Monday Music: Dedicated to Judge Martin Feldman

She had a beautiful death…..

The Slabbin’ is just beginning Judge.


4 thoughts on “Monday Music: Dedicated to Judge Martin Feldman”

  1. As the song title says we have found Feldman’s Kryptonite – the one thing that will get him to recuse himself from a case no questions asked. I’ll leave the Slabbed Nation to speculate exactly what that is for a spell while we hope Judge Feldman does the right thing for the first time in many years and resigns from the bench.


  2. While you perform your testamentary on Feldman’s balls, can one’a youz tell Boss Hogg that he has not been saying THIS the past few weeks?
    “The resources that have been put in here are considerably fewer than needed,” Babar said. “[We’ve been taling about this for a few weeks].”
    All I’ve heard that fat ass Teletubby gibbering is “What Oil?”, while all this time this little piggy built his house of straw!

    1. Now Editilla you know we’ve been on Boss Hogg like white on rice and we’re evidently one of the very few Mississippi based blogs that has the sack to take Tinky Winky Teletubby to task on the spill.

      That said we’d do anything for you brother so consider it done.


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