How about a plume and vessels of opportunity update courtesy of Captain Al

Folks IMHO the best information on the blowout and spill has been posted to blogs and message boards before they hit the professional media. I say this not to rip the professional media which collectively has done a great job reporting on the spill but see if you don’t agree as we visit with Captain Al and his post over at Rod n Reel:

Seems like since the Vessels of Opportunity set up by BP numerous captains have been confused on how and when they will go to work. Down in Venice for close to a month every time I turn around there are captains not happy and are forming petitions, protest etc.

I have worked four days since the start of the program myself and am confused on how something so simple seems to be so hard to get answers to.

The last I heard from the Logistics guy is we were to be 4 on 4 off. Then 7 on and 7 off and now we are to be there indefinitely. That is great if I were to get the info from the logistics guy that you call and text with no response. Heck I even saw the logistics guy the night before last and was not informed of any changes as he gave me a hug and said “I will call you later” because he was “so busy” and on the phone at the moment.

So the next morning I called the logistics guy still with no response. Well if you know me you know that I will get to the bottom of any situation and will have my opinion heard weather you want to hear it or not so I went to the source…………

Moving on

I took reef scientist and Environmental Ecologist Scott Porter of Lumcon to do some live rock sampling on the platforms Monday. We had journalist Rich Matthews of the Associated Press tag along.The story and video will be released today on on Yahoo, AOL and other web outlets. You can check it out there first. It will be hitting the international news channels this afternoon.

It is the worst dive yet. I have been documenting the spill since May 1 and handing over tapes to scientist for review.

I have videoed the plumes that don’t exist since then watching with my own eyes of it taking on many different shapes and depths up to 190 foot.

I have dove and documented plumes of sticky droplets, powered plumes, fluffy plumes, cloudy plumes and now plumes around 140 foot of what I would describe as snot. You will see this in Rich Matthews news release today.

Meantime BP is sticking to their story there are no oil plumes. Idiots plain and simple!