2 thoughts on “Today's snarky comment of the day comes courtesy of blogger Miloeiko at Nola.com”

  1. Oh, the Sarah Palin haters can ridicule her all they want. I STILL identify “more” with her than that Muslim in the White House, who is hitting the Region and the country with a bigger economic disaster to PEOPLE than the oil spill, which he (and Axelrod and Emmanuel) screwed up (and is still screwing up) by putting BP in charge of the henhouse. So have your fun ridiculing Sarah. But remember: YOUR WOMEN WILL SOON BE WEARING BURKAS and being subjected to “female circumcision”, all courtesy of “Barry” (he’s coming back soon, I hear). Inshala. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. She is a fluffer Ashton, albeit one that has well cashed in on her good looks. Her daughter Bristol is a fluffer too albeit one that is now cashing in on spreading her legs for a piece of trash at the submarine races up Wasilla way.

      Am I being too hard on the Palin gals? Consider the post I did on Behavioral Economist/Harvard University Professor Dan Ariely use of the google auto complete feature to illustrate the difference between the sexes using gender specific search strings. Google auto complete is based on the most popular search strings and is a great shortcut sometimes. It also serves as a window in to the soul of public opinion and in the case of Bristol Palin, how the public views her.

      We’re equal opportunity and have had some fun at the expense of Desiree Rogers, who I have also termed a fluffer. Plug her name into google and see how the public views her because despite her beauty it isn’t for sex.

      Never sell the public short for seeing on things as they are instead of how the spinmeisters would have us believe.


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