Billy Nungesser's name surfaces in the Canal Street Madam's black book.

We were leaked Nungesser’s name over the weekend after we reignited the conversation about the contents of the infamous Canal Street Madam black book.  I am very happy to see Miss Maier speak out publicly on this. Jay Vice at WWL 870 has the story. (H/T Whitmergate):

Jeanette Maier, the so-called “canal street madam,” says that her brothel serviced Billy Nungesser Jr., president of Plaquemines Parish before he was a political figure.

Maier claimed today in an interview with WWL that Nungesser visited her establishment in the 1980s, and that his father, a long-time political figure, had to pay Nungesser’s $10,000 tab at the brothel.

It sure would be nice if the national media would take time to figure out who they are dealing with before giving an open mike to a self serving crook that uses the worst environmental catastrophe in this nation’s history to enrich himself and his cronies. Also worth noting is that Nungesser had an ethically challenged past before the spill.


8 thoughts on “Billy Nungesser's name surfaces in the Canal Street Madam's black book.”

  1. After listening to the Canal Street Madame’s interview I am once again aggravated by the double standard employed in such cases: the ‘Johns’ go free and the ‘ prostitutes’ are prosecuted.
    Is prostitution only criminal if you are a seller and not a buyer?
    If so then being a drug user is not a crime, just being a drug pusher.
    Open those jail cells and let the users go. WTH elect them to public office!

    Theory: men , who for the most part enforce the laws re prostitution, are so used to being jacked up for sex that they see nothing wrong with paying for it. They do so at home via the new Lexus, condos in Destin, jewelry: maybe not cold hard cash, maybe sometimes cold hard cash, but as long as they don’t call it prostitution but just casual or marital sex, they feel better about shelling out for sex. When , however , sex becomes about in your face pay me or get none business and OH NO the world now knows I have to pay twice as much for it as everyone else, fragile male egos get bruised and they lash out. Now everyone knows that Vitter not only had to pay all the Uptown costs to keep his wife paid-up but he had to pay prostitutes for the sex he wasn’t getting at his home brothel.

    So now you have angry, used and abused sex hounds paying the ‘legal’ going rate in their social circles being exposed and ridiculed as having to go buy it again on the outside ‘ illegal’ market.

    Can’t you just hear the locker room chatter between the guys with ‘mistresses’ and those using ‘services’?

    They all are buying it. Some are paying a bigger price because of their appetites.

    When what they really want is unconditional love. Which comes from one place and one place only.

    But to demonize and prosecute on only one side of the equation is hypocrisy at the least and possibly malfeasance or obstruction or NOT Honest Services at worst.

    Who else is in that black book? If I had a case in court against any of the players keeping the book sealed I would want to know so I could recuse any one I needed to if they were compromised or conflicted.

    Oh but I forgot: Louisiana judges have no conflicts. Silly me.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jenny states she serviced him to the tune of $10,000, Billy says he has never been to the establishment on Canal Street. Hmmmmm….. Did Billy do Jenny and Jenny do Billy on one of his “jack-up barges” ? OOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. How would you like to be a hooker with Nungesser sprawled on top of you doing the humpty-hump? Hopefully, for Gidget’s girls, it was in the style to which canines are accustomed.

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I knew this post was going to go to the “dogs” when I first read it and Sock mentioned canines and then Iamangry mentioned “sand berms” and “oily pelicans”; but what else can you say about a guy who shouts for “more boom” when frustrated and for “someone to take command” when he can’t get his “boom”. Jenny baby, you need to come to the rainforest, just in back of the Non-Performing Arts Bldg., and leave those crazy cajuns alone. You can “perform” there and swing all day on my “vine” except I have only “nanas” for your services. Better leave this site before Connick sends the vice squad looking for Jenny and “johns” in the rainforest.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Gidget drop us a line. earning04 @

    Or you can contact me through Oyster. The stories I’m hearing. Whew!!!!!!

    Willing to travel to parley.

    Merci ma ch

  6. Gidget my dear they are all (mostly) harmless old adolescents fantasizing. They mean well and truly believe in fair play (emphasis on play) and equal treatment.

    sop would be an excellent ally for you to have (if his wife doesn’t kill him).

    And I think Nowdy can probably handle any of them on a bad day

    Me? Ah am just an SOB: Sweet Old Biddie.

    Contact sop, let’s get your real story out there! Or not as you like. He is very trustworthy and will only post if you ok it.

    Keep the faith. Blessings.

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