Sarah Palin joins Haley Barbour and Phil Bryant waxing nonsensical on the oil spill. Meantime BP will be showing up today before the Louisiana Legislature

Folks the only thing worse than these home-grown scheisters like Haley Barbour and Phil Bryant are the out-of-state ones. Make no mistake Sarah Palin is a fluffer, albeit one that has parlayed her good looks far better than Desiree Rogers. Sarah honey do us a favor and stick with babbling on Fox News as you are worse than useless trying to play politics with the environmental disaster here. The Times Picayune has the AP story:

“The current administration may be unaware that it’s the President’s duty, meeting on a CEO-to-CEO level with Hayward, to verify what BP reports,” wrote Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and a potential presidential challenger in 2012.

She then extolled her own experience in Alaska, and what she called her administration’s efforts to ensure “Big Oil” operated ethically and responsibly. Among those: creation of a Petroleum Systems Integrity Office “when we saw proof of improper maintenance of oil infrastructure in our state. We had to verify. And that’s why we instituted new oversight and held BP and other oil companies financially accountable for poor maintenance practices.

“We knew we could partner with them to develop resources without pussyfooting around with them. As a CEO, it was my job to look out for the interests of Alaskans with the same intensity and action as the oil company CEOs looked out for the interests of their shareholders,” she wrote.

Palin resigned last summer in the midst of her first term as governor.

Pamela Miller, arctic program director for the Northern Alaska Environmental Center, said she has yet to see “any tangible results in the oil fields” as a result of the office’s work. She called Palin’s claims on it “hollow.”

“And she walked. So how is she holding that entity accountable?” Miller said. “What kind of executive experience is that?”

This chick personifies all that is wrong with our current political system where self-absorbed fluffers seem to rule the day. Speaking of self absorbsion, a reader emailed me with the news BP would be attending a legislative hearing today in Baton Rouge:

….lawmakers will get their crack at BP today during a joint legislative briefing on the House floor. We’ll see at 9 a.m. just who the oil giant will send into the pit. Whoever it is would be well advised to bring a hard hat, a shield and a checkbook. The agenda also calls for updates from the Jindal administration and coastal parish presidents.

With our own Gov skipping the last 2 presidential visits which included meetings involving gulf states governors it is easy to see why BP would not take Mississippi’s own spill hearings seriously. It appears even most of the populace of central Mississippi gets it as a comment on today’s Clarion Ledger story on the topic illustrates:

Taking the side of BP, making every effort to minimize the oil disaster’s status, spreading lies about conditions in the Gulf, fear mongering, avoiding the President and the possibility of having to atone for the lies (TWICE) don’t serve the best interests of voters in Mississippi. Haley knows this, but has chosen the highest bidder. His guvnah’s salary is small potatoes.

His actions and words do serve the interests of BP though. Before that it was Barbour protecting the rights of Casinos on the coast to the detriment of long-time residents. Throw him a few dollars and he will perform tricks that would embarrass a down on her luck ‘Lot Lizard’.

Amen Brother Amen.


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  1. Haley being on the take has been an open secret here in Mississippi for years Sock. The locals call it “hittin’ a lick”.

    Are the reasons insurers felt free to rape us after Katrina coming clear folks?


  2. Right on. And the “drill baby drill” chick brings new meaning to the term “political whore.”

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