Tuesday Music: This is what happened the last time the Brits f*cked with New Orleans

You guys are going to need another plan of attack. Blaming the victims is a tried and true tactic, in fact insurer State Farm mastered the maneuver down here little under 5 years ago.

In any event Jarvis Deberry has been there and done that and is not amused:

To illustrate that damage to Louisiana has been overstated, reporter Sharon Churcher drops in on the Vu-Doo Lounge in Lafourche Parish where she observes a fisherman blasting BP while buying his friends a round of Bud Light.

Share “The large amounts of beer being consumed made it clear,” she writes, “… that the Lounge’s patrons still had some source of income.”

But please don’t use that anecdote as proof that coastal Louisianians were doing well. To illustrate the opposite point, she cites the figure that 16 percent of Grand Isle residents were living beneath the poverty line. “The rotted teeth and prematurely aged faces of most of those I meet lead me to believe the real figure may be double that.”

Did a Brit just diss our teeth? Did she not see the Simpsons episode where Ralphie is scared straight after seeing “The Big Book of British Smiles”?

Getting put down by the British has been decidedly less delightful than advertised. The well-phrased insult can be hilarious — even to the intended target. But the uninspired poppycock being hurled at us from across the pond has done nothing but intensify the anger over what’s been done to us.

Well the Brits tried to f*ck with this area once before but evidently the memory is lost. Here is a quick history lesson for you guys:



5 thoughts on “Tuesday Music: This is what happened the last time the Brits f*cked with New Orleans”

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sop, I didn’t know they made videos in the 50’and what a video it is. Got my uncle and I worked up and ready to enlist and go over and kidnap the Rothchilds out of their castles,fit them with white cajun work boots and put a small beach scooper in their hands and make them get down on their knees and reclaim their bloody oil patties. Lord I pray, send us another Colonel Jackson to get this under control ASAP. OOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. It is amazing what is on Youtube. I remember the Battle of New Orleans playing on the local radio when I was a kid. Here are a couple of other oldies but goodies from 1970ish that stuck with me through the years.


      And another.


      I’ll expand on the Rothchilds in a dedicated post.


  2. I heard Rob was also in the Charlotte paper too Editilla. Certainly we don’t always agree but it speaks well of the man that he is willing to take the point on this, especially after the death threats he received after that OpEd of his than ran last December in the Times Picayune.

    As much as our bashing can be very brutal at times we also have fostered mucho mutual understanding and I certainly hope that is the case here.

    Our cup literally overflows but I’ll be circling back to the link and NYT OpEd as soon as I can. Stay tuned because I have the Rothchild’s on tap to go with more Jefferson Parish corruption plus that Harry Shearer piece in the Huff Po you linked today. I hate to see people lose money in the markets but in the case of Harry’s column great minds think alike. 🙂


  3. Sand berm = $$$$$$$$$$$$ for contributors to return to their friends at election time.

    Simple equation. Elemental my dear Watson.

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