7 thoughts on “Rob Young is on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight”

  1. You did Editilla. LA Coast post has done a bang up job on this. Them coastal scientists are one big happy family though Bro. I’ll fill you in later.


  2. I had the distinction of putting Anderson Cooper and his entourage off my property in uptown New Orleans in the aftermath of KATRINA. He was with CNN at the time, and CNN had previously broadcast, quite incorrectly at the time, that “Ashton O’Dwyer had been arrested for public drunkedness”, which upset my wife who had evacuated to Houston. I wanted an apology from “management” – no money, just we were wrong, and we’re sorry. Unfortunately, a few nights later the “goons” came to my house at 5 minutes past midnight, and at the end of a 16 1/2 hour ordeal, I was handed a piece of parer suggesting that I had been arrested for “public intoxication”, which is is LIE. In other words, the CNN broadcast “came true”. Call me paranoid, but this is “more” than coincidental, although I had many other enemies who wanted me embarrassed and humiliated in a very public (and “wrong”) way. By the way, for those of you who have forgotten, Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt’s son.

  3. He still is with CNN Ashton. His Oil spill distinction is he gave an open mike to crooked local politicians like Nungesser so they could pump that self serving (and useless) sand berm scheme.

    Nunny and Jindal were so confident they had the Feds steam rolled they ordered the rocks before their latest scheme of adding rocks to the sand was permitted. The permit has been denied and now Nunny and Jindal say they want to work with the coastal science community which they had previously ignored. What a crock!

    Cooper and CNN owe it to the people down here that are directly impacted to get this story right rather than assist crooked pols in further lining their own pockets at the expense of the populace and the environment. Judging from what I saw last night it appears CNN has finally extracted their head from their hiney.


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