Friday Music: The advance team has arrived on the Slabbed scene


5 thoughts on “Friday Music: The advance team has arrived on the Slabbed scene”

  1. Think he can do something about all of the stupidity in Jefferson Parish since he hasn’t been able to do much about BP?

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeee Mr.President since you loss Louisiana in the last election by the greatest percentage of all the states we know you don’t really care but are coming just for your political show and BP will again supply the backdrop for the medias cameras of hundrds of busy bees flying around . We also know because you won’t compromise on your 6 month moratorium on drilling that you will cause Louisiana greater economic disaster. But your advisors’ and your determination to turn all disasters into ‘ opportunities for change’ will one day cause your political demise. I for one would not welcome you at all until you cancal your stupid 6 month moratorium. Be careful while walking on the beaches you might get hit with a pelican egg that I heard on C-span were being tossed playfully about by your non-supervised cleanup teams.OOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeee

  3. I couldn’t decide where to post this comment regarding Butch Ward’s mini-me Chris Roberts trip to Washington, and meeting with my man Barry. Here or Taking a Second Look ? Well I opted here because Roberts is real fond of music, spending some TENS OF THOUSANDS for sound equipment on his new float he bought last year.

    If you will remember, it was reported that mini-me spent $189,000 dollars from his campaign fund in 2009, of which the sum of $50,000 purchased his tractor and streetcar float and $40,000 was spent for his pig party. (I’m being serious here; a couchon de lait) That $190,000 was double the next clown’s, YOUNG spending some $90,000 dollars, by $100,000 dollars. Well did you ever wonder what he spent the other $100,000 dollars on ?

    I am dizzy from looking at his finance spending report and it’s not from drinking Rebel Yell either. Pelican got so aggravated he left and took the last bottle with him. Here are some items that got my dazed attention:

    1) $5000 dollars on miscellaneous expenses for his antique fire truck. Hell I thought the reason he bought the float and tractor was to get rid of the fire engine. Not ! He just keeps it running in storage I guess. Probably a collector’s item and worth a lot of money he’ll realize at a later date. A good investment with other people’s money one might say.

    2) $6400 for beads, to throw to his subjects during parades when he rides on his streetcar float. And $278 dollars was for cabbage, yes real cabbage, to throw to the starving masses on St. Patrick’s day. What a benevolent individual he can be, I weep.

    3) $2000 for a party on Grande Isle during the Tarpon Rodeo, a real grown-ups Mardi Gras, if you get my drift. I guess he should have planned a mock fishing rodeo on the Potomac and party with the Pres while he was up there discussing who’s gone to pay for those berms his contractor friends want to build like Nunguesser’s friends wants to do, too.

    4) $3500 for a Sno-Ball machine and miscellaneous reimbursements. Well one thing’s for sure, he’ll have the equipment ready to open his sno-ball stand after the next elections because he isn’t getting elected parish wide for any office he runs for, Parish President or Councilman-at-large, Period.

    5) $7800 for “people transportation” ?????? WTF ! No reference of any kind for who, event or destination. Hmmmmmmmmm………………..

    6) $8100 for a suite deposit and catering for a fundraiser. How else is he gone to pay for all of the above . He votes for the contributor to fleece the taxpayer, the contributor then uses his add on $s to donate to mini-me who in turn spends money like a mad-hatter. This really is insane !

    Unfortunately there’s much more and you’re welcome to log in with the La. Sec. of State to view the extent of this nauseating information. But before I end this rant, I will share with you a question I have for Roberts: If your pig party, which I will say you are the perfect host for, cost $40,000, do you mean to tell us that $20,000 is spent for rental of a programable LED ? What excess ! And what a prime example of the degree of arrogance that you and your fellow council clowns share in common. Some might say an ego-manic.

    To be fair I noted that mini-me Roberts displayed his philanthropic side, in donating $30 to the Victims and Citizens Against Crime, and another generous sum of $25 to the East Jefferson Republican Women’s Organization. WOW !

    Man I bet even Barry could learn lessons from this JP politician. Chicago’s got nothing on these South Louisiana political thugs.

  4. YO! BRO,the show you refer to is the oil spill lawsuits via some Obama Drama. And don’t forget the firms are true and tested. We can do for BP what we did in the worlds largest paper manufacturing lawsuit. That is screw the folks out of their awards. But don’t forget my home boys they ain’t in Hinds County any more!

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