Katrina's "who dat Judge Martin Feldman" now dabbling in oil!

He’s back! None other than “who dat Judge Martin Feldman” is about to streamline and steamroll us again.  Times Picayune reporter Rebecca Mowbray has the story:

U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman said today that he will decide on whether to issue a preliminary injunction against the six-month deepwater drilling moratorium by noon Wednesday.

After a hearing in federal court this morning, Feldman said he hopes to have his decision ready by noon Tuesday if possible.

The hearing was part of a lawsuit seeking to lift the deepwater drilling moratorium on an expedited basis, despite an effort by the federal government for a delay until the end of July, two months into the six-month shutdown.

Feldman, “a true blue outcome-oriented judicial activist who led the law where he wanted it to go” in Katrina litigation, definitely knows where he’s going with the decision he will make in this case.  Anyone doubting the outcome need only to look at his Financial Disclosure Report:

“Drill, baby, drill” takes on a whole new meaning with Martin Feldman on this case!

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    1. Also interest in our posts on Martin Feldman has been intense since yesterday. Please allow me to introduce the Slabbed Nation to the Nation.

      Welcome to the Gulf South where the fix is most always in.

      Is it any wonder insurers felt free to rape the people here after Katrina with Judges like Feldman on the bench?

      Better to laugh than cry.


  1. HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST. The fact he didn’t recuse himself is enough to have Obama relieve him of his federal judicial duties.

  2. Transocean stock? Really? He should be thrown in jail for not removing himself with his obvious conflicts of interest. Great reporting. This financial disclosure form should be front page news.

  3. Judge Feldman does not have clean hands in this matter. In fact, most would say he has an obvious conflict of interest given the financial disclosure statements attached to this article. How in the world did this case go to this federal judge?

    1. Welcome to all the new commenters. As my partner in blog Nowdy would say, “down here if it weren’t for a conflict of interest most would have no interest at all.”


  4. Conflict of interest? One could argue that Obama has a conflict of interest, being heavily supported and funded by George Soros who invested $900 million into a Brazilian company called Petrobras just days before Obama signed away $2 billion U.S. tax payer dollars to the company. This recent halt to offshore drilling by Obama only makes his buddy Soros even richer. While we stand by like morons, other countries continue to drill in the gulf including the George Soros invested Petrobras. People need to wake up.

  5. Speaking of interesting developments anyone notice a certain political figures abrupt resignation released by a public relations firm this influencial politican hired. His notoriety in the past few months (Latter & Blum), East Jefferson Hospital Contracts, etc certainly lead one to thinking the feds are about to indict.

  6. Chuck, you missed the point by a mile. While you might be right about Obama and Soros, this has to do with judicial ethics and a clear conflict of interest. As a South Louisiana resident, I am not sure about the moratorium, but I am sure that Feldman should have disclosed his stock ownership, especially in TransOcean. But, I cannot say his failure to disclose these facts or recuse himself surprises me at all. It just taints the shit out of his ruling.

  7. Does anyone have Judge Feldman’s phone number? I know about a million people that would love to have a little chat with him.

  8. Oh… Someone should have reminded him about his Financial Disclosures and who was on it.
    This is way beyond a conflict of interest….. Is there a take down coming or what!!!!
    This judge must have missed the daily aftermath from the blow up and how it is affecting 4 other states and not to forget the 11 men who died.

  9. Guys, this is a tough one (yes), because:

    – this decision is so, so important for the State of Louisiana and its People. Please remember what is in the balance. We are fighting for our lives here. Again.

    – Democrats and Obama supporters from Mitch Landrieu to Jim Carville to Garland Robinette have opposed the moratorium. Democrats like Shirley Jackson Lee have opposed it once they came here to see what is happening.

    – Feldman: man, where is the recusal motion? Where? How many usdc ed judges have already self-recused? 6 or 7 or more? What’s horrible is how important this decision is.For La., for the Constitution, for the precednt, for trust in government. He should have self-recused.

    – On Conflict of interest: try to find a politician who’s a player in fed politics who does not have oil money on his hands. Obama received more money in 2006-08 from BP than any pol in the past 20 years combined. Per Politico. People like John Kerry have millions in oil stock. Cheney was VP, worked for Halliburton, set energy policy, and yet Obama has not hit them up or T/O for contribution for the BP escrow has he????? NO.

