BREAKING: Christopher Campbell has been found safe in Minnesota. Slabbed tells the story behind the story.

First the good news folks. 5 year old Christopher Campbell has been found and his kidnapping father is under arrest. Michelle Hunter has the story for the Times Picayune:

A New Orleans man wanted for simple kidnapping in connection with the abduction of his 5-year-old son was arrested in Minnesota this afternoon, according to authorities.

Christopher Scott Campbell, 37, was taken into custody by an unidentified law enforcement agency, said Lt. Michael Fejka, an investigator with the Harahan Police Department.

Few other details were available Tuesday afternoon, but Fejka confirmed that Campbell’s son, Christopher William Campbell, has also been found and is with a Minnesota social worker.

“They found my baby,” shouted Monica Campbell, 34, Christopher William Campbell’s mother. She had been tensely waiting for news since June 27, when the boy’s father violated a court-ordered custody agreement failed to return him after a weekend visit.

Unfortunately Ms Hunter is also a serial excuse maker for inept Jefferson Parish law enforcement as the Slabbed Nation no doubt recalls her carrying water for DA Paul Connick and his political hack sidekick Norma Broussard in the Craig Codina case. She does it again and we’re calling bullshit as we continue:

Authorities tried to submit the case for an Amber Alert on June 29, but were told the cause did not fit the criteria because the the child was not in any danger, Fejka said.

I spoke with Bryan at in depth on the Campbell abduction as he became involved at the request of Monica Campbell. Bryan isn’t just a talker either. He is a doer as he interceded on Ms Campbell’s behalf with the Harahan PD, the NOPD and the FBI, personally accompanying Ms Campbell to those law enforcement agencies.  The Harahan PD did their best to ignore Ms Campbell and the detective assigned to the case would not see her until she literally camped out on the steps of the department. The dirty little secret of course was they did not issue an amber alert, a fact Bryan was able to uncover by speaking with the person in charge of the Amber Alert system at the Louisiana State Police.

The Harahan PD threatened to sit on the investigation because Ms Campbell raised a ruckus and Bryan was threatened with arrest, ostensibly for interfering with an investigation that was at that point non-existent.  I later found out the elected police chief is term limited and is running for City council so he didn’t want his department’s little screw up made public. That’s right folks, Chief Peter Dale was willing to serve up a 5 year old so his political aspirations were not compromised and that is the story behind the story that you would never hear if it wasn’t for brave citizens like Bryan. He also told me the Harahan PD was not the first local law enforcement agency to pass such a threat against him because was holding folks accountable.

Bryan has my cell phone and the Slabbed Nation has his back should he be threatened again. Special thanks goes to an Angel in the Slabbed Nation that was able to move the Harahan PD off stupid and get this boy home safe to his momma.

Bryan and the Angel get well deserved props as I again share the motto of Slabbed.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead


6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Christopher Campbell has been found safe in Minnesota. Slabbed tells the story behind the story.”

  1. It would be nice if the mother and the government dropped all charges since the dad was and probably is under much mental strain. There appears no intent to harm his son, just spend time with him and demonstrate what its like to not be able to raise the boy, but only have visitation rights. This of course depends on the fathers profile, lifestyle and ability to perform those duties in an acceptible manner

  2. Wayne, folks that suffer from Bi Polar disorder know right from wrong. That said maybe dad will get the help he needs while he is in the pokey. If he is not medication compliant then he should be institionalized for the safety of himself and others.


  3. Weiser: IMHO not a good idea. Child will think taking the law into his own hands is ok. Already have enough of that going on. Also child will never feel safe if no one stands up to the bully. Yes bully. The choice is to take the meds and stay functioning in society or not take themvand get screwed up. Screw up your own life: fine. Screw up a 5 year old and Momma: not fine. Even bipolar understand that line in the sand. Been there, dealt with one of those. The answer is no. Do not drop charges, let Dad know his actions will not go unpunished. Let the child know such heinous disregard for his safety will not go unpunished. And pray that God has mercy on Dad’s tortured soul. Sacrifice no more on Dad’s self-indulgent altar. We all have choices. God set it up that way for a reason.

  4. This has become an unnecessary scheme of events. Fathers always get a bad rap no matter what they do,no matter what they have done and no matter what they will like to do. There is always two sides to every story. They have several great fathers who children will never know or believe in them thanks to mothers brain washing of several innocent kids. They have great fathers in this world, great mothers in this world, bad fathers in this world and bad mothers in this world. All children are blessings and need to be treated as such. Children of divorce parents is a hard situation on both the parents and the kids however the kids knowing they are loved by both is the most important thing!!!! we are supposed to protect each and every child for they are our future.

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