"Who Dat" Judge Martin Feldman owned Ocean EnergyTransocean Stock as late as May 14, 2010. Slabbed calls for his immediate removal from the bench and impeachment.

To our readers across the world: The people here in the Gulf South are slaves to political idealogues that populate our court system and masquerade as judges. We’re madder than hell and we’re not going to take it any more.

This is why no one should EVER let Joe the Plumber do their thinking for them. And Joe, so you know boubie, we question Feldman’s partiality here at Slabbed because we know the man, inside and out, from the way he butchered the insurance litigation after Katrina in favor of big insurance companies. You have been freed from moderation because I’d love to hear what the GOP from Ohio has to say about this.  (This person is not really Joe but is someone from Ohio that is just as dumb, maybe even dumber.)

Without further adieu I’ve embedded some of Feldman’s recent work below the fold from the cases of  Williams v Transocean and Cajun Offshore Charters v Transocean. Feldman thinks admits to he still owns Transocean on May 14, 2010. There is also another conflict on Feldman’s part where he admits one of the law firms involved in the litigation does his personal legal work but still he refuses to recuse himself. (H/T a member of the Slabbed Nation)

These minute entries were Feldman’s way of telling the local bar he did not give a shit about his blatant conflicts of interest. He is not a judge folks, he is a judicial thug. In Cajun Offshore Charters v Transocean he admits being conflicted via his business relationships with one of the law firms involved in the case but this is not the macdaddy case as such garden variety conflicts of interest are common out of certain Louisiana Eastern District Court judges. The macdaddy case is Williams v Transocean where Feldman admits owning Transocean Stock in a minute entry filed May 14, 2010.

This man is an enemy to the cause and concept of justice. These blatant conflicts of interest and his refusal to recuse himself is cause for his immediate removal from the bench and impeachment along with his crooked buddy Tom Porteous. I hate to say this because I respect the lady greatly but I now wonder what kind of mickey mouse show Judge Vance is running in the Louisiana Eastern District. Martin Feldman is bringing dishonor to every judge in the district, honest or otherwise.


12 thoughts on “"Who Dat" Judge Martin Feldman owned Ocean EnergyTransocean Stock as late as May 14, 2010. Slabbed calls for his immediate removal from the bench and impeachment.”

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee All powerfull and glorious God that you think you are Marty, I believe you have a “big oil gorilla” on your back. But you’re so arrogant you don’t even know its there.I’ve often wondered, having seen your signature on many prejudicial BS judgments I’ve rceived from you, and now curious I retorically ask why would anyone like yourself have two(2)initials in their printed and even written name? Is it an ego thing, did you have two fathers/mothers, or do you suffer from a rare sociopathic disease? I only ask this because I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. If there is a psychiatrist in the SlabbedNation can you diagnose Marty’s problem with his name which may help us understand his unethical attitude.Hope you get that gorilla off cause occasionally they can weigh you down and squeeze the very breath out of a little fart like youself.OOOOOOOOwweeeee

  2. People are clicking on the WSJ law blog link above. Keep clicking because that entry was a typical BS hatchet job from the big business shill at the WSJ. Ocean Energy is part of Devon Energy which still benefits from his ruling on the moritiorium. Transocean is just one of many energy stocks Feldman owns that benefits from his very curious ruling. Limiting the blog entry to just Transocean is classic bob and weave. I have more coming.


  3. It is getting harder & harder to breathe.

    I am beginning to despair .

    Someone somewhere tell me some good news.

    Like Letten has gotten off his sorry ass and indicted some of these bastards and bitches!

    My new moniker for Jimbo? Lettenemgo.

  4. What does it mean when his disclosure statement says he has “notes” for Ocean Energy?

    If this is the Ocean Energy I’m thinking about, they do have significant deep water drilling interests.

    1. It means he is a creditor of Ocean Energy Mr NAAS. It stinks to high heaven and that so called law blogger at the WSJ knows it.

      A CPA can not issue an audit opinion on any company where a direct financial interest exists regardless of the materiality. What a shame our judges do not hold themselves to the same standard given the money stakes behind their rulings.


  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ok Marty, were you a little fighting mother-rue in your birthing ( maybe you did not want to emerge into the world) or shortly thereafter for you to be pegged with the middle name of a little known fighter? Its good to be a fighter for the good of the public or have you somehow forgotten that with your post-Katrina insurance company favored judgments? OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. WSJ is being its usual schizophrenic self. Their editorials are saying “drill baby drill”, but their front page coverage of how BP handled the initial drilling and response eviscerated BP.

    You see that a lot with them, where over a period of a few days they will contradict themselves on some issue. I suspect that to some degree it is by design. The let their various writers do their thing, and sometimes they contradict each other. You particularly see it on their economic prognostications.

    IMO the front page coverage will get a lot more attention than the editorials.

  7. The silence you hear from that dumb ass loudmouth from Ohio is deafening folks.

    Thank God my visit with Citizens for Good Governmnet last week renewed my faith there are conservatives that are not compulsive corporate bootlickers. Idiots like Joe the Plumber give all you fine folks a bad name.


  8. From a reader:

    Not downplaying the Ocean Energy problem, but IMHO, the man on the street armed with the following facts might find an appearance of impropriety: a judge’s personal attorneys also represent and defend one of the parties whose product or service may have caused or contributed to the deaths of 11 people and devastated the lives of their families and friends, and the most egregious defiling of nature ever caused by man. The moratorium is a direct result of whatever actually caused these tragedies. The actual cause has not been determined, but that eventual finding may make this particular party liable to some degree. It’s obvious this party would directly benefit not only from the lifting of the moratorium as it’s widely known they provide services to the deep water drillers, but also from the sudden dissappearance of millions of dollars worth of claims by the unfortunately unemployed offshore workers. There are probably other benefits


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