From the Slabbed mail bag: Stop it Sop! You're making Mikey the Cook Cry!!

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney

Folks the Slabbed mailbag is the gift that keeps on giving today (besides Poldawg) as my last post on Jim Donelon and Mike Chaney aka Jimbo the Clown and Mikey the Cook has evidently hit close to home. 

I’ll freely admit the New Media is a concept that is mostly lost on career politicians and their entourage of political hacks and this despite the excellent advice dispensed by our friend Dambala at the American Zombie in early June. In any event I thought of Dambala’s post when I received this forward from our contact form: 

The fake picture with Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney with his head up his a.. is vulgar at best. Anonymous postings are cowardly – why don’t you have the guts to say who you are?

Wayne Weidie 

No one could call Wayne Weidie a coward using the calculus he uses to define a blogger’s manhood, far from it in fact. However I can term Wayne ignorant and be on firm ground because of the big 3 blogs in Mississippi, each of the moderators are very public figures having appeared in the press multiple times under our own names. (My last appearance in the media was on talk radio via a coast to coast radio network in fact.) 

Still it is an honor to be contacted by a man of Mr Weidie’s caliber.  After running the local newspaper in Ocean Springs into the ground he joined Gene Taylor’s team as Chief of Staff before heading through the revolving door to Adam and Reese’s lobbying division joining luminaries such as the soon to be indicted Tim Coulon and his political hack son Chris, Marc Morial, Robert Wooley and George Dale. Mr Weidie is listed as the division’s contact person so he must be important. Here is a client testimonial: 

The expert advice, guidance and actions provided by members of Adams and Reese Governmental Relations Team have enabled our federation to successfully address legislative matters affecting our members’ livelihoods, as well as the financial futures of our clients.” 

– Ruby A. Miller, LUTCF, 2006-07 President, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) 

I guess with that kind of clientele the local insurance industry lobby would take umbrage at my characterization of their waterboy Mike Chaney as a hollow man who in no way shape or form represents the people who elected him to office. It may come as a surprise to Mr Weidie that my reputation in the blogosphere is that my balls are bigger than grapefruits or that Mr Chaney knows exactly who I am but such self absorbtion is often the norm for people whose job it is to fleece the government’s treasury to the benefit of their corporate paymasters. Whitmergate is spot on with his characterization of such folks as Leche-bottes. 

My own opinion is that a coward would not go the extra mile and also highlight Mr Weidie’s service on the Board of the Stennis Institute of Government at Mississippi State University. The Stennis Institute is a think tank which is the polite way of saying they are the proverbial rat on top of the government earmark pile.  I lost count of how much Katrina recovery funding went to down the black hole of their useless post storm studies for example but it looks good to have one of their stuffed shirt talking heads as a media source. At Slabbed we also remember Mississippi State’s annual insurance day where all the finest perpetrators in the scheme to defraud the National Flood Insurance Program gather once a year to bloviate about all things insurance. What a swell place Mississippi State is hosting folks such as unethical lawyer David Rossmiller who did a masterful job putting the screws to homeless policyholders here in Katrina’s aftermath via his blog, which is now widely discredited.

And that brings us to “vulgar” because we have lots of experience on that topic here at Slabbed. For instance I personally feel it is vulgar that Adams & Reese partner/NOLA Traffic Court judge Ronald Sholes fixed tickets for A&R clients in New Orleans from his office at Adams & Reese. A noted legal scholar termed the practice “low level rot” which is really nothing compared to the high level rot that was also contained in Jamie Perdigao’s racketeering complaint against his former partners at Adams & Reese including Mr Weidie’s DC based co worker Jeff Brooks who is evidently the managing partner of the A&R Washington DC office. 

Perdigao maintained Brooks maintained certain curious connections to felons Dollar Bill and Mose Jefferson via the Adams & Reese political action committee ARPAC. Brooks was also alleged to be instrumental in bringing Marc Morial and Tim Coulon on board with A&R. Now remember folks Coulon is expected to be indicted in the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption scandal and there is no telling what he’ll say to save his own skin and if I were Mr Brooks, I’d be concerned Coulon might provide additional collaboration of this allegation from Perdigao’s RICO complaint: 

Shortly after Morial’s departure, the firm began considering the candidacy of then Parish President Tim Coulon and his son Chris Coulon as non-lawyer lobbyists for Brooks’ governmental relations practice group. However, Louisiana’s chief anti-corruption statute (La. R.S. 42:1121 et. seq.) prohibited Tim Coulon from working on Jefferson Parish matters and from representing clients having contracts with or matters involving Jefferson Parish for two years after leaving office. Furthermore, if Tim Coulon were a partner or employee of the firm, the entire firm would be prohibited from doing such business for two years. Brooks again proposed that the firm construct a relationship whereby Tim Coulon was deemed to be an independent contractor. In this way, although Tim Coulon would be prohibited from representing clients having transactions or matters before Jefferson Parish, the firm would not be prohibited from capitalizing on this business opportunity. On October 23,2003, the firm extended an offer to Tim Coulon and Chris Coulon, with Tim Coulon joining the firm immediately after his term of office ended. 

