Lets talk Lawrence Chehardy calling it quits and catch up on some local news.

The Times Picayune broke the story here and Rich Rainey made it official here as one of the titans of Jefferson Parish Politics suddenly and without warning called it quits. The T-P OpEd on the subject had a blurb that that summed up the Jefferson Parish aristocracy:

Mr. Chehardy, who slipped into office as a 22-year-old law student when the incumbent — his father — withdrew just after qualifying closed, became Jefferson Parish’s longest-serving assessor.

Meantime, despite being the lead name on his law firm, the man reportedly barely set foot in the place which became known to the Slabbed Nation as the law firm where Aaron Broussard’s political hack daughter in law Norma roosted in between jobs on the public payroll.

Since Nowdy’s story on ol’ Marty Feldman’s conflicts of interest went national I’ve been getting between 150-200 emails a day and more than a few of those have asked for some analysis on Chehardy leaving.  A reader with connections straight into the hive emailed me this:

Nobody knew this was coming. Mr X told me he spoke to John Momulides today. Momulides did not even know this was coming and he is tight as can be with Lil Lawrence. Monulides also stressed to X that nobody (meaning the political jerkoffs) saw this coming. What’s funny is there is already word that a deal is in the works for John Young to become parish president and for Tommy Capella to run for assessor, each with the other’s blessing, even though they hate one another.

Whitmergate tied a few things together for us in a comment he left last night on our previous coverage of the firing of Latter & Blum’s Arthur Sterbcow, who made the mistake of opining on the validity of certain tax assessments in Jefferson Parish and paid for it with his job running the company and it is there we stop next:

Personally, I recall talking to a colleague on that Monday Sterbcow was pounced. He is a personal friend of Sterbcow, so I naturally wanted to know what was Sterbcow going to do about this. Was he going to sue, what ? Apparently Mr. Sterbcow is very wealthy and had decided that a lawsuit would just be an aggravation to him and has not to date filed suit to my knowledge. But now I wonder, did he decide to get back another way, like filing a complaint with the FBI and/or the US Attorney’s Office ? Certainly Mr. Sterbcow has legitimate cause considering the comments by Merrick that Chehogy was upset with the criticisms so Mr. Sterbcow had to be fired; just like that ! I later learn that Merrick is involved with Chehogy and friends in business deals all over JP. A Fed investigation seperate and apart from Broussard et al ?

I’ll add Mr. Sterbcow’s ties to the law enforcement community through the Metropolitan Crime Commission are well documented.

The commentary on Slabbed is as interesting to the difference makers as the post themselves so let’s hear what the Slabbed Nation is hearing. Is Chehardy getting out before the  rumored indictments of his buddies hit or is he now a grand jury target?


17 thoughts on “Lets talk Lawrence Chehardy calling it quits and catch up on some local news.”

  1. Hell hath no fury like a rich man scorned, or so they say. I imagine the job wasn’t so much important to Sterbcow than the sullying of his name.

    Something has to be up for someone so entrenched as Sha-hawdy to walk away. of course by walking away when he is, he can pick his successor, who will have the early advantage next fall. No doubt he will be back t his law practice billing hours. ha! that is for us mere peons!

    Tommy boy as the new assessor. hee hee hee hee…

  2. The rumor I keep hearing is the Feds were already investigating Chehardy for his involvement with East Jefferson Hospital. Rumor is they wire tapped the Robert Merrick and Lawrence Chehardy telephone call and the Feds paid a visit to Lawrence Chehardy, Robert Merrick, and several other Latter & Blum executives over the last week. The Feds visit turned to questions about East Jefferson Hospital. This is scuttlebut and rumor but it certainly has legs. If Latter & Blum suddenly goes up for sale then we know this rumor is more than a rumor.

