It is official folks. The ankle braclet is gone and AROD is truly free.

Imagine how much closer to conclusion the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption case would be if the US Attorney’s office did not employ their scarce resources trying to squelch the free speech rights of ordinary citizens and instead focused on cleaning up the rampant corruption in local government?

While we do not condone the contents of Ashton’s emails, we defend his right to send them to the hilt. It doesn’t take much talent to deprive a bipolar man of his prescription medication. Some would argue such constitutes a bald faced act of cowardice and I agree.  It was the promise of medication the NOPD used to lure Ashton from his house in September 2005 where he was arrested without cause and then repeatedly shot with bean bag rounds from a 12 gauge shotgun while in custody.  Elliot Ness this isn’t; rather such is seemingly business as usual in New Orleans. Sean McGinn sir, you are a sissy!

This Court has read all of the e-mails which the Government intends to submit as evidence of other acts pursuant to Federal Rule of Continue reading “It is official folks. The ankle braclet is gone and AROD is truly free.”

Rigsbys file "Assertion of Privilege" to stop State Farm's "sideshow" (Rigsby qui tam update, Part 2)

Although I’d planned to post about State Farm’s Mickey Mouse expert witnesses today, I first need to report the Rigsbys’ attempt to put a stop to the Company’s “sideshow” with their filing of a Notice of Assertion of Privilege.

Before I do that, however, I need to link Anita Lee’s story, State Farm pursues Scruggs, records in whistle-blower case, from yesterday’s Sun Herald for background.

State Farm has subpoenaed former attorney and current federal prisoner Dickie Scruggs, along with a host of documents he may possess, for pretrial testimony in a whistle-blower lawsuit filed against the insurer over Katrina-claims handling.
State Farm’s subpoena of Scruggs requests information involving the same cast of characters tied to a North Mississippi judicial bribery scheme that netted Scruggs seven years in prison. State Farm seeks to take his pretrial testimony Tuesday at the Federal Correctional Institute in Ashland, Ky., where he is serving a seven-year sentence.
Although Lee points out, “A flurry of motions are being filed as a July 1 deadline approaches for each side to finish requests for pretrial fact-gathering, called discovery”. the word “blizzard” might be more apt.   With documents flying around like crazy, the Rigsby sisters wisely put everyone on notice: Continue reading “Rigsbys file "Assertion of Privilege" to stop State Farm's "sideshow" (Rigsby qui tam update, Part 2)”

Yesterday it was oil in the sound. Tomorrow it will be oil on the beach.

I heard some things today that made my blood boil regarding the politically connected people that have received BP cleanup contracts here in Mississippi.  I heard these things in connection with my day job and I can’t disclose that which I was told. It is my hope the local media takes a hard look at the beneficiaries of this mess.

Folks I am overwhelmed right now with a profound sense of sadness. Geoff Pender files the Sun Herald report:

Mississippi’s lucky streak appears to be ending, with oil from the BP disaster washing into the Mississippi Sound and likely to make landfall on mainland beaches within the next few days, said Trudy Fisher, head of the state Department of Environmental Quality.

“I think we all need to be mentally prepared to see some impact on our beaches,”


Jim Brown

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Baton Rouge, Louisiana



Roseanne Roseannadanna summed it up pretty well in trying to make sense out of the trials and tribulations of Louisiana. “Well, it just goes to show you, it’s always something.” Now we are hearing crys that Louisiana is unable to take care of all its problems, and should be treated differently than other states in the U.S. Make it a protectorate of the federal government. And you know what? Maybe that ain’t too bad of an idea.

The proposal took legs early this week when nationally syndicated columnist Froma Harrop, who is an editor for the Providence Journal, broached the idea in print. “Louisiana has had more than its share of tragedies in recent years, and some, such as hurricane Katrina, could be deemed an act of nature. But whatever the cause, every calamity that befalls Louisiana is made worse by a corrupt civic nature. A protectorate could provide the structure of government people need.”

England, Scotland, and Ireland were all protectorates at one time. There is a major move on in Europe today to take Greece under a European protectorate. In Great Britain, a debate is taking place as to whether the Falkland Islands, presently under the wing of the British, should be cut loose as a protectorate and join up with neighboring Argentina. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

"Who Dat" Judge Martin Feldman owned Ocean EnergyTransocean Stock as late as May 14, 2010. Slabbed calls for his immediate removal from the bench and impeachment.

To our readers across the world: The people here in the Gulf South are slaves to political idealogues that populate our court system and masquerade as judges. We’re madder than hell and we’re not going to take it any more.

This is why no one should EVER let Joe the Plumber do their thinking for them. And Joe, so you know boubie, we question Feldman’s partiality here at Slabbed because we know the man, inside and out, from the way he butchered the insurance litigation after Katrina in favor of big insurance companies. You have been freed from moderation because I’d love to hear what the GOP from Ohio has to say about this.  (This person is not really Joe but is someone from Ohio that is just as dumb, maybe even dumber.)

Without further adieu I’ve embedded some of Feldman’s recent work below the fold from the cases of  Williams v Transocean and Cajun Offshore Charters v Transocean. Feldman thinks admits to he still owns Transocean on May 14, 2010. There is also another conflict on Feldman’s part where he admits one of the law firms involved in the litigation does his personal legal work but still he refuses to recuse himself. (H/T a member of the Slabbed Nation) Continue reading “"Who Dat" Judge Martin Feldman owned Ocean EnergyTransocean Stock as late as May 14, 2010. Slabbed calls for his immediate removal from the bench and impeachment.”