It is official folks. The ankle braclet is gone and AROD is truly free.

Imagine how much closer to conclusion the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption case would be if the US Attorney’s office did not employ their scarce resources trying to squelch the free speech rights of ordinary citizens and instead focused on cleaning up the rampant corruption in local government?

While we do not condone the contents of Ashton’s emails, we defend his right to send them to the hilt. It doesn’t take much talent to deprive a bipolar man of his prescription medication. Some would argue such constitutes a bald faced act of cowardice and I agree.  It was the promise of medication the NOPD used to lure Ashton from his house in September 2005 where he was arrested without cause and then repeatedly shot with bean bag rounds from a 12 gauge shotgun while in custody.  Elliot Ness this isn’t; rather such is seemingly business as usual in New Orleans. Sean McGinn sir, you are a sissy!

This Court has read all of the e-mails which the Government intends to submit as evidence of other acts pursuant to Federal Rule of Evidence 404(b). [Doc. #60] and the Defendant has attached to his Motions to Dismiss. These e-mails place the allegedly offending e-mail in context. At no point did the Defendant threaten anyone. His e-mails, while filled with coarse language, did not threaten bodily harm. Phrases taken out of context could suggest a threat, but reading the sentences as a whole, no threat as a matter of law was made.

Here is the order courtesy of Scribd:

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3 thoughts on “It is official folks. The ankle braclet is gone and AROD is truly free.”

  1. So where does that leave Arod vis a vis Misses Nan Allessandra and ex-La.State Bar Assoc Prez Kim Boyle? Can Arod go after his former partners and their impossibly ethically challenged attorneys (Allessandra, Boyle and their firm Phelps Dumber) for 1983 and possibly ADA (Americans with Disabilties Act) violations? My blood is boiling revisting his treatment at their hands, nevermind the clearly corrupt and morally bankrupt New Orleans police department’s repulsive behavior post-Katrina. Congrats Arod. God is ever faithful and is showing those ” people?” for the whited sepulchers they are. May He have mercy on their souls.

  2. One thing’s for sure, Kim Boyle and Nan Alexandra are not only going to hell, they’ll be sitting on Satan’s lap, while the whole damned bunch of them at Phlips, Dungmore are cheering them along.

    In my opinion, their personal and unprofessional behavior in colaborating with AROD’s former partners and the US Attorney’s office to persecute him, having knowledge of his mental condition was and remains despicable. Their collusion with the political thugs of Jefferson Parish to engage in SLAPP tactics against Anne Marie Vandenwedge to protect JP Officials who have violated the law is equally reprehensible conduct.

    What the hell were these two ladies thinking ? That lawsuit Phlips, Dungmore filed on behalf of Theriot and JP against me and others is textbook malpractice as for as I’m concerned; and I’m banking on it !

    Who in the hell do these morally bankrupt people think they are. What, being president of a bar association genuinely suspect of lacking any ethical standards. I would think that makes you equally suspect Kim. And Nan, from the volume of paper that I’ve seen filed by your firm in the AMV’s Whistleblower claim, I am wondering if we’ll have any forest left, or for that matter any taxpayers’ money left. This flood of papers defending the indefensible can best be described as moral polution.

    I can recommend a guide book listing for Kim and Nan; who they will be meeting in hell. No really, some friends of mine wrote it. It appears that it is a society of individuals that will accomadate both of them perfectly, people like Accorso, Walt Disney, Alfred Krupp, Orias, Salome, James Wilkinson ( it’s possible he may be a distant relative of Tom Wilkinson ) and so many, many more. I can guarantee them, they won’t be lonely.

    One thing’s probable, it appears it’s going to be a hell of a ride for these two ethically challenged lawyers in the courthouse. And just think Theriot and company will be sitting by their side ! Hell, I can’t wait, I’ve got a front row view from this hellhole I’m hanging in.

  3. Well now that the sun is out and the iceberg is seen, perhaps even more of the ice will melt and other problems will be uncovered. I understand that there are 12 “camp” located on the riverside batture just in JP that seem to be more like a 1st or 2nd home. Some portions of which are seen from river road around where the old O’Dwyer Club used to be located.

    Was some special dispensation granted by JP for their construction? Are these properties on the tax roles? Does anyone know that septic tanks may be being used and if so they must discharge into the river just above the New Orlens water intakes. I hope someone can check into this possible additionl corruption where it appears others look the other way!

    I know that in yers past property abutting the levee still had property rights to the rivers edge as there was a hugh batture problem in River Ridge some 20 -30 yrs ago where a “smart” neighbor got all to sign those rights to him and he leases that are to the barge companies. This may be another one of those “smart” deals. I know they like putting the hurt on folk that stand-up. Maybe that’s why they keep Ashton so busy!

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