  3. Have it on very good rumor that Dave Sherman of Chehardy firm tried to intimidate folks during the early days of Grand Jury returning in JEfferson Parish. FBI heard the phone call live and in person unbeknownst to Sherman and Lucas Giordano ( East Jeff in-house legal counsel). Former US Assistant US Attorney Mike Ellis was representing Aaron Broussard at the time and took an ass whipping from someone thanks to Sherman using Ellis’ name and former job title in conversation. Not one time but several times within a 3-4 minute conversation Sherman reminded the party on the other end that Ellis the former USAtty was in the firm and was advising EJ Hospital regarding their Grand Jury responses.

    Feds were not amused then. Maybe he kept doing it. Maybe Little Lawrence did too.

    Remember: it is said Freddie Heebie was best man at Little Lawrence’s wedding. Or vice versa. And Baby Butler reps West Jefferson Hosp. And Heebie. And Little Lawrence. And the Wards. And River Birch. And the Parish in land deals out at WestEnd in Metairie.

    Chehardy & Heebe & Butler & Sherman & Mamoulides ( OnGo or something like that contract) & Whitmer & Coulon & Wilkinson & Connick & Wilson Lagraize (CPA). Nova Scotia. Law practices.

    Enough there to keep entire FBI busy for quite some time.

    And now there is The Oil Spill money.

    More fodder.

  4. Here is what has been bothering me about the Chehardy resignation news: the timing.

    Chehardy was not on anyone’s radar. No news articles, no blogs nothing.

    So why choose this messy time to pop your head up and take fire? Especially when you were nowhere near the front?

    If he was not involved in anything this would be the worse possible time to make this move. Why jump up and run into the buzz saw? All that accomplished was to start making people talk about possible problems for him on the horizon.

    If he is clean and free then he voluntarily put himself out there to have mud thrown on him and his legacy.

    If he is clean and free then WHY NOW?

    It just doesn’t make any sense other than he is in the crosshairs and doesn’t want the headline to read Assessor indicted/target/summoned.

    Maybe civilian Lawrence Chehardy won’t be as juicy a story as Assessor Chehardy.

    Again, speculation as to ‘why now?’ which would not have even reared its head if he had stayed down in the foxhole.

    Hmmmm, slabbing minds want to know.

  5. Unslabbed has just translated the tell; in essence, decoded the disinformation. It’s all about timing for the good, the bad and the ugly.

    As Sop has reminded us, breaking legs is not enough to stop the SlabbedNation from peeling off layer after layer of past and present corruption in JP.

    Whitmer, Broussard, Wilkinson, Villio (even with the support of Normand and Connick), and now Chehardy, GONE ! Within 8 months, GONE ! And without indictments, trials or convictions, GONE !


  6. Does anyone remember the story that Channel 4 News ran several months ago about property owners in St. Tammany Parish claiming a homestead exemptions on more than one piece of property? The story address several other irregulariteis as well with regard to this sacred exemtion. Hypothetically speaking, if I own a double or a 4-plex in JP,claim a homestead exemption at that address, then move to the north shore and claim an exemption on my new single family home there, does anyone keep track of that? Any ideas?????? Is there a centralized system at the state level to keep track of this? An audit of all Parish asssessors offices across the state would make for some interesting findings, In MYHO.

  7. Unslabbed said “Here is what has been bothering me about the Chehardy resignation news: the timing.

    Chehardy was not on anyone

  8. So let me see if I understand you. Amv, who has to work to pay bills and because Whitmer “red circled” her file, has no retirement, can not receive overtime and is not eligible for raises for some 6 years should walk out with the rest of these overpaid incompetent criminal retirement junkies so it will look like she is one of them.

    You have absolutely no idea or compassion for the mental and emotional strain it takes for AMV, and any other decent employee to go to work in what may be described as the most toxic workplace in the United States. That of course does not apply to the favored ones, the family and cronies of the political thugs, who all could walk out, except maybe they want more time for DROP retirement status, = more money.

    That’s the same charade Theriot et al tried when she was put on administrative leave with pay, the same time the criminal Parish Attorney Wilkinson was put on leave. The idea was to put her in false light, as though she was like Wilkinson. It didn’t work, and your suggestion won’t either.

