6 indicted in Danziger bridge killings (updated with link)

From what I’ve seen reported Mr Letten has really lowered the boom on the feral lawmen that made up segments of the post Katrina NOPD who were involved in the killings.

I know the opinions in the Slabbed Nation are varied and nuanced on this subject. My own opinion is these indictments are long past due.

Unfortunately not all of NOPDs innocent victims will find justice.


Six New Orleans police officers indicted in Danziger Bridge shootings

7 thoughts on “6 indicted in Danziger bridge killings (updated with link)”

  1. Yes, the NOPD “officers” who committed these crimes are now being brought to “justice”. How long did it take? Almost 5 years? For those of us who were “here”, we knew from the day we heard about it that “something” was “funny” about what happened on the Danziger bridge that day. Now let’s talk about “Letten”. I call him “Mr. Show and Tell”, because I don’t know of one case that he has actually tried to verdict. Do ANY of you? He’s always on television taking credit for someone else’s Courtroom victory, or someone else’s “behind-the-scenes” investigative work which allows HIM (Letten) to bask in the glory of others. So to make my point, let me mention three names: (1) Marc Morial; (2) Cleo Fields; and (3) Sherman Copelein. Did “Mr. Show and Tell” Letten prosecute ANY of these three? Now let me get “personal”. I was recently the victim of a “selective persecution” by Letten and some CO-CRIMINALS who work for him. Their names are : Gregory Kennedy, Michael Magner and Ed Rivera. They and their “boss” belong behind bars. I spent 34 days in solitary confinement for a “crime” which a Federal Judge said didn’t exist. There is a written opinion in the case dated June 24, 2010, Criminal Case No. 10-034 on the Eastern District docket. While I rotted in jail for a “crime” I didn’t commit, I learned the following: (1) Kennedy, my prosecutor, who I called “the degenerate maggot”, worked for an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Michael Magner (who I called “the degenerate cockroach”, who is his supervisor), who was DIRECTLY INVOLVED in my being held at “Camp Amtrak” on September 20, 2005, after my being brutalized and tortured at that facility between 1230 and 0100 hours. (2) In the same “wasps nest” of degenerates who prosecuted me recently (ie. working “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Magner and Kennedy) is Judge Stanwood Duval’s son-in-law, Ed Rivera. I have accused Duval of “crimes worse than murder”, and I’m not backing down. However, my accusations give “son-in-law” Rivera (and his boss) sufficient “motivation” to want to see me DESTROYED, whether it’s right or not. Letten is a dispicable individual in my judgment, and I hope Obummer doesn’t re-appoint him. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. When Hippo Katz died so did Letten’s chance at Morial. Cleo Fields skating is a muystery for the ages right up there with Robert Guidry skating with the Treasure Chest license.

      I’ve passed that point but it is better for morale if some questions are never asked.


  2. Well… OK… Ashton…thank you for that personal Personnel critique of our Present U.S. Attorney’s office. Frankly having past experiences with former fascists of that office: Volz, Winters, Hoffman, Alfrick, et al, and yes Letten too, I empathize with your sentiments. And in doing so, I’m going to add my 2 cents about some of the nuances that I feel Sop will appreciate also.

    My “nuances” concern themselves with Jefferson Parish only. Assuming I haven’t had one to many Rebel Yells, my memory tells me that to date only 2 “politician” judges have been indicted and convicted under Letten’s tenure in office as designated “the” U.S. Attorney; Bodenheimer who is white and Green who is black. Why Porteous and his lying co-conspirator bankruptcy shyster lawyer Lightfoot were not indicted or have a Bill of Information filed against them is beyond my and most everyone else’s comprehension. This could have been done before Porteous would have been given immunity IMHO. And this condemnation ruefully includes Plattsmier’s failure to move to have these despicable people disbarred regardless of ludicrous immunity issues.

    So besides Sheppard (state senator) and Bolar (Gretna City Councilman), both of whom are Black, can anyone tell me what white elected politician in JP the U.S. Attorney’s office has indicted and/or convicted since Letten’s appointment some 10 years ago plus ? Are we to believe the unbelievable; that not one of these individuals has committed a crime or has been immune from corruption ? Please !

    Did it take the indictments of Eddie Price, mayor of Mandeville in St. Tammany Parish and Bill Hubbard, President of St. John the Baptist Parish, to reveal the avalanche of public corruption by Jefferson Parish officials that has been going on for at least as many years Letten has been “the” US Atty, and still is going on while the Federal government allegedly continues it’s investigation ?

    So is Letten going to take 5 years for the citizen/taxpayer of Jefferson Parish to realize Justice ? All the while, these very same people are making deals for themselves and cronies on contracts with the oil spill; that many of these same individuals will run for office and possibly win; and many of the same corrupt appointed officials will go on to get higher paying jobs to receive larger retirement benefits. Really, need I go on ?

    We have no District Attorney to help or protect us, he’s one of them. We have no La. Atty. General to protect us, his office employs most of the same people who protect the politicians. And if we are to solely rely on the US Attorney’s office, then what ?

    I now fully understand the utter frustration of the French people who were generational victims of an entitilement ruling class; and I how ingenious it was to invent the guillotine as a way to put a swift and complete end to the depravity created by the political impasse at the time. Ah, to daydream…

    The return of indictments against the likes of Coulon, Whitmer, Wilkinson and Broussard tomorrow would be apprapos of the day and serve as our guillotine of Justice; the beginning of the end of the political tyranny the citizen/taxpayer of JP has for too long been subjected to without redress.

    Happy Batille Day to the SlabbedNation from Pelican, Matilde, Placide and me…we will be Yellin’…

    Il est temps de baiser

  3. Sop: have you noticed it doesn’t seem to be healthy to be the secret -keeper in the corruption-riddled political arena. Somehow they turn up dead. You state that with Hippo Katz gone so are any chances at getting to the Morials. ( Not that Jimbo Lettenemgo hasn’t had AMPLE time and opportunity to do so). The DC Madame? Gone. How many other ‘deaths’ are there of which we are not even aware? If I were a betting girl I would lay money that some “political operatives” are looking over their shoulders at their “friends” and worrying. Indictments seem picayune in comparison. Hmmmm

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeee On this Glorius Bastille Day I humbly offer some revised,locally applicable words to the French National Song playing today for the brave SlabbedNation: “Citizens arm yourselves”— with not arms but with your BLOGS of Truth and VOTES that ouster JP toxic politicians—–“Form your batallions and march”—– with other good government soldiers to the polls —- “Let tainted blood water our fields” — and streets so we can one day again united in good government shout from the treetops ——————————————————–FREEDOM !!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. You just can’t trust any policeman pig (OK maybe in New Orleans). These losers shot and killed two (some shot in the back), shot 4 others, and the civilians were unarmed. These losers then planted guns and covered up their mistakes with lies and intimidations. This year Five police officers already have pleaded guilty to lying and covering up. The Bush Administration did nothing. Lets hope all of these pigs get whats coming to them.

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