Also worth noting is the Coulon boys are neck-deep in the trash biz over NOLA way so the sky is the limit on the putrid details they could give Mr Letten on A&R’s involvement in River Birch among other things trash in Jefferson Parish. Oh yeah, lets not forget about Coulon, A&R and the problems over at the Superdome Commission either

Since we’re on the subject of vulgar let’s circle back to insurance industry water boy Mike Chaney. Slabbed readers are well familiar with the many ways insurers fleeced homeless policyholders on the coast after Katrina with State Farm being the worst perpetrator. Chaney inherited a market conduct study commenced by his disgraced predecessor turned A&R lobbyst George Dale and Dale’s right hand man Lee Harrell. We’re also well familiar with the whitewash that was that market conduct study where Mr Chaney ignored the findings of his own examiner instead defaming the two courageous women who blew the whistle on State Farm’s fraudulent claims practices. Now I’ll grant Mr Weidie may have been too busy helping Mr Brooks funnel money to the Jeffersons and hiring Marc Morial to know what was going on down here on the coast but we surely noted how Mr Harrell went to work for State Farm’s Jackson based law firm shortly after the report was released

So there you have it folks, we’ve rattled the cage of some of the folks that have been active participants in making greater New Orleans and Mississippi the cesspool of corruption it is today. Frankly I’ll wear that as a badge of honor though I feel the need to shower after being contacted by the likes of lobbyist Wayne Weidie.  To paraphrase Forrest Gump vulgar is as vulgar does sir. 

If you have any other questions concerning my manhood or Slabbed, please feel free to email me Mr Weidie. Welcome to the premiere public and legal affairs blog in the Gulf South, the Warren suite, extra nice.


19 thoughts on “From the Slabbed mail bag: Stop it Sop! You're making Mikey the Cook Cry!!”

  1. Grapefruits, more like watermelons. Way to completely discredit someone! Hope I never piss you off, SOP.

  2. Of all the blogs in this area we actively foster a diversity of opinion IMA as you well know. There are only a few ways someone can piss me off and calling me a coward is a sure way to do it.

    Weidie, Chaney and their band of idiots may think I just fell off the turnip truck but they aren’t the first punks to think I could be steamrolled with such penny ante bullshit.

    Notice neither Weidie nor Poldawg could discredit the facts of the post I did on BP claims. Instead they thought they could bully me. Bad move because they picked the wrong marine to mess with.


  3. The only thing better than Theriot suing the blogosphere would to have had A & R retained to lobby viewfromhell and the rest of the gang.

    Putain je viens de l’amour ce genre de choses, ce blog

    Keep it up Sop, you’re adding to my quality of life, and I’m enjoying this blogging action more than ever.

  4. Adams & Reese a/k/a The Home for Wayward Politicos and Neerdowells. Ron Sholes is the President of the Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel; I just read the newsletter and feel like I need to shower.

    When are people going to [email protected]&*ing wake up and quit taking it – this is my favorite scene ever from Liar Liar and could easily represent the public!


  5. The Hair That Killed Weidie

    “Wee Wee!” squealed Weidie
    as he searched for the teet.
    No person has a right to deprive the elite.


  6. I far prefer finding abducted 5 year olds. At least the Sheeple seem to understand the importance of that endeavor.
    Iamaangry: I do not hold out a great deal of hope for us. The Sheeple are idjits. Vitter? On TV news as a viable candidate?!! I would have died of shame to have been him. And his horse wife stands with him? Ugh. No confession , no repentence ,no redemption. God is REAL clear on that.

    Anyone else looking to relocate to a commune of slabbed -nationites?

    The slime and stench is overwhelmingin Jefferson Parish. I am having trouble breathing.

    Nowdy: something redeeming out there? Sop your indignation is more than justified. Sock keep the integrity fires burning. Iaamangry : we’ll stay in the trenches with the bayonettes.

    Slabbed Nation is my refuge and keeps me sane. Theriot better hope we don’t get silenced. May be the only thing keeping some from going postal.

    Amen and Amen.

  7. I second that (e)motion Unslabbed. I’m glad to be out of JP – though I’ve invested much there over the years. This place is a Shining Hope of the Opposition to the Status Quo. It’s inspirational to see SOP come out with guns blazing. Great Stuff. Let’s keep this train a rolling!

  8. SOP, Thank you for the painful truth. We cannot ignore the doings of others, but we can laugh, and if levity is a conduit for sanity, never lose your sense of humor.

  9. Regarding Tim Coulon and the Superdome Commission does anyone care to guess who represents Sizeler?

    Rotten to the core folks.

    Thanks to all for the show of support here and via email.


  10. Libertarian Candidate Tony Gentile offers a viable choice.
    He is NOT a career politician.
    Mainstream media conveys the idea that Vitter & Melancon are the only two candidates & that is simply not true.

  11. Patricia: we the voters convey the same sentiment because we follow like Sheeple and vote for the media elite. As a registered Independent I often wish there was a ‘ none of the above’ button on the polling booth! I want to be counted do I vote but often I have to hold my nose.

  12. Lauren Goldfinch is heading a VERY DRAMATIC PROTEST TODAY
    Dubbed : Mission Top-Kill….Protesters will drop to the ground while the band plays a funeral dirge & then a second-line parade to Molly’s.


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