    – I have to confess I think this is right decision though. Why 6 months? Why not 5 or 8 or 2 or 12, etc.??? What was Obama’s evidence? Did a panel of advisors and experts give him an opinion and if so what was it? Has that been published?

    – in his Oval Office speech Obama said he had been “assured” that deepwater drilliing was (his words now) “ABSOLUTELY SAFE”. Really? Who assured him and when and based on what? And that was then but this is now? Is “absolutely safe” obama’s standard, because if so that is an impossible one, nothing is “absolutely safe”, not leaving one’s house nor driving one’s car nor getting in a bathtub. That was the standard Obama put in his speech though so on that basis and others (sorry, did someone really make that a absurd assurance? Doubt it, calling the presient’s very credibility into question, but if it was true it calls into question his competence because who would believe such a thing???).

    The failure to recuse here is sad, similar to what occures in courts all over Louisiana. But shouldn’t others have recused themselves as well?

    In short, the system is shot, tie goes not to the corrupt on both sides but to the average Louisianan who would see his or her livelihood cast asunder by the maintenance of the moratorium.

    It is as ever with us in Louisiana. Good luck to us all.

  10. Did I miss something? I read hours ago that he ruled that the moratorium was “arbitrary.” I hate to overlook the fact that he maybe should have recused himself, but I have to think that he ruled correctly on this one. Obama made the decision without proper consideration of the facts and evidence.

    Trust me, I am no fan of Big Oil, at this point, but I am equally no fan of Judge Feldman, who has torn me a new one just a few times…..

  11. Rocheblave:

    Like Chuck, you miss the point. This is not about politics or your disdain for Obama and Democrats (of which I am not one). It is about clear grounds for disclosure/recusal. Judge Africk recused himself from Allstate-Karina cases because he sits on the Sugar Bowl Committee, simply because of the “appearance of impropriety.” I don’t specifically disagree with many of the things you said, but the decision will be tainted forever.

    Lots of you guys need to stop excusing misconduct because you believe the outcome was the right one based on your politics. The cornerstone of our judicial system is a fair and impartial judiciary. You cannot disregard the taint on this one just because you desired the outcome. Again, I’m not even saying I disagree with the outcome, but it stinks to high heaven that the judge who decided it owns stock in Transocean. And maybe you’re right about most of the judges having oil on their hands, but there should have been serial recusals until they got to a judge who did not.

  12. IMA:

    My last comment now goes for you too. As a friend, I must remind you that you know better.

  13. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee I certainly agree with the concensus that there is an absolute conflict of interest but maybe the ole’ man feels like a baseball umpire who called some erroneous strikes denying legitimate insurance claims and now is unethically trying to make it up to La. and Miss. citizens. My experience in front of the little ole’ fart was in a complex bankruptcy case filed by a corrupt debtor and more corrupt trustee and the little ole’ asshole unjustly let me be continuously persecuted as a legitimate creditor for years. Hello Marty if you are reading this, I hope you have a long prosperous earthy life cause you, as we all will, alone face the REAL ULTIMATE JUDGE!!!! Have a good day you arrogant fool.!!!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. Oh? Here’s one for your JP Fetish: http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2010/06/lawrence_chehardy_resigns_as_j.html

    On the Oil Judge, if this guy doesn’t fill the bill do I really need to ask the question: WHAT THE FUCK THEN DOES CONFLICT OF INTERESTS MEAN IN THE JUDICIARY????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I mean, after all we have seen these past 5 years, you have GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME.
    Umpire making Bad Calls My Ass.

    I’ve kinda lost it today with this. We are very screwed. If we don’t have any law on our side then what the fuck, eh? Well?
    Yeah, I spelled out WTF because I’m sick of this horse shit. Funny Haha, Umpire making bad Calls… screw me with a bloody cross.
    I see the Insurance Industry profiting from their lawsuits, just as I see the Oil Industry profiting from theirs —that haven’t even happened yet!

    1. I for one am proud of my partner in blog Nowdy. She dug this up yesterday when we first began discussing the hearing. Sadly both her and I have seen enough out of Feldman to know which way he would rule. He is so full of himself he never let this blatent conflict of interest stop his outcome oriented judicial activism.

