How about of video of Marnie Winter's "explanation" of the background check done by the Parish on MSW Resources and its owner Bryan Griesbach. Plus allow me to introduce the Wino to the Slabbed Nation

Marnie Winter oversees Environmental Affairs for the Parish and was part of the evaluation team on the River Birch contract. Skip to the 4:00 in the video and see if councilman John Young gets any sort of straight from Marnie before Theriot jumps in. I again note how Waste Management is the boogie man in the room, not River Birch which is rumored to be owned by several area politicians. In this strange world it is not a conflict for Bryan to have paid to play with the Parish when he was overseeing IESI’s business dealings.


Of course we now know all about Bryan Griesbach and the local rats that associated with his former employer. This brings us back to the person that ends up with egg on their face Miss Marnie Winter. Unslabbed described Winter this way:

Rumor has is when she was told she was to be interviewed by the FBI she panicked and was only brought under control because Wilkinson gave her a good talking to.

She and Katharine Costanza , her second in command, are the ones who can unravel all the strings but they too are ‘ retirement junkies’ as Whimergate says all the time. And Mr. Buller who runs the landfill has his own information, and rumor has it worked for one of the big trash firms prior to joining the team in JP.

Those three individuals have all the dirt but have stated on numerous occasions to a number of people that they are afraid of incriminating themselves and/or losing their jobs and retirement.

We endeavor to be fair and balanced here at Slabbed, well most of the time anyway. With that said it is time the Slabbed Nation is introduced to our newest source on Jefferson Parish Government who we’ll call the Wino. Wino is a long time observer of Jefferson Parish Government that I simply can’t dismiss. In fact I value all the opinions I get, even the ones from skid row. This is what the Wino had to say about Miss Winter:

Marnie is very good with the Enviro side of the house as to the solid waste not as much. Rick Buller is the knowledgeable one in the department. If I recall correctly after Marnie went out for a RFP on woody waste Tim Whitmer and Tom Wilkinson hijacked the project to the point Marnie was not even allowed to participate in the review. Think about that. Not allowing a director to be involved in looking at something directly under her department. I do think she will be a key player for Mr. Letten.

At this point I’ll add I have some personal experience watching a bureaucracy implode under the weight of corrupt, ineffective leadership at the top. Predictably there is a general consensus on which actors in Parish Government are the bad ones.  I am not quite ready to lump Miss Winter in that group even if she might have a self incrimination problem with the landfill as Unslabbed opines. If I worked in Parish Government I wouldn’t be toting water for the pols or the miscreants like Deano Bonano, who is seemingly universally disliked.

If immunity is needed I trust Mr Letten to use his powers there wisely.


7 thoughts on “How about of video of Marnie Winter's "explanation" of the background check done by the Parish on MSW Resources and its owner Bryan Griesbach. Plus allow me to introduce the Wino to the Slabbed Nation”

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sop —great journalism again! After listening to council replay Marnie erroneously states many times that”ISI” is the company Bryan Griesbach worked for in the past. Yet, blogger SuperSleuth yesterday states here in great detail and truth that Bryan worked for “IESI” as manager of the JP landfill. Is Marnie trying to hide Bryan’s past employer and fact that he managed the JP landfill? And isn’t Mr.Young missing this obvious conflict of interest that Bryan ran the JP landfill which is a party to this whole contract dispute(i.e.using JP landfill vs. RiverBirch landfill). Mr.Young also misses SuperSleuth’s knowledge about all tha campaign contributions BFI and IESI(Bryan’s previous employers) gave to the council. There is so much “smoke and mirrors” here that I vote that “magician” Theriot’s act be cancelled and the FBI called in to place Marnie, Bryan and Barry Bordelon in the “chicken pot”, add a ittle Emeril’s “BAM” with flame on high until they all start squelling like the pigs they are. I feel the HEAT is a comin’ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. In Rich Rainey’s (TP, Feb. 2,2010) River Birch story about the JP hiring a consultant to review the River Birch debacle created by the Council, Broussard, Whitmer and of course the senior partner of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe, and then Parish Attorney, Tom Wilgetsum, Ms. Winter, in an interview with Mr. Rainey subsequent to the Council meeting gave credence to these facts as written in the article:

    “The River Birch ‘deal’ was negotiated for Jefferson by Whitmer
    and Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson. Winter said they did not
    not consult any outside analysts with expertise in engineering,
    municipal waste or finance.”

    Of course they didn’t ! The “they” are: Tom Wilkinson, David Fos and Alan Gandolfi, who comprised the voting RFP Evaluation Committee for RFP 0176. Ms. Winter was voted by these three buffoons not to have a vote; of course she shouldn’t have a vote, she’ a qualified Environmental PHD ! River Birch and Concrete Busters were the contestants, and River Birch
    won, 274/300 to 143/300. To this day I’m still wondering if Concrete Busters was just a shill to make it appear as though there was a legitimate process…Hmmmmmm…………………………….

    I want to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Winter for putting these three incompetent political whore retirement junkies under a fast moving bus. Again thank you, Ms. Winter.

