Speaking of Judges – Pasty Brumfield finds Judge Lackey while looking for Wendell Blount

Ordinarily, there would be no reason for SLABBED to pick up the  north Mississippi story of Wendell Blount on the run.  However, there is nothing ordinary about the connection Patsy Brumfield made between Blount and the so-called-hero of USA v Scruggs, Judge Henry Lackey.

Background on Blount’s current caper is not of particular interest.  The “devil”,  so to speak, is in the details of his past:

Blount’s legal past is easy to follow at the federal level. He was a party to 33 bankrupty cases, 14 civil lawsuits and five criminal actions…Through the years, Blount has been involved with numerous business ventures in Calhoun County, some successful and others not.

One such business – Medical Concepts Inc. – was established in 1989 with Henry L. Lackey, who in 1993 was appointed a circuit judge by Gov. Kirk Fordice. Lackey is set to retire at the end of the year.

Lackey could not be reached for comment. State documents show Lackey resigned as the business’ agent for process in July 1990 just before it merged with a Nevada company.Earlier records show Lackey in an attorney’s role filing incorporation papers for Blount with the Mississippi secretary of state’s office.

Earlier records from an Adversary Proceeding filed in one of Blount’s bankruptcy cases show Lackey’s role was more than just that of an attorney filing incorporation papers. Continue reading “Speaking of Judges – Pasty Brumfield finds Judge Lackey while looking for Wendell Blount”