      Here is a clue to you Marty, after the way you put the fix in for insurers after Katrina in your courtroom nothing you do is secret because we are watching. The same goes to the idealogues on the bench in Mississippi. All of y’all either need to begin following the law or get out!

      Meantime Team GOP says we need more tort reform. Stuck on stupid doesn’t begin to describe it…..

      Spot on comments Sock and I do believe we need a time out on deep water drilling (not shallow water deep water). The proof is spilling 50,000 barrels of oil everyday since April 20th.

      As for Garland Robinette is this the same fool that parrots Grover Norquist about small government until the shit hits the fan and then government can’t do enough, fast enough for him. God bless him I think he has gone senile in his old age.


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  16. WTF?!! I do believe we have a financial conflict of interest here that the good judge forgot to consider when he was given the case to rule on!… Perhaps impeachment is in order for this person, since he clearly has financial incentives for getting Transocean drilling again.

  17. Y’all sorta I think got a hat tip on Twitter from:
    BPGlobalPR Cleaning up oil spills is expensive. Buying judges so we can keep drilling? Relatively cheap. http://ow.ly/21W3b
    I can’t find anyone else on the Internet who has slammed this Judges Fudges like slabbed btw, so they have to be talking about y’all.
    Geaux Get’em!

  18. Editilla we were there first with the most months ago on Feldman, it’s why our posts are on google page one for the search string Judge Martin Feldman. Frankly those early posts were some of Nowdy’s best of all time.

    None of the national outlets have thrown us a hat tip though they all got the info from us. (We we’re linked in the comments at Crooks and Liars, Huff Po, Daily Kos etc.) ABC World News did refer to us as “local activists” but only in the context of us getting in the way. The National media simply is not equipped to properly tell the story of the spill because they all gravitate to the pols and in Louisiana the pols are mostly double dealing crooks like Nungesser.

    We need to learn to take out our own trash and put an end to the misery as well as the ignorance that breeds it.


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  20. FYI to all our loyal readers. We shattered our previous page view record for a day several hours ago and with around another 100 visits this post will vault into our most viewed post of all time, another 1000 our most view post or page period. I’d like to thank the readers who linked us across the blogosphere today.

    It is my hope our new visitors will spend a few minutes browsing around as we have been covering local outcome oriented judges like Martin Feldman since late 2007 and the post Katrina insurance litigation in particular where big insurance used the courts to beat ordinary citizens into submission with the help of Judges like Feldman, Berrigan, Lemelle, Engelhardt, Ozerden and their do bitches such as Magistrates Robert Walker and Sally Sushan.


  21. Success has a thousand fathers… Could read—Success has a thousand bloggers… But only one blogger came out with this info BEFORE the Judges ruling. That would be Slabbed. Good research and better viral explosion. The post which launched a thousand blogs. This is it.

  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally someone with the guts to bring out the facts. This judge must think we’re all a bunch of idiots. The fact that he did not recuse himself from this case should be more than enough to remove him permanently from the bench. What a scoundrel!

  23. With regard to a conflict of interest, you are all wrong. The judge’s wealth is based upon oil stocks; he was appointed by a party that represents oil corporations – no conflict.

  24. A thought:

    Feldman does a really dumb thing.

    Lemelle does a really dumb thing.

    Can they ( the dumb actions) be related?

    Are Feldman & Lemelle both in the Canal Street Madame’s black book with Diaper Dave?

    Again, just a thought. About corruption and cover-ups.

  25. It could be argued that the vast majority of southeast Louisiana’s political and legal community (mostly interchangeable and the same), particularly south of Lake Pontchartrain, seems to have been transported into a spiraling vacuum of moral decay, and they have taken us with them and are holding us hostage; interacting, conducting public and personal business devoid of ethical standards and common decency. The aura of this decay has cast a spell over and of events that seem to have encapsulated varying degrees of ominous, foreboding, fateful and premonitory catastrophes in nature and human character.

    How can we extricate ourselves from this mire of evil and corruption, and eradicate this depravity and selfishness ? Are we not voluntary victims of this pandemic narcissim ?

    A Zen Master might advise us to, “Chop wood, carry water.”

    I say, Vote and Blog !

