BREAKING: Gene Taylor unloads on the BP spill response: "I

Abused patience turns to fury.
Thomas Fuller

Karen Nelsen at the Sun Herald has the scoop (Hat Tweet to Chris Vignes on Twitter). Here are a few quotes from the Congressman of the Slabbed:

“It was an effort in futility,” Taylor said, within minutes of returning from the flight. “It’s criminal what’s going on out there. This doesn’t have to happen.”……. Continue reading “BREAKING: Gene Taylor unloads on the BP spill response: "I”

Lets talk Lawrence Chehardy calling it quits and catch up on some local news.

The Times Picayune broke the story here and Rich Rainey made it official here as one of the titans of Jefferson Parish Politics suddenly and without warning called it quits. The T-P OpEd on the subject had a blurb that that summed up the Jefferson Parish aristocracy:

Mr. Chehardy, who slipped into office as a 22-year-old law student when the incumbent — his father — withdrew just after qualifying closed, became Jefferson Parish’s longest-serving assessor.

Meantime, despite being the lead name on his law firm, the man reportedly barely set foot in the place which became known to the Slabbed Nation as the law firm where Aaron Broussard’s political hack daughter in law Norma roosted in between jobs on the public payroll.

Since Nowdy’s story on ol’ Marty Feldman’s conflicts of interest went national I’ve been getting between 150-200 emails a day and more than a few of those have asked for some analysis on Chehardy leaving.  A reader with connections straight into the hive emailed me this:

Nobody knew this was coming. Mr X told me he spoke to John Momulides today. Continue reading “Lets talk Lawrence Chehardy calling it quits and catch up on some local news.”

Chris Vignes, member of the Slabbed Nation, is on a blackhawk with Representative Taylor and Senator Wicker over the Mississippi sound.

Chris and I landed on each others radar screens as we both were at Senator Wicker’s insurance roundtable this past April.  We’ve been following each other via twitter since and we’ve noted Chris has retweeted a few of our posts.

Today he is on twitter posting pictures from the chopper and giving short observations for his twitter followers which includes the Slabbed Nation.

As the oil begins coming ashore it is clear both Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour andPhil “Lawnmower Fumes” Bryant are the early losers. Simply put I’ve talked to folks that are die hard Republicans on and off the coast that tell me they’ll never vote for Bryant after his idiotic remarks. Meantime Haley is getting killed in the court of public opinion on the flat out stupid remarks he made in opposition to the BP escrow which will be used to pay impacted locals. This could not happen to 2 more deserving career politicians in Bryant and Barbour.