Slabbed goes under the covers and plunges into USA v Maier: Judge Lemelle declares open season on the Canal Street Madam's "black book". Is the speculation about Diaper David Vitter being a bad shot premature?

Initially I thought this post would be of the wham, bam, thank you ma’am variety where I could upload a few PACER docs and call it a day.  Instead, reading one court filing lead to another and then the googling commenced in earnest and this despite the fact I followed the Canal Street Madam case real time including the post Katrina introduction of Louisiana’s most famous whore hopper, Diaper David Vitter into the saga by Mark Moseley aka Oyster at Your Right Hand Thief, a blog which graced our original blogroll until Mark scored a gig at The Lens, an investigative blog which we now feature on our list of links.

Complicating matters is the introduction of new players to the saga and they had to be checked as well.  Throw in the fact a movie featuring Miss Maier’s story is being released as we speak and while I’ve had a consistent interest in this case we’re not interested in being an unwitting part of a viral marketing campaign in support of other people’s for profit endeavors, no matter how compelling the story. I satisfied myself such was not the case with the tips given us.

With that bit of background in place I’ll go ahead and put in a plug for the movie so our readers that are not so familiar with the Canal Street Madam case can catch up.

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The CBS investigative news magazine 48 hours also covered the case in depth in a 3 part report which can be found here.

As with any high profile prostitution scandal, invariably the public wants to know which men populated the client list, especially when the brothel charges $300/hour for services rendered and the Canal Street Madam case was no different. Invariably since the type of Johns that can afford such a lofty price to indulge their sexual desires would naturally include highly successful people the authorities normally seal such evidence to protect them. Its just the way it is in these type cases, the women go to jail and while those that enable them skate and this case was no different.

Enter Michael Henry, a gentleman described to me as a writer, who also happens to be in trouble with the IRS. Complicating matters, Mr Henry said some things in a email to a district judge he certainly should not have such as:

And one thing is clear if a jury trial is held in the future, because the plaintiff beat multiple members of the Government with baseball bats or shot them for stealing 100,000 dollars and falsifying Federal records, at least all of the conduct will finally be exposed in an open Court, and I am sure it will not be hard to find a very sympathetic crowd in Chicago when the jurors are told of deleting Federal Records perjury and tampering with evidence. At least one things for sure the Trial will make daily headlines. Just think March 1, 2008 will be the three year Anniversary of the Killing of Judge Lefkows Family.

Mr. Henry’s luck with the court system using such tactics mirrors that of our own Ashton O’Dwyer though Ashton’s missives were tame by comparison to Mr Henry’s. Fortunately for Mr Henry, the judge in his threat case was Kurt Engelhardt, an activist judge whom we are well familiar here at Slabbed for his mangling of insurance cases in favor of the big insurers and for those rulings being repeatedly reversed by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Before being nominated to the bench by Senator David Vitter it turns out Engelhardt was also Vitter’s campaign manager which then provided fodder for Mr Henry to allege in his motion to unseal Maier’s black book:

Prostitutes from New Orleans have also confirmed that Vitter was a client of theirs and that they received payment for their services form (sic) Campaign funds. At the time Vitter has admitted to using prostitutes, one of the Key people in his Campaign and finance Manager was Kurt Damien Engelhardt – now an Eastern District of Louisiana Judge, who was appointed to the bench after recommendations by David Vitter. At the same time Vitter was recommending Engelhardt to be a Federal Judge Phone records show Vitter using prostitutes in Washington DC. Several prostitutes In New Orleans and Washington DC have confirmed that they provided Vitter services and were paid for by various Vitter Campaigns.

The entire 25 page motion filed with Judge Ivan Lemelle can be found here.

So here is what appears to be interesting and forms the point of the post. Lemelle denied Mr Henry’s motion citing the fact these records have already been unsealed! It was at that point a member of the Slabbed Nation enlisted our help to get the information from PACER. There was one problem though. Clicking docket entry 264 for instance returned this error message:

You do not have permission to view documents filed in criminal cases prior to November 1, 2004.

I personally have a hard time believing the infamous black book has been unsealed and escaped the notice of the local media as interest in this case is best described as intense.  My advice to Mr Henry was to head to the Federal courthouse and request the records. The reply I received through an intermediary was to sound the alarm and declare open season on the black book thus this post therefore if you are blogger or a member of the media please take this as our invitation to exercise your right to view these public court records. The happy is on us.  I’ll be interested to find out what is there and look forward to hearing about it.

To assist would be sleuths I’ve uploaded the entire docket of USA v Maier to Scribd for the use and reference of interested members of the Slabbed Nation.

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Happy hunting.


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  1. well, here’s a subject that’s the same in every city & state in the U.S. (and abroad as well….get it “A Broad” ) ha ha


  2. P.S. and, of course, the “woman” takes the fall for providing a service that (obviously) certain men paid to enjoy.


  3. Well, I guess start here: “””Release of the records at
    issue to Defendants in the above-captioned matter has already been
    authorized (see Rec. Doc. No. 217, pg. 3 of 14). Moreover, Record
    Documents 200, 209, 217, 221, 240, and 243 were released publicly
    by the Court

    1. I wove the obvious double standard into the post by design and am glad I did because of the off blog email exchange I had with a member of the Slabbed Nation who has first hand knowledge of the workings of a high class bordello. The double standard is not only time honored but also very obvious. Sad thing is when it suits special situations the authorities will turn their heads and allow it like the Navy did in Hawii during WW2.

      Before the storm everyone knew where the houses of ill repute were in the City, even the guys from the Mississippi coast. I personally know several single guys and more than a couple of married ones (that should be ashamed of themselves) who made frequent trips to the “spas” on the Chef Highway in NOLA east before Katrina. Hell, Prestorm there was even a “spa” in tiny Waveland that competed with the “rendezvous room” behind one of the towns most famous local bars.

      I have no personal experience with this subject beyond being solicited (unsuccessfully) as a college student one night at the gas station where I worked at in Hattiesburg. (The hookers would always come to town around the time summer training would ramp up the national guard population at Camp Shelby.)

      If prostitution were legal (and regulated) neither this post or Diaper Dave’s exploits would appear as a subject matter on Slabbed.

      As much as the human species loves sex you wouldn’t think we be so hung up on the topic collectively.

      I got a kick out this this quote from Mark Moseley’s post as the point is one that I agree with wholeheartedly. One of the reasons I like visiting the city so much is the diversity of people that is unlike any place in Mississippi, especially upstate.

      Now, don’t get me wrong. I love that New Orleans has more than its share of sex fetishists and preeverts who can’t come missionary. This ain’t a vanilla town, kids.

      Indeed it isn’t. Vive la diff

      1. I knew this post would send a few shock waves throughout the local blogosphere. Enthusiastic members of the Slabbed Nation are linking the post on this TP story on polling which indicates the Louisiana Senate race is tightening.


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