
    Telephone: 519-360-1575
    Fax: 519-360-1716
    Email: [email protected]
    101 SACRE-COEUR BL APP 112
    Reference – P.O. # Account No. Due Date: Business No.
    CID50210 6/2/2010 872952841
    Customer Service Amount
    DSL Activity
    0 123982 6/2/2010 – Residential – 5M 29.95
    DSL Total 29.95
    LD Activity
    OID Call Date & Time Called # Call Duration City Called Amount
    123983 2010/05/15 15:21:08 2813662000 28 sec BUFFALO 0.01
    123983 2010/05/25 14:48:21 9054992423 72 sec BRAMPTON 0.03
    123983 2010/05/15 16:47:29 2813665511 76 sec BUFFALO 0.04
    123983 2010/05/31 13:21:09 9616805490 8 sec LEBANON – OTHER 0.07
    123983 2010/05/29 10:53:42 9256311587 143 sec MORAGA 0.07
    123983 2010/05/10 11:04:40 9616805490 17 sec LEBANON – OTHER 0.07
    123983 2010/05/29 12:17:59 9256311587 170 sec MORAGA 0.08
    123983 2010/05/15 15:22:06 2813665511 440 sec BUFFALO 0.21
    123983 2010/05/04 10:40:42 9616805490 164 sec LEBANON – OTHER 0.38
    123983 2010/05/05 09:05:42 9616805490 179 sec LEBANON – OTHER 0.42
    123983 2010/05/06 12:07:23 9616805490 189 sec LEBANON – OTHER 0.44
    123983 2010/05/03 09:50:34 9616805490 194 sec LEBANON – OTHER 0.45
    123983 2010/05/02 13:08:43 9616805490 263 sec LEBANON – OTHER 0.61
    123983 2010/05/06 08:25:13 9616805490 322 sec LEBANON – OTHER 0.75
    123983 2010/05/10 11:05:40 9616805490 338 sec LEBANON – OTHER 0.79
    123983 2010/05/02 12:54:05 9616805490 436 sec LEBANON – OTHER 1.02
    123983 2010/05/11 10:39:16 9616805490 474 sec LEBANON – OTHER 1.11
    123983 2010/05/28 09:54:46 9616805490 613 sec LEBANON – OTHER 1.43
    123983 2010/05/19 12:23:52 9616805490 619 sec LEBANON – OTHER 1.44
    123983 2010/05/27 07:19:26 9615941415 682 sec LEBANON – OTHER 1.59
    123983 2010/05/03 10:13:24 9616805490 900 sec LEBANON – OTHER 2.10
    123983 2010/05/14 12:43:20 9616805490 1064 sec LEBANON – OTHER 2.48
    123983 2010/05/26 11:30:45 9616805490 1494 sec LEBANON – OTHER 3.49
    123983 2010/05/31 10:57:49 9616805490 1747 sec LEBANON – OTHER 4.08
    123983 2010/05/26 09:12:11 9616805490 1751 sec LEBANON – OTHER 4.09
    123983 2010/05/18 09:51:49 9616805490 1857 sec LEBANON – OTHER 4.33
    Page 1 of 2
    123983 2010/05/07 12:13:31 9615941415 1889 sec LEBANON – OTHER 4.41
    123983 2010/05/31 13:22:06 9616805490 2857 sec LEBANON – OTHER 6.67
    123983 2010/05/26 09:51:05 9616805490 5019 sec LEBANON – OTHER 11.71
    LD Total 54.37
    Customer Service Amount
    Phone Activity
    0 123984 6/2/2010 – Touch Tone & 911_QC 3.60
    0 123984 6/2/2010 – Band B1F_QC 18.35
    0 123984 6/2/2010 – CallDisplay_QC 3.00
    Phone Total 24.95
    Amount due
    Subtotal before taxes 109.27
    A late payment of 2% per month (24% annual interest) is
    applied when payment has not been received by TekSavvy
    within the billing due date.
    Invoice prepaid month to month from service start date
    Page 2 of 2

    Here is Dr. Bea

  11. From Inventor: AFIF ABOU-RAPHAEL

    to the publisher.

    If it is possible,

    I need to send you copies of the originals.

    I need a good e-mail address that can take attachments.

