BREAKING: Who Dat Judge Martin Feldman owned Exxon-Mobile when he heard agruments in the deep water drill ban. Slabbed again calls for his immediate removal from the bench and impeachment.

So far the AP has mangled the story but the Wall Street Journal caught Feldman’s dirty little problem and it is there we begin:

Legal documents released Friday by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts reveal that U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman sold his holdings in Exxon Mobil Corp. on Tuesday, the same day he blocked the Obama administration’s drilling moratorium.

Exxon Mobil was among the companies using drilling rigs whose operations were suspended under the administration’s moratorium, according to Exxon spokeswoman Cynthia Bergman.

According to federal law, federal judges are required to step aside from cases that present financial conflicts.

Judge Feldman says in a Wednesday letter to the administrative office that he sold his shares at the opening of the stock market on Tuesday, “prior to the opening of a court hearing on the spill moratorium case.”

However, the hearing took place on Monday. A secretary for Judge Feldman said he was not available to explain the discrepancy.

Ocean Energy, which is now part of Devon Energy also benefits from Feldman’s injunction though that has not yet made it into the consciousness of the media.

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  1. I wonder if that Twitter tip I left Becky Mowbray Monday afternoon had anything to do with his decision to sell the next morning.

    Folks he owned this stock when he heard the case. It is clear he should have recused himself and the fact Feldman sold after hearing arguments does not mitigate that fact. What the man did is the exact type of thing that destroys the public’s confidence in the court system, not that we had much of that any how with our knowledge of local judicial thugs like Feldman.


  2. He implicitly acknowledges the conflict by mere virtue of selling immediately before or after the hearing, unless he can offer a valid explanation for the timing of the sale (which is about as likely as me being nominated for a federal judgeship!)

  3. Sop my freind I truly hope you never find youself in the Eastern federal District court in either a civil or criminal matter because, in my opinion, you would be screwed above and beyond John Doe…LoL

    1. I’ve managed to steer clear of the Federal courts for 45 years or so but who knows what the future holds Ignatius. That said even today and considering all I have written there are a host of judges in the LAED I would have no problem hearing a matter involving me.

      But the ones that are the pits like Feldman and Berrigan – you’re not getting a fair shake regardless so it doesn’t really matter.

      All we ask for is impartial, non agenda driven justice of the kind these judges are sworn into office to dispense.

      Remember Ignatius we all get the kind of government we deserve. The people here are tired of living in a banana republic – I know I am.


  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sop, its not so bad hanging out in the rainforest, swinging freely on the vines and eating bananas in the banana republic of Jefferson; but having been given “the feldman” justice myself its time for him to be judged as he has judged others. And that is without mercy, human compassion for suffering and in the greatest harshness the law allows.Perhaps in being judged, as he has judged, he will learn mercy, compassion and justice and may perhaps see the Light besides. That is my Prayer for you Marty Leach Cross Feldman.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. I in no way disagree with the suggestion Judge Feldman has not handled this properly with his investments in the energy business. However, no one can disagree this is not a bad place to place one’s money as the demand for energy continues to increase.

    That being said, I cannot disagree with the ruling. Being a resident of the Gulf South for many years I understand the importance of this industry to the citizens of AL, MS, LA, and TX . The moratorium is nothing more than a pure political move by the Obama administration to try to appease his base of environmentalists who want no drilling. The history of drilling in the gulf speaks for itself. On a personal note, I can attest that “shut down” rigs provide some fantastic fishing opportunities.

    The folks of the Gulf South deserve an opportunity to make a living.

    1. You got the politics part right Sup. Just the wrong person.

      Charter boat captains, seafood restaurant workers and those that work in our tourism industry deserve an opportunity to make a decent living too. An oil industry that bullshitted about their technology to control deepwater blowouts until April 20 2010 deprived them of that chance. 11 hard working souls lost their lives because of same.

      All the problems must be identified and fixed.


