Speaking of Judges – Pasty Brumfield finds Judge Lackey while looking for Wendell Blount

Ordinarily, there would be no reason for SLABBED to pick up the  north Mississippi story of Wendell Blount on the run.  However, there is nothing ordinary about the connection Patsy Brumfield made between Blount and the so-called-hero of USA v Scruggs, Judge Henry Lackey.

Background on Blount’s current caper is not of particular interest.  The “devil”,  so to speak, is in the details of his past:

Blount’s legal past is easy to follow at the federal level. He was a party to 33 bankrupty cases, 14 civil lawsuits and five criminal actions…Through the years, Blount has been involved with numerous business ventures in Calhoun County, some successful and others not.

One such business – Medical Concepts Inc. – was established in 1989 with Henry L. Lackey, who in 1993 was appointed a circuit judge by Gov. Kirk Fordice. Lackey is set to retire at the end of the year.

Lackey could not be reached for comment. State documents show Lackey resigned as the business’ agent for process in July 1990 just before it merged with a Nevada company.Earlier records show Lackey in an attorney’s role filing incorporation papers for Blount with the Mississippi secretary of state’s office.

Earlier records from an Adversary Proceeding filed in one of Blount’s bankruptcy cases show Lackey’s role was more than just that of an attorney filing incorporation papers.

Industrial Design Associates (“IDA”) ‘ filed its adversary complaint against Wendell Glenn Blount ( “Blount” ), seeking a determination of dischargeability and a judgment against Blount for fraudulent misrepresentations, fraudulent breach of contract, fraudulent inducement of patent rights assignment, and malicious bad faith prosecution of civil suit and bankruptcy case…

By early May 1989, IDA was no longer providing any design services to Blount, and was seeking payment of the past due monthly invoices from November and December 1988, and January and February 1909 . Henry Lackey, the attorney representing Blount, told IDA that financing was necessary to pay the past due invoices , and that an assignment of IDA ‘s patent rights was necessary to obtain this financing…

IDA relied on the guaranty, and gave consideration by executing the patent rights assignment documents…

‘The June 30, 1989 deadline passed without the promised payment, and IDA continued negotiations with Lackey and Blount to collect the past due invoices .

Roger Blackwood , the owner of Formall-Blackwood, which produced the vacuum formed plastic components of the scooter, also revealed pertinent information. Blackwood had difficulty in collecting payment from Blount, and personally met with Blount and Judge Lackey in Mississippi from June 4, 1989 through June 11, 1989.  He specifically recalled the following conversation with Lackey:

He [Lackey] was still bragging about it, and I was kind of dumbfounded. He was telling me a story where they’d made a deal with IDA to get the patent rights without paying them. And we discussed that at length. And , quite frankly, I told him he must be the best salesman in the world and they must be the craziest people in the world because that’s the only hold they had.
The docket for the IDA Adversary Proceeding shows Northern District Mississippi Bankruptcy Judge David Houston dismissed the IDA Adversary Complaint in an Order issued  February 3, 1993, ruling the $94, 270 Blount owed IDA was a dischargeable debt in bankruptcy.  Houston also dismissed the IDA complaint for damages based on the allegations of fraud detailed in the trial brief (linked above) as “not well taken”.
Disposition of Adversary (91-2239) Dismissing [1-2] Complaint NOS 454 Recover Money/Property, Denying [1-1] Complaint NOS 426 Dischargeability 523. Order signed 2/3/93. The debt owed to IDA for $94,270.75 is a dischargeable debt in the bankruptcy case. The complaint filed by IDA seeking a determination that alleged damages are nondischargeable debts in not well taken and is hereby dismissed. Opinion entered contemporaneously with this order. (Entered on Docket by: Martin, Jan) (Entered: 02/03/1993)
The docket of the Bankruptcy case itself, however, shows the case was in court from May 20, 1991 until June 3, 2008 – approximately eight weeks before Dick Scruggs began serving a five-year sentence for the attempted bribery of then Judge Lackey – a “saint” with no clothes whose wardrobe was no secret:
One can only wonder how many such stories there are in North Mississippi’s system of just-us justice.
h/t anon reader for the trial brief

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  1. Placide and I were just conversing about the depressing state of affairs in “zee governement des Etas Unis”…my french is rusty…hmmm maybe a Rusty Nail would fix that…Placide? Un ‘Rusty Nail’ s’il vous plait.
    But back to our discussion. We lament the now unavoidably obvious gaping holes of corruption in the judiciary, legislatures and administrations across America. Incroible! thank you Placide. C’est delicieux.
    We fear turning on le television du monde because we begin to think of Revelation and locusts and boils and other fearsome prophesies from the Bible. Sometimes ignorance is bliss so I am now avoiding le television du monde and concentrating on the Bible. Only when Placide insists on bringing me up to date, his reports and the stories in Revelation tend to blur and merge.
    Largest cricket (locust) invasion in 30 years expected in the Midwest this year.
    Worst oil spill in US history going into week 8? 9? 10? I forget.
    Tornadoes and floods
    Earthquakes and volcanoes
    Je me pense que c’est vrai ce que tout le monde dit: C’est la fin. Au revoir . A demain. Peut- etre.
    Que le bon Dieu vous benise.

  2. C’mon Nowdy you were being kind, his name is LACKEY…many people inherited their surnames from an ancestoral rights, trades and occupations, places of origin, etc., etc.,; and some from their personal traits of conduct…well I quess we know how a lackey became Judge Lackey !

  3. Whitmergate the same group put up a crooked, toe sucking pervert for Senate a couple of years ago.

    There are reasons Mississippi shows up so poorly on so many quality of life comparative surveys. The overwhelming majority of them are north of I-20. Large segments of the populace do not stay undereducated in grinding poverty for generations without reasons.

    And to think the coast was taken away from Florida and served up to these double dealing self serving nabobs. It has been to our detriment ever since.

    Good job partner.



  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Nowdy, I can still smell the southeastern district bankruptcy court corruption crap all the way here in the rainforest and I imagine the Mississippi district about which you reported is just as bad if not worse. The problem is the Fifth Circuit and other appellate courts don’t want to get involved in the highly complex federal bankruptcy laws so they pretty much ditto all decisions of bankruptcy courts thereby leaving the Bankrupcy judges unchecked and free to engage in all sorts of familiar “homecooking” conspiracies with trustees, bankruptcy attorneys,etc. Whitmergate— VIVA LA PELICAN AND VIVA LA JEFFERSON OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee

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