BREAKING: Gene Taylor unloads on the BP spill response: "I

Abused patience turns to fury.
Thomas Fuller

Karen Nelsen at the Sun Herald has the scoop (Hat Tweet to Chris Vignes on Twitter). Here are a few quotes from the Congressman of the Slabbed:

“It was an effort in futility,” Taylor said, within minutes of returning from the flight. “It’s criminal what’s going on out there. This doesn’t have to happen.”…….

A scientist onboard, Mike Carron with the Northern Gulf Institute, said that with this scenario, there will be oil on the beaches of the mainland.

“There’s oil in the Sound and there was no skimming,” Carron said. “No coordinated effort.”…………

“They’re paying all these boats to run around like headless chickens,” Taylor said, as reporters gathered to hear his assessment of the Sound, between the barrier islands and the mainland.

Who dat got the cleanup contract in Mississippi? And to think Boss Hogg has a problem with the escrow.

9 thoughts on “BREAKING: Gene Taylor unloads on the BP spill response: "I”

  1. Elsewhere in the world, wouldn’t that be known as a chinese fire drill? If the people in charge can’t teach by example, how do you expect the responders to act?

  2. And again I say: When the corrupt Parish officials put someone like Deano Bonano in charge this is all that should be expected.

    Bonano has NO Credentials. He did not bring in anyone with credentials.

    He sat on his sorry ass waiting for the oil to come ashore. Like a hurricane. Like there was no way to proactively go out there and head it off.


  3. When I was in the U.S. Army (as in “hasn’t won a war since Korea”; as in U.S. Army “Corpse” of Engineers), there were three (3) levels of “all fouled up”: (1) TARFU=Things are really fouled up; SNAFU= Situation normal, all fouled up; and(3) FUBAR= Fouled up beyond all recognition. I’d say the Obummer Administration (and Barry, and David Axelrod, and Rham Emmanuel and Valerie Jarrett) is at Level No. 3 and has been since the beginning of this fiasco. Louisiana and its wetlands has been experiencing it for months; now it’s YOUR turn, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida (and the rest of the country, which will be adversely impacted by the moratorium, WHICH IS WEAKENING THIS COUNTRY and making Muslim “rag-head” Muslim (just like “Barry”) countries STRONGER. Wake up AMERIKA! Thank you Congressman Taylor. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Ashton: Noted your restraint re language. Glad your weapon of mass destruction is operational. Blog on brutha.

  5. Bring on the Mother of all Skimmers—

    The Taiwanese-owned, Liberian-flagged ship dubbed the “A Whale” stands 10 stories high, stretches 1,115 feet in length and has a nearly 200-foot beam. It displaces more water than an aircraft carrier.

    Built in South Korea as a supertanker for transporting oil and iron ore, the six-month-old vessel was refitted in the wake of the BP oil spill with 12, 16-foot-long intake vents on the sides of its bow designed to skim oil off surface waters


    I’m not a forgein based shipping outfits; but this is a war. We need this damn boat ASAP.

    I have tracted it and it is off the east coast headed our way right now. Going about 16 knots. Listed as A Whale on this site.

  6. When folks that never worked, but were privilaged get into politics and try telling working folk how & what to do it is a doomed effort from the get go!

    Unfortunately these same people also select our Supreme Court Judges and all other Federal Judges! Corruption breeds corruption, it improves nothing but the power hold they have on the masses.

    We the caring & educated & informed need to wake up and change this situation or winduo like the animals on Animal Farm!!

    Its time to do and not just speak!

  7. Wayne if you are implying Gene Taylor is some sort of poseur with his criticisms you better bone up on his background friend.

    If you mean Bobby Jindal, Mary Landrieu, Billy Nungesser and David Vitter I’d agree 100% but Gene Taylor, not on your life.

    Gene catches hell from the left and hell from the right. That must mean he is honest.

    We haven’t agreed with much of what Gene has said on the spill prior to now and frankly I bet he wishes he had a couple of do overs. That said we’ll go to the ends of the earth following the man because he has earned it. He is up in DC for all the right reasons.


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