  6. Again, it is incomprehensible to me that some people are willing to stiff-arm the filthy nature of the judicial misconduct because Feldman issued the ruling they wanted.

  7. Are you razzing me, Sock? I despise Feldman and his ethics in this case. But I hate to see Louisiana get fist fucked by the Feds !

  8. Sock Puppet is dead on; imagine the outcry if the federal judge who DENIED the injunction request was a former member of Greenpeace or some other environmental activist group.

  9. Slabbers, I propose a compromise: let’s petition setting up a criminal courts division within the EDLA, and have Feldman and Alfrik assigned to handle sentencing only, and nothing else. Yes, they are everything everyone has said they are, so let’s help redirect their arrogant narcissist attitudes towards these corrupt political MFs as they have proven they will and have.

    If we can’t get Porteous impeached after 8 years… well, enough said.

  10. Since the Judge has interest in the oil business he should not have been allowed to make any decision. This would also mean since the Judge has interest and knowledge of, it’s called conflict of interest. Therefore, I agree he should be removed from the bench.

  11. IMA:

    I’m not razzing you, but Supsalemgr kind of echoed one of your earlier comments. I’m still not sure how I feel about the moratorium, but corrupt judicial activism is no way to get to a just result. I understand those who say, “but he made the right decision.” But, we don’t even get to the righteousness of the decision because he was not unbiased. Your point about him offloading the stock and the timing says it all.

  12. Rachel Maddow did a piece last night on Feldman’s ownership of Blackstone which is a BP investment company.

    1. My understanding is Feldman would be OK owning BP indirectly via a mutual fund.

      He is full of it saying he didn’t know he own XOM. He also acknowledged Ocean Energy in another earlier court filing and certainly knew they are a subsidiary of Devon Energy, which has deep water drill interests in the Gulf. Now he is saying he does not know what he owned. What a crock!

      Thanks for the heads up on Ms Maddow. Here is a link to her report which included this blurb:

      The district court in Louisiana on which Judge Feldman sits reportedly has systems in place to catch conflicts of interest like this. Apparently those systems work about as well as a blowout preventer on a 5000-foot-deep well.

      It also did not work in the case I profiled where he discloses his personal law firm is representing Transocean yet has refused to step aside there too.


  13. I’ve been having fun with the idealogues over on the Wall Street Journal story who represent the worst of the old Scrugg’s lynch mob that now carry water for an unethical judge in Martin Feldman. You guys ought to know by now that I always save some ammo and wait for the idiots to come out of the woodwork before mowing them down. How will Feldman’s “I didn’t know I owned XOM” go over? How about the meme that the dollar amount was small? Luckily for us the federal courts have put out extensive guidance on recusal and I quote from Recusal: Analysis of Case Law Under 28 U.S.C.

  14. Table for Feldman, Table for judge Feldman. Right this way Sir… What do you mean, there are no chairs at this table? Of course not, this is’t a dinner table, it’s an examination table. Just relax while I put on my latex gloves.

  15. I am so angry about that very thing, the injustice is that these were crimes not accidents. They knew the well was built according to safety standards, inspectitions were traced over from pencil to ink at cocktail partics, pouring concrete in the well was ordered. The response from the engineers was that would cause a fire! They were instructed to follow orders, so they did. Martin Feldman having $174000 invested in offshore drilling, including investments in the actual rigg that blew up! Yet he refused to withdraw himself from the case, which is a conflict of interest clearly spelled out in the Code of Federal Regulations. I created the petition, please check it out and sign it! Thank you so much! —FOR the Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Whales, Pelicans, Coral Reefs, our entire eco-system has been damaged, we still do not all the damage done. The oil is still sitting on the Gulf Ocean floor, while BP claims it disappeared with a magic trick of sinking it with disperants and shutting up the media. The whole world thinks it is over, but the damage has just begun. Anyway, please check out the petition, it quotes the actual violations with Federal Codes.

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