    Well guys I quess you can quess what’s coming down the pike as a result of your negligent conduct in this sham committee participation. You might want to think who each one of you will rat on and third party to help pay for this mess ? The two Timmys perhaps…Whitmer for sure.

    I have written extensively about this cesspool of corruption called River Birch, and it seems
    that the political garbage associated with this unseemly neverending story is no where in sight. Theriot is now leading this charge of the Political Thugs, with the Council rallying around him, mapping the next move of their “backroom” deal in executive session. Their attempt to pass through the monopoly at the River Birch landfill will be their Kyber Pass !

  3. I repeat: Marnie Winter, Katharine Costanza and Rick Buller have all the answers.

    They can even tell where Baby Butler, Freddie Heebe and Peytavin come into play and when.

    Whitmer and Wilkinson orchestrated it but many others were in the pit fiddling while JP burned.

    Barton has been around and in Wilkinson’s pocket ( and rental property) for years and years. She knew all about River Birch and the trumped up lawsuit filed in late 2009 to cover up the Breach of Contract perpetrated by JP on Waste Management when JP signed off on a contract with River Birch before the Waste Management contract was ‘undone’.

    But then maybe that was a ploy as well: Waste Management wins beaucoup bucks in a Breach of Contract reconventional demand; River Birch gets the contract and everyone goes home happy. Except the taxpayers of JP who once again are fleeced.

    And remember, on Keystone Renewables website Waste Management maintains the Methane recovery plants for them. Keystone is Baby Butler who is the attorney for River Birch.

    Enough already I am getting dizzy spinning around in circles to see all the players who are holding hands. It is beginning to look like a game of TWISTER.

    But seriously think about it: Gruntz, Fos, Gandolfi, Bonano, Bordelon, and Bourgeois : all been around forever and all well aware of what was up. Looking the other way is no defense. The Parish Charter and Ordinances demand, order, mandate the reporting of any violations known by employees.

    READ THE LAW, Folks. And weep.

  4. And of yeah: on Keystone’s website it states that the River Birch methane recovery plant in JP will be up and running soon as designed by Keystone and to be maintained by Waste Management. Last I checked and IMHO. etc etc etc

    So Wilkinson’s ” lawsuit” against Waste Management? charges that Waste Management failed to collect residential waste per their contract with the Parish . The times when Waste Management failed to do that you ask?

    August 29,2005 through October 2005.

    Could a possible defense be there were no residents or residential garbage and in some cases no residences?

    Gimme a break

  5. OOOOOOOOOwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m just curious if anyone in the know(i.e. SupaSleuth) knows what MSW stands for in the company name, MSW Resourses,LLC.? Could it be an unknown party’s initials? We have seen all to many times in JP approved contracts concerning companies owned by undisclosed third parties.Speaking about “disclosure” did everyone read in the TP this morning how the original “at will” employees’disclosure ordinance was changed by Councilwoman LeeSheng to allow secret/sensitive]private material to be disclosed to and held restricted by the JP Parish Attorneys’ Office. Well Ms.Lee-Sheng you have again shown to the voters how our wonderful super-honest Parish Attorneys’ Office will conspire once again to hide fraud just like they did for President Broussard and the four or five fraudulent paralegals.Its just more “smoke and mirrors” good government by our Nazi regime. OOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. I have a follow-up question to the panel:

    Has this been noted?

    “On the council, Lagasse is in an unusual position. His chief council aide, Barry Bordelon, also works as a consultant for the parent company of Coastal Waste Services, one of the haulers interested in the Jefferson contract. Before he signed on with Coastal, Bordelon worked for Waste Management. He said Tuesday that he has been involved with garbage companies for more than 25 years.”

    Isn’t Waste Management the company that had the landfill contract before?

    And wasn’t that for 25 years?

    And so did he move as consultant from Waste management to IESI/Coastal-Waste when the Sneeds/Wards/Heebes were readying their proposal to take hold of the landfill via River Birch?

    And does IESI own Coastal Waste?

    Is there any way IESI/Coastal-Waste profits were River Birch to get the contract, vs. what would happen if another entity won it? [This seems to me to be a key question and I’m not sure I am entirely clear on that, can someone explain?]

    If the answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’ (that’s a true question, not a statement), then does that mean that were River Birch to get the contract, then the contract will have moved with Mr. Bordelon and, vice versa, Mr. Bordelon will have moved with the contract?

    Please note that Mr. Bordelon is the aide to Councilman Lagasse and Councilman Lagasse is the guy who actually put the MSW/Netterville contract on the agenda.


  7. Of course Lagasse put this matter on the agenda, as he did to hire Cassange as the unqualified director of WJHC, as he to have the secret Whitmer/Lagniappe insurance deal go through at WJHC. Lagasse has done these and many more corrupt things to further enrich his council assistant. Lagasse’s BARRY BORDELON has got his footprints all over this deal and Letton continues to give him a pass. Why ? Maybe it’s because of the Pampy Barre case…hmmm…..

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