The Failure is Complete Part 2: Katrina Ground Zero seething with anger.

Today was typical of my days of late, up around 3AM to browse the news and maybe write a post and, then some paying work. Today I mixed business and blogging starting my day on skid row with the Wino before heading to Bay-Waveland to meet with a few of my clients.

What I found today was somewhat unusual because there were no Republicans or Democrats around. Rather I found a community united by anger. Anger at BP, anger at the Coast Guard and anger at certain elected officials that have failed the community which elected them to office.

I was asked not to blog on this topic by a member of the Slabbed Nation that felt it counter productive. I’m not in the mood to protect certain self serving idiots on the Board of Supervisors but tonight I honor the request and will not identify the perpetrators. Tonight oil hits the beaches of Hancock County. If it gets into the Bay of St Louis I’ll be naming names.

We have met the enemy at it is us.

Meantime Kathie Koch’s new book arrived today and I can’t put it down. The house our own Steve’s parents lost is mentioned on the same page as the De Mountluzin’s. The memories it brings back. 1972 was not that long ago……


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  1. The vote of the Hancock County Supers against protecting Saint Louis Bay was 4 to 1. Their learned president was quoted in the Sun Herald as being concerned about the county’s liability for someone on a jet ski running into one of the pilings holding up the boom.

    When a moving vessel runs into a fixed object such as a bridge piling or fender it’s called an allision. Under the

  2. Bayrat I’ll add this is the same guy who has not been to one meeting at the EOC. Cynics would say he is throwing a temper tantrum because he did not get a brown paper bag stuffed with cash. I think his motivations are entirely personal and base.

    Well said and welcome to Slabbed.


  3. The Times-Pick-Your-Nose, through Chris Kirkham, is reporting that the Federal Government, through the U.S. Coast Guard (that means “at the direction of BP, OBummer’s benefactor”) has established a 65-foot “safety zone” which will prohibit journalists and journalistic photographers, among others, from getting “too close” to response vessels and boom, which effectively means that the “fruits” of the oil in the marshes and on islands (like my island, Queen Bess) will go undocumented. The penalties for violation of this CRIMINAL directive can include liability for a Class “D” felony (I haven’t a clue what that is) AND a $40,000 fine (I guess that also means “and the loss of your job at the paper, you poor dumb bastard”). If I hadn’t just fought the Federal Government over criminal liability, and WON, I might be inclined to get in a boat and proceed to MY island, and DARE any Federal Officials to fuck with me. But I cannot help but note the irony over the CRIMINAL conduct that got us where we are today, 73 days post-April 20, 2010, with not even an arrest. Yet, LAWFUL CITIZENS are being threatened by the same Federal Government that gave BP a permit to drill in 5,000 feet of water WITH NO PLAN, not a drilling plan, not a response plan, if something went wrong. But Mr. Kirkham’s article says that the “Safety Zone” and criminal liability for its violation came “right from the top”. Yeah, right: SHIT FLOATS! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. As I drove across Bay St. Louis this morning I can tell you boom is here and was there but no rime or reason you would expect boom across the tracks …you might expect boom accross the base of the new bridge also as a backup..what I saw was boom here and there floating between the two with no apparent reason. There was on boat on the west side of the bridge….I pray the bay does not hold the same future that the marsh in Louisiana holds.

    Sop I hope you had some enjoyment today and the day wasn’t a complete wash

  5. Ignatius way back in the olden days of the internet there was a website called Will Hertz prank letters where the fictional Will would write prank letters to various luminaries and publish the replies. My favorite was to a famous catholic priest and this quote stayed with me ever since.

    “I soon fear my letter writing additon will escalate and interfere with my routine drinking.”

    I don’t mix business and blogging though the recent notoriety has meant I’ve had to discuss Slabbed with certain of my accounts, especially after going on air with Val in May. That said any day I get to do both is a real treat even if the subject matter is the pits. If I could I’d be at the EOC meeting today with a camera but the Slabbed Nation does have someone at those meetings.

    Will and the website fell by the wayside as people like Warren Buffet evidently did not enjoy being punked in public. Ever confident in my abilities I mentioned to Nowdy in early December 2007 that what became Slabbed should fulfill its mission in less than a year. I fear my blog writing addiction means Slabbed is here to stay.

    All that said and back on topic that boom they have across the Bay is an exercise in futility. The solution was to erect something similar to the fabric fence being used in Ocean Springs which allows for tidal flow while stopping the oil. The oil mixed with dispersants is creating tar patties that do not float on the surface which is why 36 inch boom is useless against it, especially when the waters get just a bit choppy.

    If we start covering this matter in detail, the Hancock Co Board of Sups, especially the 4 that are putting their egos over the people are in for a real treat.


  6. More “grist for Dr. Crapper’s mill” from the ObamaNation this morning reports “The Times-Pick-Your-Nose”. This time it’s The White House saying that a Congressional “investigation” of the events of April 20, 2010 (and presumably “before” and “after”) would be “unnecessary”. I am reminded that The White House put a screeching HALT to Congress’ attempts to get to the bottom of how in the hell a Muslim who was in regular contact with a radical Muslim cleric in the Middle East, and who had written and stated orally how he placed “loyalty to his religion” OVER loyalty to this Country and his “comrads-in-arms”, could have ben allowed to continue wearing the uniform of a U.S. Army Officer – before he killed 13 of them ON BASE!, wounding scores “more”. The White House also would not cooperate with the Congressional investigators of this massacre, essentially shutting the investigation(s) down for lack of witnesses, knowledge and information. So, Readers of SLABBED: We are witnessing TYRANNY AT WORK UNDER THE GUISE OF DEMOCRACY! This is a “cover-up”, pure and simple, because I respectfully submit that the ONLY way the Citizenry will EVER learn of the role of the MMS in the drilling of the hole and the well blow-out, and WHO compromised “The Incident Command System” mandated by OPA-90 which resulted in putting the “responsible party”, BP, in charge of containment, clean-up and remediation (and marshalling of available physicial and personnel assets), instead of the Federal Government. I do confess to being “conflicted” a bit by “oil industry whores” (I’m not attacking you sexual mores, Mary, only your ethics) like Mary Landrieu, who are quoted as complaining that “the oil industry” is not represented on The White House Commission. About that and many other things of late, I JUST DON’T GIVE A SHIT. Ashton O’Dwyer. P.S. Did you know that at his last Court appearance a few weeks ago, Eric Holder’s Department of “Injustice” allowed that rag-head bastard “Major” Abu Nidal Hassan, the perpetrator of the Fort Hood massacre, To WEAR HIS U.S. ARMY UNIFORM IN COURT?!?

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