  26. SOP you forgot to mention the dumb-ass Judge “let me change parties every 4 years so I can hopefully be appointed” Africk. I’ll post a story about him at some point explaining how he enabled Snale Farm early on in Katrina litigation.

    Shushan, Berrigan and Englehardt deserve their own category.

    The Eastern District overall is compromised of light-weight activists.

  27. Does eyeryone here take their cue from Rachel Maddow, or perhaps she reads SLABBED first?
    The ruling today was legally correct. Transocean was not before the Court, only local offshore suppliers. Transocean will make money no matter where their rig is located. Judge Feldman’s stock in Transocean doesnt go up or down by this ruling. Not even the feds brought a mtn to recuse.

    The government had a knee-jerk reaction, capriciously reneging on its own permits of safety to other drillers, an impairment of obligations, and arbitrarily setting an unsupportable time limit on the moratorium without evidence of safety violations. Tje feds sought a 60 day continuance of the hearing on the merits, which the Judge denied outright. More evidence of arbitrariness of the “6 month” moratorium.
    Om the other side, there was clear evidence that human greed by BP rushed the drilling process beyond safety parameters. The govt couldnt show any irreprarable harm in less restrictive and more narrowly tailored review of the permits it had already approved.
    And I am an Orleanian hippy liberal card-carrying ACLU tree-hugger, educated at UC Berkeley in the finest era of radical tradtions, so get off the recusal business and get down to the fact that the govt really didnt have a rational explanation for this blanket moratioium, both arbitrary and capricious.

  28. Soc Puppet: Just thought I’d point out that I agree with your comments re: recusal 100% and I said so. I agree with the point re: this decision being tainted as well.

    However, I think my other comments were fair and not politically motivated. Bush & Cheney come in for criticism, but so do Obama, Congress, our past administrations and current, and of course our judiciary as we’ve seen.

    My point I suppose is that Louisiana is caught in the cross-hairs as usual, we are damned in this decision going this way and we would be damned another way if it went differently.

    In fact, how could any judge locally be impartial? Don’t they all drive home at night? Don’t they all have relatives and friends who are impacted in some way? Haven’t they all been barraged with the nightly and daily drone of horrific news, the assault on our coast?

    Again, I agree with you but the wounds are deep, affecting all.

  29. Rocheblave:

    I agree that we have significant common ground. I heard on one of the news stations last night that 5 of the Eastern District judges have no financial interests in any oil-related companies. Don’t know if it’s true, but if so, one of them should have decided the case. Or better yest, get a judge from some place like Montana. I e-mailed Sop about what the unequivocal outcome would be as soon as it was allotted to Feldman. Everyone knows the deal with him.


    The issue here is not the correctness of the legal ruling. You seem to be making excuses for Feldman, as if there were no conflict. I don’t know the facts, maybe the Govt. did not bother to look at his financial reports. But, the way you overlook this issue is exactly what “result-oriented judicial activists” like Feldman do. It does not matter whether their agenda is “right wing” or “left wing.” They do whatever it takes to get the politically-driven result they want.

  30. I want to make clear I am not anti oil industry but we should also remember there are fisherman, charter boat captains, seafood restaurants and a whole host of other economic contributors in this area that depend on a clean, oil free Gulf for their livings and that does not mention all of God’s creatures that are now being systematically exterminated by the oil.

    It is clear there are massive regulatory problems. It is also clear the technology involved in deep water drilling is not as it was billed.

    When the Challenger blew up a republican president shut down the program so that American astronauts and the massive investments in the space shuttles could be protected by finding out everything that went wrong. As it turned out there were systemic problems at NASA then. During the hiatus alot of people working on the shuttle tanks at Michoud lost their jobs and that number included several people that I knew personally. There is no denying the hardship but the time out was necessary and needed.

    I do not want to see anyone lose their jobs, especially in today’s economy. The southern states, especially the rural areas supply a huge number of oil field workers and that makes the hit worse because jobs are more scarce in rural areas Smith County Mississippi than the urban centers like the coast or NOLA metro.

    All that said this must never happen again and the lives of our offshore workers never again needlessly put at risk. We need this timeout despite the pain it will inflict because the results of being wrong simply aren’t worth it.

