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  1. Tar balls have at least two ways of getting into Lake Pontchartrain. One of them is by tide and current movement from three sources, the IHNC, the Rigolets or the Chef Pass. I have heard of no reports of any tar balls in the GIWW which is the connecting link to this body of water, have you?
    A second way is to have someone pick up tar balls from the spill and carry them to the lake by another method, boat, helicopter, plane or possibly by vehicle after picking some up from somewhere else either the marsh or other waterway.
    I would hate to think it was either, but we do have folk that love to harm the environment and close down fishing for all.

    Please let me know what if anything you find out on this!!!

    1. I figured it was a matter of time given how hard the wind has been blowing from the east. Once the tar balls got to the Rigolets the strong tidal currents would do the rest. Remember the Mississippi coast was slimed from east to west.

      Here is a link to a map showing the proximity of Waveland, which was slimed with tar balls beginning on Friday, to the Rigolets. Lake Borgne and the St Bernard marshes around Meraux are next if the winds don’t change soon.


  2. Lake P. is now closed east of Highway 11. There are no reports of oil from Chef Pass or the Industrial Canal. A friend of mine fished Seabrook this morning and saw none. For oil to come into the Rigolets and eastern Lake P., it is not necessary to have reports of oil/tar balls in the Intercoastal. They are there, believe me. My brother was with Capt. Dudley Vandenborre today and they witnessed the tar balls. Dudley saw them as far northwest as Treasure Isle.

    Wayne, I don’t know you and mean no disrespect, but I strongly believe this is not a matter of someone moving tar balls into the Rigolets. I am intimately familiar with this area, which is why I made the comment I did the other day. Sop is dead-on; this is a simple matter of wind and current.

  3. Sock Puppet I would believe a trail of bread crumbs or connect the dots from Alabama/Mississippi throught either Lake Borgne and or the GIWW would be followed as it flowed into the Rigolets. To have none reported means they did not look/investigate or they just missed them.

    However, if they are there then those areas should be shut down as well. The warm water area by Michoud & the upper portion of the closed MRGO were prime fishing locations as well as the Lake. Oil migration should have left a clear path from point A to point B, but then there are mysteries in this world that I cannot explain.

    I understand currents & wind as I worked for & with individuals involved in water quality sampling for the COE. It would take a lot of boat traffic or skimming operations to remove tar balls from both the Lake Borgne Area & the GIWW, both of which tie to the Mississippi Sound area and only have them show up in the Rigolets Pass & lower Lake Pontchartrain.

    I will be following this closely as many already are. Thanks for the eye witness report.

  4. Wayne:

    On an east wind, the Rigolets/Pontchartrain tide is 2 days behind Mobile Bay. The Michoud/Hot Water Canal area is almost completely blocked by the new, massive wall at Bayou Bienvenu. This is in addition to the MRGO closure. I would not expect to see tar balls in that area first.

    As you know the water that gets into the Rigolets at the L&N train bridge does not have to pass through the Intercoastal, although the cut to the Intercoastal is very close. If oil comes in through Unknown Pass or the Chef, I agree, there should be some evidence in the Intercoastal. But it must have traveled closer to the north shoreline of Lake Borgne.

    Apparently, there have been plenty of sightings in the Miss. Sound and the Biloxi Marsh has been impacted. I don’t know why the oil was not tracked through Lake Borgne, but this does not really surprise me. Remember, the first oil in Venice at South Pass, Pass a Loutre, Redfish Bay and Blind Bay just suddenly appeared, way ahead of “the slick” NOAA was tracking. I think the first oil at Gulf Shores also appeared well before “the slick.” High seas probably make these tar balls harder to track, and with the persistent east winds (and we’ll have plenty more this summer), the water is probably so churned up and dirty, it’s hard to tell dirty water from oily water.

    Unfortunatley, what these events tell us is that there is really no way to track all of the subsurface oil out there. Very sad.

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee Had “The Abomination” accepted the early international help of the Dutch and other foreign countries, including the mammoth ship “A Whale”,and stopped the use of dispersants(just a BP/Whitehouse coverup of the massive size of spill) there would not be the sub-surface steathy oil that is impacting us now and for months and years to come.OOOOOOwweeeeeeeee

  6. Imagine what could have been if Billy Nungesser and Bobby Jindal had used that open mike Anderson Cooper gave them to bitch about the lack of skimmers early on instead of instead of sand berms which do not work but do benefit their political cronies.

    Incompentence mixed with an old fashioned Louisiana scam George. And the beat goes on.


  7. How difficult it can be to distinguish the ignorant from the evil – particularly when you have to first determine someone is one or the other and not a member of the seemingly endless mass of those who are both evil and ignorant kissing sandberms while oil burns!

  8. Not to be a broken record but again if a credentialed person had been in charge and not Deano Bonano IMHO Jefferson Parish would not have been impacted as severely. A credentialed person as Emergency Manager would have gone out to meet the oil with The Whale in full force before Hurricane Season. Instead Dumbo sat on his arse primping for the cameras and making idle addlebrained threats to BP officials who understandably laughed him off as the illiterate buffoon he is. Thank you Deano for yet another botched disaster response.

  9. Sorry for “mixing metaphors”, unslabbed, but your Comment(s) apply equally to KATRINA and “the Katzenjammer Kids”, Aaron Broussard and Walter Maestri (The Jefferson Parish “Disaster preparedness Czar”), as to “the oil spill” (to date” and Deano “BumHoleHomo”. The case I filed against Broussard and “The PAA-WISH” in Federal Court was thrown out “on the papers” (as we say) by a “crooked as a snake” Federal Judge, notwithstanding the fact that “The Doomsday Plan” Broussard claimed to be following DID NOT EXIST (and has NEVER existed). The “remaining” suit against the Parish, et al, in State Court is “Whistling Dixie”, because a Judgment against a Parish in State Court is UNCOLLECTABLE unless the Legislature says so (and fat chance that it will ever do so, other than to compensate the lawyers). Do the Readers of SLABBED realize that the vast majority of Jefferson Parish residents WOULD NOT HAVE FLOODED BUT FOR BROUSSARD AND MAESTRI? So go a little “easy” on Deano “BumHoleHomo”. I mean Broussard got re-elected!

  10. To: Unslabbed. How did I “forget” the “punchline”? Broussard and his “Disaster Preparedness Czar” a/k/a his “Disaster”, SENT THE PUMP WORKERS AWAY AND SHUT DOWN THE PUMPS AT THE VERY TIME THEY WERE NEEDED MOST, the result being that Lake Pontchatrain began emptying into Jefferson Parish until the water level in the Lake and the water level in the Parish equallized. And “the people” (Yes, the “dumb-fuck people”) reelected this bastard. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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