Our friends at Allstate can rest easy. Desiree Rogers has found a job! The news courtesy of the Huffington Post:

Former White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers has been hired by struggling Chicago-based Johnson Publishing–the world’s largest African-American owned and operated publishing company.

The Root reported Friday that Rogers, who stepped down from her Obama Administration job following the 2009 White House state dinner gatecrasher debacle, would join Johnson Publishing as a consultant to get the company back on it’s feet. Rogers is a longtime friend of CEO Linda Johnson Rice:

The benefit of Rogers’ counsel and connections come at a time when Johnson Publishing, the world’s largest African-American owned and operated publishing company, has battled against steep advertising declines — like much of print media.

Wendy Parks, a spokeswoman for the publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines, told The Root that Rogers would “assist with corporate strategy.”

This of course means Johnson Publishing will more than likely crash and burn sooner rather than later and begs the question about whether Desiree learned anything from her experience in DC. Michele Langevine Leib, another Huff Po blogger wrote this about Desiree back in March:

Some part of me is surprised that Rogers (who is no amateur) had not learned this lesson sooner. Yes, the fashion mags naturally all flocked to her……………..

Rogers should have had the good sense to, at some point, stop her voguing.

I can see this Desiree will be providing fodder for Slabbed banter for years to come.  Dane, the pressure is easin’ on ya bro.  😉


5 thoughts on “D”

  1. I wonder what “corprorate strategy” means? Sounds very similar to the ALL position of “VP of Nothing”.

  2. You got it Sup. I especially cracked up laughing at the part of that Huff Po post that termed her a corporate power broker.

    Desiree is like a crack addict when it comes to shameless self promotion. It worked for the late Stephen Ambrose, a man that was evidently cut from the same cloth but he did most of his plagerizing and BSing before the net took off big time.


  3. sop: Interesting you bring up Ambrose and in such a manner as I always questioned exactly what he was about other than boasting and bragging about being a man’s man. He who can does and he who can’t brags.

    My encounters with the man left me with the distinct impression that he was a self-centered, self-important, intellectually limited smelly dirty lazy bum.

    Admittedly not a popular opinion of the Hero of World War II Museum.

    But to give him his due his OUT THERE personality was a moving force, he seemed to genuinely like his UNO students in my limited interaction with him and he is daid.

    Hope he made it to that big museum in the sky and is flying with Jesus as his co-pilot as Sister Gertrude Morgan was so fond of using in her Folk Art.

    Wonder how many other celebrated folk heroes have clay feet? Gettin’ pretty depressing.

  4. As a teenager and young adult I was socially acquainted with one of Ambrose’s fellow professors. He hated the man professionally as he thought he was the ultimate academic poseur and history would prove him right especially in the publish or perish environment of higher education.

    Ambrose retired to Bay St Louis. The house he once owned was destroyed by Katrina.

    The respsone to this blog has been fantastic through time. Part and parcel to that are the hard stories we had to tell, like the scam run by the 2 people that founded Camp Coastal Outpost which still accomplished some good despite the simultaneous looting. To that extent we have to face tough philosophical questions like can good result from evil.

    Ambrose and the National WWII Museum is such an example. And it stands as a living testiment to the man and his vision.

    Everyone has inate flaws and the major religions all emphasize redemption so I do not speak ill of the deceased in a bad way but the shortcut Ambrose took is generally fatal. He overcame it through sheer force of personality.

    IMHO Desiree peaked too soon. You can’t blame her for using her personal strengths to their fullest. Though it may not show in my routine bashing I’m a big fan of self disipline. In respects it is a foreign concept to Desiree. It would almost have to be in that personality type.


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