While Jimbo the Clown and his sidekick Mikey the Cook are MIA, BP claims go unpaid.

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney

Donelon said that members of his staff have investigated some BP-related claims centers throughout Louisiana.

“We have done some visits to claims centers and found them to be operating smoothly, but that is not all of the claims centers and I do not know how many adjusters there are.” he said.

Donelon said his department has become skilled at knowing when claims are mishandled given the department’s experience of settling claims related to hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

“We had a million claims in connection with Rita and Katrina five years ago, so yeah, we do know when things are not being handled as they should be, I believe, and we are knowledgeable and experienced and staffed enough to monitor this situation from an insurance regulatory perspective, no doubt,” he said.

Meantime this is what Mike Chaney had to say about the BP claims process:


This is from David Hammer’s report in today’s Times Picayune on the tar balls in Lake Pontchartrain:

BP’s payments to spill victims — those injured physically or economically by the oil — have not kept pace with what it has spent on containment, according to newly released data. The British oil giant agreed recently to release spreadsheets detailing its claims process and payments, which total about $147 million for more than 47,000 claims across the entire Gulf Coast — or about 5 percent of what BP has spent overall.

BP says it’s averaging five days to pay a claim, but about half of the 95,000 claims filed haven’t been paid yet.

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon

And that works out to a little over $3,125 a claim. Meantime Jimbo is all over this right?

An analysis of the first public claims data corroborated complaints by Department of Children and Family Services Secretary Kristy Nichols, Louisiana’s top official for tracking BP claims, who said payments slowed at the end of June as an independent claims process under presidential appointee Ken Feinberg was being set up.

But it also showed that payments increased and sped up in the first few days of July. BP paid more than 1,400 claims each of the first two days of the month after payouts dipped below 500 a day in the middle of last week.

Heckuva a job guys. Just what we expected in fact.


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  1. Sop, that picture…Pelican swears that looks like Charlie Plattsmier ( Chief Counsel for the Disiplinary Committee of the Louisiana Bar). However, as I told deBrief, all assholes look alike so it’s not unusal to get them confused.

  2. Ha! Whitmergate, you and Sop are at the top of your game today – he with the quote from Chaney and you with, shall we say, an enlightened perspective on the assholes of Jefferson Parish. By all means, share deBrief’s response.

  3. Nowdy, ‘Gate had to shut down. He has developed a medical condition labeled coulrophobia (fear of Clowns). Apparently having to deal with Clem the Clown Donelon in the Nazi story, and Jimbo the Clown Donelon in Sop’s post and accompanying picture all in the same day was enough to set off an anxiety attack. I suggested that he might want to seriously considering moving from here because his condition will only get worse as he insists on commenting on the JP scandals.

    Political families here in JP seem to never go away, they just mutate and recycle themselves into some other appointed job and/or political office. As ‘Gate is fond of sayin, these retirement junkies just won’t quit until they DROP ! (pun intended)

  4. For those who do not know what DROP is: In Jefferson Parish you can ‘retire’, begin receiving your retirement pay, and your salary at the same time. One or the other I believe the retirement goes into an account you cannot use for three years or it flattens out or something, but at any rate you basically get salary and retirement for three years. You have to have 30 years in and you have to be at least 50 which is what caught Whitmer because he was only 49. So when an employee has 30 years on the job they can elect to go into DROP, which delays retirement for three years.

    Not being a retirement junkie I don’t know all the details but that is close.

    The clown is creepy , sop.

  5. Man, we’re heading downhill fast now, aren’t we? This reads a lot like what a pissed off third-grader would resort to – name calling and foot stomping.

    Really good dialogue destined to fire up all the other third-graders. Jimbo the Clown? Really? Mike the Crook? Of course you have proof that the Mississippi Insurance Commissioner is a crook that you can use to defend yourself in a libel suit, right? Perhaps you should just submit it here. It would raise the level of comment above the kindergarten level, any way.

  6. Umm Poldawg a third grader knows the difference between “Cook” and “Crook”, the former being Bozo the Clown’s sidekick, the latter being more descriptive of Boss Hogg.

    As far as Mikey goes, if he should wish to litigate it would not be the first time a two bit chump politician has passed such a threat against us. If he is man enough tell him I said to bring it on.


  7. How very brave of you, SOP81! Of course you will continue to remain anonymous, hiding behind this curtain that temporarily protects you from such things as having to defend your comments in the open and in public, complete with facts and proof where an insurance commissioner has to put his name on the line with every utterance he makes.
    If you or the other psuedo-experts on this blog would choose to reveal yourselves to the public, so we could check your backgrounds, your expertise and your honesty, then perhaps people other than the three of four regular readers you have could place more stock in what you have to say.

  8. Poldawg…Could we have your real name so we can check your background, your expertise and honesty ?

    Yea, I guess not.

    The hypocrisy of a political lackey never ceases to raise it’s defensive head.

    Leche-bottes !

  9. Well, you know Sock, kephale-in-anus syndrome is rampant in Mississippi State Government. Too bad Poldawg’s blowbuddy David Rossmiller isn’t around anymore to run interference for them and State Farm.


  10. Last I checked Sop’s I’d is and has been in the general public for sometime for anyone to see. In fact between radio and tv it should be no problem to get in touch. As to others and their I’d there is a host of reasons to remain behind the curtain

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