Slicked and Slabbed news miscallany: Oil in the food chain, whale sharks and great minds thinking alike.

Folks there is so much news out there besides what we’re focusing on in detail I thought a post with links to what I am reading may help our many out of area readers get a flavor for what is really happening on the ground.

First up is oil in the food chain as the Sun Herald’s Geoff Pender reports that oil is coating crab larvae, a favorite food of fish and birds alike. Frankly this is terrible news.

So while it looks as though we’ll be without fresh local crabs for a while I highly recommend the Crab Fest being held this weekend on the grounds of Our Lady of the Gulf Church in Bay St Louis.  A crowd favorite is the Crab Roule’ booth which is staffed by local luminaries that never forget their ties to the ordinary people in their community. For those not initiated in the ways of the coast, Crab Roule’ is the crustacean version of the chicken drop sans “the drop” and is great fun. If you in the City or off the coast come on over because there is lots of great food, art booths, rides for the kids, live music etc. and is very family friendly (which on the coast means the adults can eat seafood and imbibe adult beverages while the kids have a blast).

Next up is Anita Lee’s story in today’s Sun Herald which extensively quotes Fred McCallister of Allegiance Capital Corporation and his analysis of BP’s spill response as it relates to protecting their bottom line.  Anita is what Nowdy would call a true Katrina warrior and her reporting on insurers after Katrina was simply excellent.

McCallister, is a Mississippi guy made good trying to give back. Long story short, the mixing of the dispersants with oil causes it to sink which in turn allows BP to hide the extent of the spill in order to minimize their exposure to fines under the Oil Pollution Act.

Funny how a local reporter without a business background is able to see things the so called pros at outlets such as the Wall Street Journal can’t. Watch for the WSJ to run an Op-Ed from a BP director (without identifying him as such) throwing cold water on the concepts just like they did a State Farm director after Katrina. One words for the WSJ editorial board folks: Whores. Frankly that bunch gives people like Gidget a bad name.

The Times Picayune has an AP wire story on soon to be dead Whale Sharks that are swimming literally within miles of the Transocean site. Whale Sharks are majestic animals and are the largest fish in the world. The environmental catastrophe that is the Deep Water Horizon blowout can not be understated.

Finally from the slicked by politics files we get word from Mr CLS the NFIP was finally temporarily extended. Maria Recio of McClatchy DC has an in-depth report on the same topic.


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    Tulane University and the University of Southern Mississippi find evidence of oil in Gulf food chain. This is a really depressing story that should stop anyone from eating any seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. Stay away from those oysters in Texas.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee Looks like the only good thing we have left is crawfish, so lets raise the hell out of them so we can eat them year round and till the oysters, crabs and fish come back. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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