    This way, you will have the proof without any doubt.

    Here I would like to tell you; probably Dr. Bea is receiving a lot of calls from a lot of fake plumbers.

    And when he spoke about a mystery person while my phone number is clear in the e-mail he received from me, and he had my home number on his phone screen, I can ask a small question;
    Why this!. When his a very honest man.
    Just yesterday, I told him that; he is a very very honest man because he sent the sketch that he received from me and he sent it to the USCG and he didn

  12. From Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael

    Now I have the copy of my telephone bill that shows my real activities on my home phone 819 776 0443 during the month of May 2010, and that shows without any doubt what so ever that I am the late night caller to Dr. Bea as he said on May 29, 2010.

    The message that I registered on his answering machine was done apparently before the wake-up of Dr. Bea. That is why he said late night caller.

    My call was done at 10:53:42 AM Ottawa local time or 7:53:42 California time. (See please the copy of my attached phone bill.

    But what it amazes me, is:

    When Dr. Bea says;

  13. From Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael

    One thing I would like to tell the publisher;

    After seeing you taking off the truth that I wrote here.

    I ask you the following:

    Why don’t you ask Dr. Bea to show you what he forwarded to the USCG, in addition to the e-mail that took that sketch to him from the anonymous?
    For Dr. Bea whom I respect very highly for his honesty, I tell him;

    Please understand that the person who sent you the sketch and the brief description is a real person, and he has in his e-mail a part of his identity.

    I ask you please to put this e-mail public in order to show the word the identity of your anonymous person, if he is anonymous or his name, e-mail address and phone number do appear on that e-mail.

    If you refuse to do so, it means that you are not telling the truth, or you have something to hide if you don

  14. To the publisher

    Why you are deliting the truth.

    And why you deleted the challenge I sent you to get Dr. Bea to com up with the e-mailand the sketch he received from me.

    Don’t tell me;
    “Afif, Dr Bea declined to vouch for you. I pulled your original post as you

  15. Mr. Abou-Raphael, nothing you’ve written has been deleted – however, because you sent so much information for us to read and verify, I pulled your comments from view until we completed that process.

  16. To the publisher
    I thank you very much.
    I believe in you that you will be going to the bottom of the issue.
    I would like to tell you that I am experiencing pressure for telling the truth.
    And I assure you that I will not accept less than the truth to be known by the American people and the world.
    Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael

  17. To the publisher

    Thank you very much.

    You are very honest, and now I can read all what I wrote on your site concerning my idea that was used by BP to contain the worst spill ever.

    Please tell me;

    Are you going to leave them to appear for good on your site?

    Did you do your inquiry?

    Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael

    1. Afif we’ve never been much on censorship here at Slabbed which is why I cleared your remarks. I’m not much on the publication of phone numbers, which coupled with Dr Bea’s refusal to vouch for you is why I pulled some of your comments while we pondered what to do. I see you have left the same information in comments you made at a few other local blogs so I decided to clear the comments we had in our moderation que.

      You present alot of information, which I do not have time to bird dog. That said you do a pretty good job of speaking for yourself.

      Stick with us and perhaps with time we can fit your story into the Slabbed narrative but I make no promises there.


  18. For the publisher with respect

    Thank you dearly

    I would like to tell you; do what you would see appropriate.

    And for pulling out things from other blogs, I can tell you that, the USCG is trying badly to hide the truth, and they are pulling out what they don’t want to be seen by the normal public.

    I need your help to let the public and the world to know the truth.

    Inventor: Afif Abou-Raphael

  19. Why BP and the US Coast Guard didn’t say yet from where came the idea that stopped the biggest spill of the humanity?

    See the following videos to know from where the idea came and the inventor didn’t even get a thank you note yet!

    A- 1-6 http://www.youtube.com/watch

    B- 2-6 http://www.youtube.com/watch

    C- 3-6 http://www.youtube.com/watch

    D- 4-6 http://www.youtube.com/watch

    E- 5-6 http://www.youtube.com/watch

    F- 6-6 http://www.youtube.com/watch

    It is a real shame to see that the highest authorities are not forcing them to declare the origin of the idea. Is there some kind of racism, because the inventor who gave them his idea that is registered since 1982 under the obvious name of;

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