    Ignatuis you’ve been around too long to get torched. (at least very badly) 🙂


  31. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOowweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Dear SLAPPHAPPY; You maybe a ” liberal card-carrying ACLU,tree-hugger educated at UC Berkely in the finest era of radical tradition” but I’m a nana’ eating, free vine swinging monkey escapee from Tulane Primate Center who knows “judicial conflict” when I smell it and your friend,father, uncle or whomever Marty is to you is an arrogant,unethical xxxhole who needs to be impeached along with his colleague, Odorous Porteous. And we don’t need Berkeley radicals in NOLA telling us our government is ethical cause we know we’ve been screwed and tatooed enough here by greedy,unethical political egos;especially a federal judge who has been given a government guaranteed job for LIFE! OOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeee

  32. The financials showing are from 2008.. thats EIGHT.. What year is this?

    Seriously, why do you guys read news stories that LIE to you as clear as this one is?

  33. And yur point Stupid Democrat is? Are you saying Marty no longer has a conflict? Was he fortunate enough to bail out of his conflicting oil stocks before this hit? Or as it unfolded? Or what?

  34. No need to guess why you’re “Stupid Democrats” as “smart” folks of all political persuasions noted the 2008 Financial Disclosure Reports were not filed until April 2009 and checked the source to see they are the most current available from Judicial Watch http://www.judicialwatch.org/.

    If you’re suggesting some may have had an insider tip and sold before the explosion, you’ll have to wait for the release of this year’s reports but those aren’t due until 2011!

  35. Unslabbed, if he HAD stock TWO YEARS ago, and DOESNT HAVE IT NOW.. there is no conflict.. Where is my stupid slapping my face icon here when its needed..

    nowdoucit, so they were filed in 2009, you dont expect them to file AHEAD of time what they were GOING to buy, do you? And I know the source, I’ve seen the source, that doesnt change the fact that he OWNED the stock TWO YEARS AGO..

    We’ll have to wait until 2011 as you stated to find out if there is a CURRENT conflict, but this story is a lie, and its very misleading.. Title “NOW” dabbing in oil.. And then they give documents going back TWO YEARS.. You guys do understand that NOW is not TWO years ago, dont you?

  36. Are you suggesting, SD, that the fact Transocean stock put some money in his account in 2008 isn’t a conflict and that only more recent dollars count?

    He purchased Transocean in May 2003 – the same year Transocean’s “Discover Deep Seas sets the world water -depth record, becoming the first rig in the industry to drill in more than 10,000 feet of water”.

    “In 2008…Judge Feldman held the following relevant energy and oil industry investments, with a heavy incidence of Louisiana based businesses:

    BlackRock ($12000- $36000); Ocean Energy ($1000

  37. Are you suggesting, SD, that the fact Transocean stock put some money in his account in 2008 isn

  38. Wait.. you mean to also tell me that you dont understand that “Transatlantic put money in his account” came from DIVIDENDS.. Do you know what a dividend is? I thought it couldnt get any funnier.. instead of realising the story is wrong, you go on and continue to defend the accuracy of it, first by telling me that his buying stock in 2003 is a conflict, because they set a record year for depth drilling, and now you are telling me that him collecting a dividend in 2008 is a conflict, even though there is no proof he owns ANY Of them now.. He received a DIVIDEND, you make it sound like he’s being bought.. EVERYONE collects dividends that owns the stock at the time..

  39. I thought you’d get the point, SD, but guess I underestimated “stupid” so I’ll try to explain again by saying the evidence indicates Judge Feldman is favorable to deep water drilling.

    If you need more help understanding how that would be a conflicting interest, I’ll try again after I get some other work done.

  40. yes, please take your time and get back to me.. Tell me how someone who OWNED a stock in 2008, and rules on an issue TODAY is a conflict..

    The fact that he’s “favoriable” (as if not holding a stock means he’s “non-favorable”, which would be ridiculous) doesnt create a conflict.. In order for one to have a conflict, they have to have “a conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilites of a person in a position of trust”.. The ONLY way he would have a conflict is if he CURRENTLY held stock in the companies he is ruling on. He cant go and make a ruling today, and retroactively change the price stocks were trading on TWO YEARS ago.

