Slicked and Slabbed the BP Disaster Part 7: Magnum J.D. and Bull Durham lay it on thick with the pols. (Formerly titled There are too many pigs for the teats.)

There are too many pigs for the teats.
Abraham Lincoln on the problems with the spoil system

I had to chuckle listening to WWL radio on my way back from Jackson earlier this week as they gave more free publicity to John Houghtaling aka Magnum J.D. and his celebrity spokesman Kevin Costner aka washed up movie actor and his oil-water separating machine that we profiled a couple of times on Slabbed including this post, which has a video embed of showing Magnum, Kev and the rest of the Jefferson Parish power structure at the first dog and pony exhibition of the machine which is being billed as a miracle answer to the spill.

The blackened recipe here is tried and true. First you hatch a plot to cash in on something, in this case the oil spill. Then you hire a washed up celebrity to hawk the scheme which invariably garners free publicity from the media. Once the scam has been legitimized via the media coverage you cash in the political connections in an attempt to cram it down someone’s throat. That someone is usually the taxpayers but in this case it is BP.

Folks I’m just a small time CPA in Soggy Bottom but where I come from, inventions are judged by the marketplace. Those that have profit potential are rewarded and those that don’t die. It is called entrepreneurship and our entire economy is based on it.

BP is on the hook for the oil spill cleanup and I think they know how to maximize their dollar here using available technology. Magnum and Bull Durham’s miracle machine discharges water and while I’m no environmental regulatory expert I do know that ANYTHING which discharges water as a by-product has environmental ramifications so it is not as simple as the Costner portrays it. In fact let’s go a step further and call Costner’s association with John Houghtaling for what it is: The once great actor is now a puppet on a string for a trial lawyer whose past is far different from the “moving up from the mailroom” myth Magnum portrays to the public.

With all that said this brings us back to Costner wasting the time of the American public with his bogus testimony before a congressional panel on science and technology where he implores them to “MANDATE” BP buy his machine. Costner has had this patent since 1993 and it has gone no where. There are reasons for this folks but here is Costner, like a fly on shit, trying to make his dog investment pay off and by golly he wants the government to make it so since the marketplace hasn’t rewarded him.

Here is a link to WWL radio’s report on the subject which even has a company propaganda video embed with it. Following is a Youtube embed on the same subject courtesy of the New York Post.  Houghtaling is seated behind Costner and Magnum’s many detractors in the legal community tell me he “looks bad”.  (The stories I’ve heard on you Magnum……..)



3 thoughts on “Slicked and Slabbed the BP Disaster Part 7: Magnum J.D. and Bull Durham lay it on thick with the pols. (Formerly titled There are too many pigs for the teats.)”

    1. I’m the best stock basher on the internet bar none Sock. 😉

      And to think while all the politicians are pussy footing around with Magnum and Bull the people running the show were turning down offers from the Dutch Government for:

      four pairs of the skimming booms airlifted from the Netherlands and should be deployed within days. Each pair can process 5 million gallons of water a day, removing 20,000 tons of oil and sludge.

      On the stock boards Magnum and Bull would be called “noise traders” because all they have is hot air. Or put another way money talks and bullshit walks.

      Next time I’m liable to get uggy with the next “journalist” that lets Bull’s star power over ride their sense of professionalism.


  1. Costner reads those lines better than in his movies. I had to chuckle reading the bio on Magnum JD. Uh, Magnum, did it help that you were in the right place at the right time when the great trial lawyer, Wendell Gauthier, passed away. You commandeered his firm from all the other lawyers that had been there. You wouldn’t know your way to the courthouse if I drew you a map! Just amazing.

    Like you said, SOP, put the washed up celebrity imprimatur on something, parade in front of the media, add a “trial” lawyer with cash to burn, and presto chango, we have a solution for the BP clusterhump.

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