I tried to join back in the day…..

I love getting links from the BBs. Sometimes we can’t look at what they are saying because the sites are pay sites. Sometimes you simply have to join. Today I do not have the time to join but man o’ man which LAED judge are they talking about? We’ve heard stories on most all of them including the smokingly hot wife of a certain LAED judge who hopped on board the love train after the lifetime appointment was laid down.

As for me, I’m happy to dance with the one who brung me to the party almost 24 years ago.


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  1. Was that older guy in the vid with the blue/gray jacket and the yellow tie 24 jdc judge Ross LaDart?

    1. When I visited last night ouch didn’t describe it. There must be a S&M thread up this morning. I still wonder under what context we were linked.

  2. Whoever said size doesn’t matter wasn’t told to “turn around & bend over”.
    One of the top 10 things I DON’T want to hear while having sex.

    Top 10 Things I DON’T Want to Hear WHILE Having Sex :

    10) Does this look infected?
    9) Turn Around & bend over.
    8) Do you mind if I watch TV?
    7) You remind me of my Father
    6) Do you smell licorice?
    5) I wish I’d had that vasectomy.
    4) How much do you know about the fine products made by the Amway Corporation?
    3) My name used to be Heather.
    2) There’s no such thing as a “wrong hole”.

    And the #1 thing I DON’T want to hear while making love :
    Drum roll please…”Honey, I’m home.”

    Top 10 Things I DON’T Want to Hear AFTER having sex :

    10) NEXT!
    9) Turn Around & Bend Over
    8) That’ll be $500.
    7) How ’bout them Saints.
    6) I Love You.
    5) Where’s my condom?
    4) You are now impregnated with the wretched spawn of a Republican.
    3) Is this your tampon?
    2) I’m sure glad I don’t have AIDS anymore.

    And the #1 thing I DON’T want to hear AFTER making love :
    Drum Roll please…”Did you come?”

  3. I recently offered Libertarian Tony Gentile as a viable alternative for senator, running against Vitter & Melancon.

    As part of his “Meet the Candidate” profile I read the following :

    I am a Christian and proud of it. I believe Jesus Christ is my savior. This is my driving force. I may be able to fool you but I can

  4. Hey! Patricia! You may have just won some support for Senator Gentile. Lets see: Vitter is a whoremonger who should have resigned (if he were a man, but “hesnot”). Melancon is as dumb as a rock (and he voted for Obummer to boot, and believes that he brings “the ability to meet in the middle” to the table). I don’t want a man who won’t FIGHT. Either you stand for something, or you stand for nothing at all. But I have a question: What is Senator Gentile’s position on the rag-head fucking mosque at Ground Zero? Ashton O’Dwyer. And FUCK YOU RAG-HEAD MOTHERFUCKERS!

  5. Tony’s NOT being a career politician is definitely a plus….
    I don’t mean to diminish his capabilities….WAY BETTER THAT VITTER & MELONHEAD




    (then again, I married Satan, so what do I know?)

  6. Patricia: as one who also is washed in the Blood of Christ I applaud Mr Gentile for his courage in stating that fact upfront. In this day and age I also understand the skepticism with which such statements are met as the result of the hypocrisy of people like David Vitter , Bob Livingston and all the other whited sepulchers. That said and not having a personal knowledge of Mr. Gentile’s sincerity I will admit to a bias toward him since he has not (perhaps yet) been outed as a dirty lying hypocritical mean lying (oops said that already) misogynistic (sp?it is 4am) criminal- coddling pervert woosie-boy liar. That would be directed toward Vitter for his numerous transgressions. I have little info re Melancon but unfortunately I too do not care anymore to learn about the various candidates. It has proven to be an exercise in futility as their spin doctors obfuscate and mis-direct. Therefor I now subscribe to the diaper theory on Elected Officials: change them when they are dirty. Vitter is dirty.

  7. From T. Lee Horne, Chairman of the Louisiana Libertarian Party :

    The fundamentalist extremist Christians have taken over the Republican party.
    That has caused the moderate, forgiving Christians
    who believe in Christian principles, not wanting to be Republican any more.
    They seem to be finding a political home at the Libertarian Party.
    As long as they will leave the enforcement of the church laws to the church and leave the enforcement of civil and criminal laws to the government they are welcome.
    I enjoy a voracious appetite for learning,
    (instilled by My Dad …a Science Teacher)
    So, I celebrate the vast, diverse range of intellect expressed here!
    I don’t expect to understand it all….
    But I am determined to remain excited by it.

    Thanks to Unslabbed for your mindful explanation.

    1. Somewhere around 10% of this world’s Muslims and Christians give all believers a bad name.

      Given the long list of whore hoppers in the GOP that stayed at the Christian coalition C street house I submit only rubes and mindless dupes are the only people that still fall for the old religious right BS from the likes of Ralph Reed. Newt Gingrich talking family values? Like PT Barnum used to say…….


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