Jackson New Media and the effort to unseal records from State Farm v Attorney General Hood

In April 2009, Jackson New Media,  publisher of the Mississippi blog Y’all Politics, filed a Motion to Intervene in State Farm’s suit against  Jim Hood, in his official capacity as Attorney General of the State of Mississippi.  Three television stations joined Jackson New Media as plaintiffs in the case:  WLBT (Jackson), WLOX (Biloxi)  and WDAM (Hattiesburg), now collectively “New Media”.

According to the Motion, New Media had “no forum within which it may seek to protect its free press and free access rights…under the Constitution of the United States and Mississippi Constitution of 1890, and free access rights under the Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983”.

SLABBED responded in a post supporting the removal of seals from all documents filed in Katrina-related litigation:

The public’s First Amendment right to access relevant court materials does not begin and end with State Farm v Hood. In fact, in the context of Katrina litigation, the case pales by comparison to the relevant court materials that have been sealed since the 29th of August, 2005, when Katrina blew apart homes and families, neighborhoods and communities…

Later in the post, SLABBED added, “Asking to unseal a single document will cause some to question the motives of this worthy effort…” and followed with a reference to State Farm’s use of sealed documents in a case current at the time the post was written. Continue reading “Jackson New Media and the effort to unseal records from State Farm v Attorney General Hood”

BREAKING: Slabbed issues an AMBER ALERT! Tinky Winky has gone missing!!!!!

Taken by a tourist in Central Park shortly before Tinky went missing

Slabbed issues the following amber alert for Tinky Winky, a Teletubby last seen in New York City. Just before Tinky Winky was reported missing a tourist snapped this picture of him frolicking in Central Park.

The Sun Herald is also all over this story. Geoff Pender’s story on the missing persons report can be found here. The editorial board, rightfully concerned how this news will impact perceptions during this time of crisis, chips in with a quick opinion based upon a life is not a picnic in Central Park theme. 

I have taken the liberty of making a collage which I embedded below the fold that I hope my fellow bloggers will distribute as the desperate search for Tinky Winky continues. Please help us find Tinky Winky!

Name: Tinky Winky
Known Aliases: Boss Hogg, Barbar
Unusual Physical Characteristics: Triangular antenna on head, covered in blue fur
Distinguishing marks: Tatoo with inscription. “I am a political animal. Hear me roar” on posterior. Continue reading “BREAKING: Slabbed issues an AMBER ALERT! Tinky Winky has gone missing!!!!!”

Slicked and Slabbed the BP disaster Part 3: Commenc

With a big hat tip to Editilla over at the Ladder lets visit with Phil Butler, editor-in-chief of Everything PR and senior partner at Pamil Visions PR as he explores the reasons he thinks BP’s common stock is worthless. Here is a snippet:

The simple truth, when all is said and done, is that British Petroleum cannot pay for the damage it has done. No way in hell. This is my opinion, and I am not alone in suggesting it. BP has already lost one third of its value based just on the stock market. If the total costs exceed BP’s value, or even come close, liquidating the company could likely still not satisfy all the damage done. Especially if this oil continues for an extended period.

There is no denying that is it awfully risky to own BP ADRs these days.