    Having read your posts for some time now it is apparent YOU have an axe to grind on Ms. Vandenweghe’s character. You and your ilk are pathological, attack the whistleblower, imply something’s wrong with them and not the criminal, unethical SOB’s that caused the problems; discredit the the messenger at all costs and whenever you can, divert attention from the pandemic corruption and cover-up by destroying an individual.

    Did I leave anything out Ignatius ? Have another drink…think about it.

  9. Here’s something that needs to be looked at:

    – Here;s betting that Chehardy just got his “drop” in the pension system and has just come into his mega-payday. Chehardy must have the granddaddy of all pension payouts, if we had a real press in this town they would look into that and find out just how much.

  10. In JP I think you accrue 3 and a third percent per year on your pension. That means that 30 yrs. of service has you at 100%. You are paid based upon the avg. of your 3 highest paid years (usually your last 3). You can then go in the drop for 3 years. This means you are technically retired in the eyes of the pension system. Your pension payments go into a drop account and you still get your regular paycheck from the parish for 3 years. At the end of that you can really retire and start getting your pension check and access your drop account.
    But, you don’t have to leave. You will in essence be working for free, although you may still receive raises on your paycheck.
    Chehardy got on when he was 22 and I think he’s about 56 now so he’s maxed out. With all the heat he can no longer use his position to make a killing with his buddies on the side—-sooo time to step aside unexpectedly while he still has some control in setting up his successor.

  11. Oooh, ooh. Did someone mention ONGO? That entity certainly bears some scrutiny by our USA Letten. Mmm, John Mamoulides is the owner of a company that has lucrative deals with many, many public entities (RTA, Jefferson Parish School Board). I’m sure there is no connection there! And who knew that our former DA, Mr. Mamou, was a supporter of Senator David Vitter (talk about strange bedfellows, no pun intended David). Car 54 where are you?

  12. Just picked up one of “The Eleven” posting on Nola.com…wonder if Chehardy will sue ?

    June 27, 2010 at 11:59AM
    What the hell are you talking about Broach, inherited the office ? He and his father staged a coup as they spit on the American flag and trampled on the graves of American soldiers who died for the ideals of a democratic government. The father and son demagogues peddling fear to hold on to this largely minesterial office is deserving of a special place in hell. It’s all been smoke and mirrors to play politics for power, ie the Chehardy Letter. So now that his daughter is 18 he wants to spend more time with her as she goes off to college ? Where was he when she was 8 ? Wouldn’t it have been more important to be a full time father then? He’s been making plenty money from his political hack law firm. His share of the legal fees of the East Jefferson Hospital gig alone will make you rich. And as far as Connick is concerned, he should be sent directly to jail now, and sent directly to hell after; and not elevated as some JP political thug leader. This truly is the hellhole of political corruption and it doesn’t help by having the TP gloss over the facts, or fail to mention one of Chehardy’s most despicable actions, his involvement, along with his business buddy Merrick, by having Sterbcow dismissed the following day articles by the TP were published that Chehardy voiced as being inaccurate, and were not. Not only do the Chehardys not believe in a democratic voting process, you can kiss free speech goodbye !

  13. You don’t hire a public relations firm to announce your resignation in Jefferson Parish much less the hiring of Greg Boussion as per the TP. The media clearly believes Chehardy is about to be indicted otherwise why would WWL, WVUE, WDSU, and the TP ask this question first when they interviewed him or the public relations firm he hired. There are three things to watch right now: #1 looks at the politicos who are keeping their public & private distance from Chehardy and his team; #2 keep an eye out for grand jury subpeonas as they relate to any project involving East Jefferson Hospital; and #3 keep your ears to the ground with respect to Latter & Blum being put up for sale or being shopped around. Anyone of these three things happen and the media’s assumption that he is a target is correct.

  14. Chehardy and Connick spotted by a slabbed nation spy having breakfast on Friday July 2, 2010 @ La Madeline in Elmwood by Yenni Building. Just one week before qualifying for Parish President race. Keep on swimming. Keep on swimming.

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