How about of video of Marnie Winter's "explanation" of the background check done by the Parish on MSW Resources and its owner Bryan Griesbach. Plus allow me to introduce the Wino to the Slabbed Nation

Marnie Winter oversees Environmental Affairs for the Parish and was part of the evaluation team on the River Birch contract. Skip to the 4:00 in the video and see if councilman John Young gets any sort of straight from Marnie before Theriot jumps in. I again note how Waste Management is the boogie man in the room, not River Birch which is rumored to be owned by several area politicians. In this strange world it is not a conflict for Bryan to have paid to play with the Parish when he was overseeing IESI’s business dealings.


Of course we now know all about Bryan Griesbach and the local rats that associated with his former employer. This brings us back to the person that ends up with egg on their face Miss Marnie Winter. Unslabbed described Winter this way: Continue reading “How about of video of Marnie Winter's "explanation" of the background check done by the Parish on MSW Resources and its owner Bryan Griesbach. Plus allow me to introduce the Wino to the Slabbed Nation”

Slicked and Slabbed the BP Disaster Part 6: The BP bankruptcy watch commences

It’s official folks, a stock analyst has whispered the bankruptcy words with respect to BP and it evidently caused a late session stampede out of the common stock. The Times Picayune AP story on the stampede aspect can be found here.  A good overall analysis of why yesterday’s 16% drop is significant can be found courtesy of the WaPo’s Frank Ahrens here as BP’s common stock now trades below book value, a widely cited but IMHO a useless measure of an enterprises intrinsic worth.

I had to laugh at Mr Ahrens’ report because I ate supper earlier this week in Jackson with a noted litigator who will most likely be part of the people’s legal team (ie a trial lawyer) against BP and I made some remarks regarding recent trading volume that today’s news will validate.  $5 is the magic number folks, if BP’s ADRs bust that number all bets are off IMHO. My prior posts on the general subject can be found here and here.

Finally I’ll add there is a significance in the rumored bankruptcy filing timeline cited in that AP story that bears out something I’ve disclosed at this point to the 2 individuals who I’ve befriended since beginning this project called slabbed. Continue reading “Slicked and Slabbed the BP Disaster Part 6: The BP bankruptcy watch commences”

Jim Brown

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
Grand Isle, Louisiana



If one lesson can be learned from both the Gulf Oil spill and the Wall Street financial bailout debacle, it’s that oversight by competent regulators is critical to protect the public. At every level of the governmental process, elected officials and both state and federal agencies either stood by and took no action at all, or worse, turned the regulatory process over to those private companies that caused all the damage.

The current and ongoing oil spill disaster points once again to the fact that there is a wretched epic of “regulatory” failure and our knowledge of the fact that literally nothing has changed in the attitude or actions of these governmental derelicts is the most graphic proof yet of the absolute, irrecoverable failure of this political system.

So where does the fault lie? There is plenty of blame to aim at both major political parties. The Demodon’ts and the Republican’ts have both shown, time and time again, an inability to put teeth into a system of public protection. Their mantra has been “free enterprise” and “get the government off our backs.”

We all want a “leave us alone” mentality, that is, until Katrina, Wall Street rip-offs, insurance fraud, 9/11 and Gulf oil spills. Just like there are no atheists in foxholes, we turn from free enterprise capitalists to socialists when disaster strikes. But then we presume that the government can put things right because it is so big and powerful. Yeah, right! Like FEMA, the Corps of Engineers, the dysfunctional Office of Homeland Security, and the SEC regulators that let Wall Street run wild. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

Meet good government citizen/activist and Jefferson Parish Resident Margie Seeman

Every community needs several Margies to keep everything above-board and transparent in the local government.  In this clip from yesterday’s Parish Council meeting Ms Seeman proves herself an early innovator with regard to Mr Theriot’s landfill audit team, a subject we profiled around the same general time Ms Margie was addressing the parish council.  She certainly knows a pig in the poke when she reads one.