  41. I know all about the law.. Tell me how owning a stock TWO years ago.. causes a partiality question NOW.

    1. If Feldman has nothing to hide let him release his new disclosure.

      Again Feldman can make this go away easily by releasing a complete and timely financial disclosure. The fact he hasn’t is telling.

      His crappy record as a judge speaks for itself.


  42. Hey Stupid I have a suggestion that might end the stupid bantering you’ve chosen to engage in while being the devil’s advocate.

    Why don’t you call Judge Feldman and ask Marty if his present portfolio includes any oil company and/or any related oil business evidenced by any type of security device. Be sure to ask the name, amount and how long he has owned the same up and through yesterday. Please do not hesitate to get back with us as soon you are in possession of the above referenced information so that we can more intelligently debate whether a conflict existed yesterday, June 22, 2010, the date of Judge Feldman’s ruling.

    Or if Marty feels that he is being criticized and/or ridiculed unjustly and has his feelings hurt, tell him to simply provide Nowdy with his current records so they may be posted for all to peruse, ending the questions of what he owned when. It’s just that simple, Stupid.

    Until then, the public records filed to date control this discussion.

    Feldman, quelle merde de poulet sans vergogne arrogant !

  43. Mr Stupid hails from the state that gave us Joe the Plumber WG. “nuff said.

    I will not have posters making the same point over and over. Get a new line of attack Mr Stupid and I’ll let you out of moderation.

    Mr. Stupid’s post show how close we’re hitting to home on this. He deserves judges like Feldman ’cause we sure as hell don’t. I propose a trade. Feldman for an Ohio article 3 judge that rules according to the law. How about it folks?

    Who dat!


  44. Mr Stupid: Being in moderation for you northerners is akin to being in the penalty box in hockey. Get on with it already. Show us you understand southern manners puhleeze. I for one love hearing devil’s advocacy. But once is enough already. Get back in the game already

  45. Has the Judge “Lawyered up”? I noticed at least one reporter was calling and I don’t see any updates. One would speculate the Judge has received a hell of a lot of calls today from reporters. I am not sure if selling his fractional ownership in the companies his ruling directly impacts will remove his duty to disclose to counsel his possible conflict. He could assert that the filings serve such a purpose but I don’t think it completes the duty to inform counsel of such prior fractional ownership. I’d focus on his duty to inform counsel of his prior and/or current ownership in companies directly impacted by the ruling he is asked to hand down.

  46. Furthermore, given his prior fractional ownership of several companies which he was being asked to make an impartial Judical ruling upon; he should have spoken to the current status of fractional ownership issues BEFORE accepting the case. Not doing this cast is an ethical violation.

  47. Put anouther way. It is not the job of the public to search for possible conflicts which Judges hold in life. It is the proactive duty of the Judge to know his own conflicts and inform others of such conflicts when they are present.

  48. Here is a question. Why didn’t the AG move to recuse Marty? Either the US attornys drop the ball or they didn’t feel a conflct existed

  49. With his oil connections, makes his decision very shady, if you ask me. Maybe some good citizen will push him down some stairs?

  50. Can none of you read a financial report – ie. the codes at the bottom of the page. The paper work provided show 30 different positions, none of the positions is greater than $15k (The smallest amount category) and the earnings for Transocean are less than $1000!! (also the lowest $ category)
    I know this AWESOME amount of money would make me sell my soul and lose my $250K+ a year job – NOT!
    “There’s no there there!”

  51. You’re a little late to the party, Jay, but welcome. I take it that, as the saying goes, we know what you are, we’re just quibbling about the price.

    Unfortunately, we all learned what the “who dat” judge was following Hurricane Katrina – and given that lesson, he’s a habitual dabbler and a real drip!

  52. Jay:
    Exactly how much would it take for you to sell your soul?

    To be clear: It is precisely your take on this issue that shows the problem…one I might add that is not a new one…

    Billy Tauzin claimed that in an interview with a Washington DC news reporter,shortly after he arrived for his first day in Congress, he was asked if it was true that all Louisiana politicians were for sale. He claims he responded indignantly that HE could not be bought, and then added that he could however be rented.

    It doesn’t necessarily work that way…the actual Quid Pro Quo is not always obvious.

    So I ask: How much is enough for your immortal soul?

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