BP tells the Mississippi House of Representatives to suck it: Does not show up for House Committee Hearing.

In the course of just over an hour, most of it spent on a question and answer session, the three men attempted to present a picture of a company under pressure, but with the financial and technical wherewithal to meet the immense challenges it faces.

At times evasive, sometimes disarmingly frank – quizzed about the personal toll events were taking, Mr Hayward stunned his audience by proclaiming “I’m a Brit, I can take it”……

Clearly conscious of the political storm surrounding the spill in the US, Mr Hayward said BP’s most important job over the long-term was to “regain the trust” of the American public.

So said Tony Hayward on an investor conference call which we originally covered here. So how does BP go about re-gaining the trust of America’s public and how tough is Hayward? (H/T Jarvis DeBerry)

First off you continue telling lies such as denying that which everyone that casually followed the BP Gulf Oil disaster knew existed in those underwater oil plumes, which NOAA finally confirmed today in the face of public ridicule as bloggers are seemingly better informed than NOAA.

Second you tell the Mississippi House of Representatives to f*ck off and skip their scheduled committee hearing. The Times Picayune has the AP wire story:

Mississippi lawmakers wanted to get a better idea of the scope of the Gulf Coast oil spill straight from BP executives. They got a letter instead.

The company informed them that no BP representatives would be able to appear at the hearings held by a select House committee and suggested an alternative date.

Committee chairman Rep. J.P. Compretta says he is disappointed by the no-show.

JP is the number 2 man in the Mississippi House and is a resident of Bay St Louis. As I remember the House formed a committee on the spill and not to be outdone our State Senate did likewise. In Mississippi, our government is divided with the Democrats controlling the State House of Representatives and the Republicans most everything else. Unlike the head of State Senate, Lite Gov Phil Bryant, JP Compretta smells the oil, which may explain BP’s trepidation in attending his committee meeting.

And besides, they probably wanted to wait for Governor Barbour to get back from his central park picnic as the spill is evidently not a big priority to the GOP leadership as Barbour skipped the last two area meetings of the region’s Governors and Phil Bryant thinks the areas problems relate more to uncontrolled lawn mowing than the worst oil spill in this nation’s history.

So while the nation sees our Governor Barbour playing politics with the spill I’d like our out of state readers to note the pilloring Barbour and pals are taking in the comments to the stories on this written by our local media here on the coast including that T-P article I linked above.

There are some politically affiliated websites like Mississippi’s own Jackson based Yallpolitics.com which have taken a certain amount of offense to the ridicule heaped on Barbour by media outlets like the Washington Post. We respect the folks at Yall but when these central Mississippians write, “I say, come to the Gulf Coast before dismissing Barbour’s comments as false. Sitting in your high horse in New York or California doesn’t give you the information to make a claim against Haley or any other politician fighting for the survival of their state.“,  it is clear they have missed the point as the people who deal with the spill everyday understand Barbour is promoting his own personal agenda over the welfare of the people on the coast. And as a coastie I’ll add Haley Barbour doesn’t have many fans down here these days so don’t let the committed political types fool you.  May I be so bold to recommend the best way to perk ol’ Haley up is to give his relatives 7 figure no bid contracts doing work for which they are not qualified.

Meantime the level of trust between the impacted public, BP and their shoeshine boy politicians like Phil Bryant and Haley Barbour has never been lower.


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  1. I have followed NOAA on this from the start. My sense is that the head of NOAA, a person named Jane Lubchenco, has consistently tried to downplay the oil spill from day 1. Not sure why a scientist charged with such an important regulatory role would do this, but it’s worthwhile to dig back and examine some of the comments she’s made since the Deepwater Horizon story broke.

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