The Sun Herald excoriates Boss Hogg on their editorial page for putting politics over his people

I pegged the problems with both Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour and Phil “lawnmower fumes” Bryant yesterday on this post. Today, the Sun Herald takes their turn in an excellent piece that well sums up the problems including Barbour hiding the fact that Petit Bois Island has been slicked for 2 weeks now as Boss Hogg and his side kicks Deputies Enos and Cletus evidently tried hushing it up in a last gasp attempt to salvage what little credibility they had left on the coast. Here is an excerpt:

What happened offshore at the 30-mile and 10-mile lines of defense? What happened to the assurances that oil would be spotted and stopped long before it threatened either the Sound or the sand?

And why, with more than two months to gear-up for this possibility, were officials still scrambling for gear at the last minute?

Why did it take such a crude awakening to shatter the daydreams of Gov. Haley Barbour and others entrusted with the safety of South Mississippi?

Perhaps if he had gone to that “photo-op” with the president and other Gulf governors in Louisiana weeks ago Barbour would have developed a greater sense of the peril and addressed it with more urgency and vigor.

With the smallest coastline on the Gulf, Mississippi’s ecology should have been the most defensible.

Yet an underestimation of the potential threat, particularly by Barbour, has left us more vulnerable.

Here at Slabbed we’ve noted the ambivalence of both Barbour and Bryant to the plight of Gulf Coast resident’s being raped by insurers and their fraudulent claims handling practices after Katrina. Bryant in particular has been blind to the price gouging in the insurance market citing his belief in a mythical magic fairy that will somehow fix the problems at a future point in time still to be determined 5 full years after Katrina.

The sad fact is both of these career politicians are in it only for themselves and the big business interests that own them. Mississippians, especially those of us on the coast that have been through so much since Katrina deserve far better.


2 thoughts on “The Sun Herald excoriates Boss Hogg on their editorial page for putting politics over his people”

  1. These politicians and their incompetent appointees are a disgrace to the human race. You’ve got Boss Hogg and we here in JP have a bunch of corrupt Hogs who have allowed a Bonano brain slip and slide on peels of hastily entered into contracts for their relatives, friends, and cronies.

    Qu’est-ce qu’un putain de situation….

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