Let's take a second look at one of the politicians that hatched the sand berm scheme in Billy Nungesser

Folks Billy Nungesser is a cowboy who I wouldn’t trust out of my sight. Follow the money on those sand berms folks. The Louisiana Legislative Auditor has some unique insights into how business in Plaquemines parish is conducted and they made the Times Picayune. Here is a snippet from Jenny Hurwitz’s report:

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser may have violated the parish charter and local law when he independently entered into two hurricane recovery contracts in early 2007 without securing the parish council’s approval, according to a legislative audit report.

In addition, the report identified three other potential legal and ethical violations by Nungesser’s administration, including the hiring of a parish attorney without properly notifying the council; a decision to exclude certain Federal Emergency Management Agency grants from the parish’s budget; and a possible state ethics violation by Nungesser.

Rob, you have any questions on why Jindal and pals don’t need coastal scientists consulting on the sand berms?

Meantime the good folks over at the Lens were down at East Grand Terre Island and this is what they said (H/t Editilla):

“More oil is getting into the mangrove every day. It’s in the water. The fish are using it for cover,” said Clint Edds, a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Biologist leading a tour of reporters. The biologist grew quiet as he toweled thick black oil off the twisting above-ground roots of a mangrove plant. Instead of its usual splay of waxy green leaves, barren branches hung over water flecked with rust colored bits of oil.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Especially after alarmed Jefferson Parish officials, frustrated that BP wasn’t responding to their calls for boom to protect the area, commandeered a few dozen idle cleanup boats May 22. But by then, the oil already crept past the containment line, threatening fragile wetlands that were fighting to survive even before the encroachment of crude……………

The BP-hired contractors were instructed to begin “immediately” reshaping sand barriers to protect islands, including East Grand Terre, said Wildlife and Fisheries lab director Myron Fischer. He could not comment on why BP boats were not out there taking preventative action earlier

Boondoggle does not begin to describe this folks.


2 thoughts on “Let's take a second look at one of the politicians that hatched the sand berm scheme in Billy Nungesser”

  1. sop: I know I can be conspiracy-tended but has it occurred to anyone else that the delayed reaction by all the pols in JP and elsewhere may not have been unintentional or due to incompetence?

    After all it HAS been almost 5 years since Katrina and most of that disaster’s moola is gone with the wind ( er, flood). What a boost to their pocket books a major oil spill could be if they sat on their hands and waited.

    AGAIN I ask: What are Deano Bonano’s credentials to be in charge?

    TheRiot said ” Deano has given BP seven (?) plans.” If I were BP I would be asking for scientific back-up and for any credientials showing Dumbo was qualified to even be on-site. All he has done so far is threaten to ‘commandeer’ BP boats; strut in front of cameras with all his ‘doodads’ hanging from his disaster costume and generally make JP look ridiculous for having such a buffoon in charge.

    But as I recall he was the buffoon in charge at the JP Landfill when the pols needed a frontman to distract and obfuscate.

    He will say and do anything they tell him to or not to in this case IMHO.

    In this case, delay played to the pols advantage. Their friends will scurry in with newly formed partnerships and scoop up the federal and BP remediation funds.

    What a sorry state of affairs this is. IMHO, of course.

    And in my present state of disgust and distrust of Letten and his nightriders which is creating an atmosphere of conspiracy at the highest levels.

    Qualified by the fact that the FBI can only give what they’ve got to the US Attorneys. If the USA’s don’t move on it the public is @#*+&^!

    IMHO. Of course.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m curious why the “magician” TheRiot, also acclaimed to be an auditor extraordinaire by the gang of seven, has not provided anyone or posted on the internet how he wisely spent the $1 MILLION DOLLARS that BP gave the parish other than to say it was ‘spent for deputies and fly-overs’? The taxpayers deserve to know cause we know that the Parish Attorney’s Office run by Mr.Greg Giangrosso and his public friendly secretary Brooke Bourgeois aren’t going to turn over any public records. Are there any legislator auditors that can be called in to monitor the “magician” and any and all BP money turned over to the affected parishes? As far as Deano Banana we better not make him mad or you might just get your front door busted down, your computer seized and then framed for statements unkind to the Nazi regime.If they would grease an old monkey’s swinging vines they are capable of any and all public rights atrocities.OOOOOOOOwweeeee

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