9 thoughts on “I see Jefferson Parish has joined Slabbed in posting salary information online”

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Its nice not be curious like I once was and to know the truth and fiercely challenge the evil powers that be with the truth. So much for TheRiot printing the “truthful” JP salaries cause I am absolutely sure that the old May 29,2009 $72,000 salary now reported on the TP website for Greg Giangrosso is erroneous and I’m in the process of checking who tampered with Greg’s true May 29,2009 salary of $55,000. Irregardless of who tampered with the truth, the reason why it has been tampered with is more important and crystal clear. Approximately four weeks ago at the May 12th council meeting TheRiot stated to the council to investigate if any other employees other than CEO Whitmer and Parish Attorney Wilkinson had received an outrageous pay raise.TheRiot already knew that Greg had received a 40% pay raise cause I had been blogging it for weeks all over the popular internet sites. But you know how TheRiot wants to act like he does not know whats happening in JP government. After the May 12th council meeting I immediately began to blog for Greg Giangrosso to report to TheRiot about his August 31,2009 pay raise from his then current $55,000 to $72,000 – a 31% increase, all the while he was in his same job duties–asst parish attorney.Then in January or February 2010 Greg received another $4,000 raise for a total 40% increase in 6 months. Shortly thereafter TheRiot framed anne maria vandenweghe removing her from public records and Mr. Giangrosso was appointed to her position.Only thing, as hard as anne worked to produce records Greg worked just as hard denying 80-90% of all requests by form letter(and as per councilman and attorney himself,John Young,publically stated the form letter was based on erroneous case jurisprudence). With all my repetitive blogging to TheRiot and the gang of seven, no one has ever addressed Greg’s outrageous 40%salary increase or his more outrageous malpractice form letter;and all despite the fact all of JP knows TheRiot and council are blog readers of slabbed and other sites. So now someone has decided instead of truthfully addressing Greg’s raise they would simply “cover-up” Greg’s 40% pay raise by arranging that the TP’s old May 29,2009 salary internet quote is the erroneous $72,000 and not the truthful $55,000. Therefore making it seem Greg only got over 2009-2010 a $4,000 pay raise to $76,000 which even of itself is greater than the 5% allowed limit of the executive pay plan.————— Now I think I’m getting a little curious as to why councilman Chris Roberts is calling British Petroleum “a sham” when the biggest “sham” of the decade is the council dictated appointment of TheRiot, the magician; and then The Riot’s subsequent attack on good government through his “Smoke and Mirrors Show” of what he calls Truth(framing whistleblowers,denying flow of public records and suing bloggers over their right of free speech,etc.)So much for Truth in JP with TheRiot the magician!!!!111 OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  3. Aside from being a longevity lackey under the disgraced former Parish Attorney for way too many years, can anyone tell me what Ms. Barton does to receive $135,000 dollars ? That’s right, $135,000 dollars and counting the days till retirement (think Whitmer). So this is Theriot’s idea of ethical reform, to keep this Wilkinson knee-bender and the remaining posse (Giangrosso, Tomba, et al) on board so they can ante up their salaries to increase their retirement benefits.

    The fact that Theriot appointed Ms. Barton as interim Parish Attorney is enough reason for him to RESIGN NOW !

    Having Wilkinson’s ghost to continue insulting the taxpayers of JP is as arrogant and stupid an act as we could have expected from der Furheur. By the way Theriot, have you and/ or your so called attorneys, Phlips Dungmore, bothered with a due diligence investigation regarding Frau Barton’s conduct relating to her mismanagement of certain para-legals under her supervision and the alteration of certain public records relating to her mismanagement ? No, I quess ya’ll haven’t and don’t intend to. Maybe if Frau Barton had blogged that would have gotten your attention. But wait, didn’t I notice the name backinkorea posting something about Theriot being an Alario lackey ?… That Theriot made Tommy resign…Tommy deserved those raises…what about Villio, Tommy said it was OK…River Birch is a good deal, Tommy made sure they got the high marks …it was Whitmer’s idea to give Hubbard the low bid and then add on …so what if Tommy picked his friends Burglass and Tankerley and others to get millions in legal fees so that they could contribute to the JP Council… the Lieljeberg case ? he says he earned that $30,000 dollars to have Gardner just sit there…DWI cases, 5th Circuit Court of Appeals cases ? well it not a crime to know people, is it ?

    There’s more to come for you two bunker buddies; and thatsafactjack, yea isn’t that another blogging name you used… right, Pegs ? Hey isn’t it against der Furheur’s rules to blog while at the office?…or did Tommy tell you the rules don’t apply to people like you…

    Ms. Barton take a cue from your former Buffoon boss, RESIGN NOW !

  4. Frau Barton: Welcome to the Slabbed neighborhood. Boys and girls can you say “Goodbye” in Korean? Let’s all tell her Goodbye in Korean: “annyeong”

    Anyone else wonder if this is a perfect script for a Mystery Spy Thriller?

    Highly placed American JP official trading military and other state secrets with a foreign country under the auspices of a sham marriage to an ‘engineer’ working for an American company in a foreign country. Black ops husband and traitor wife. She gets protection from rogue parish government and free travel days. WHOA there goes the imagination again.

    Anyhoo, Frau Barton and the Coulon/Whitmer/Wilkinson trio go way back and she is on many an email discussing everything from River Birch to Paralegals.

    She is also under investigation ( one would imagine she is considering the number of violations she is reported to have participated in or orchestrated) for payroll fraud ( travels to Korea without taking Annual Leave and telling her subordinates she could be contacted by email after 4:30 pm every day) ( paralegal issues re Karen Parker Broussard, Tony Thomassie, Ken “Deacon’ Trahan) and who knows what else ( Prohibited Reprisals against Employees reporting violations).

    But she is the one chosen to ‘ fix the ship of state’.

    Boys and girls can you say Corruption in Korean?

  5. Dear Mr. Letten:

    I know you are busy showing Mr. Holder around town (I would cozy up to my boss, too, if I was from a different party), but would you please do something about all of the corruption in Jefferson Parish now! This situation is not unlike the dallying of BP and the environmental disaster which has resulted – the longer this politicial disaster is allowed to continue in Jefferson Parish, the less faith that people have in government and the worse off we will all be. PLEASE DO SOMETHING NOW!

    With respect,

    IMAANGRY (and thinking of joining a tea party, no not high tea at the Windsor Court).

    P. S. I do appreciate your corruption crusade thus far, but turn your attention to Jefferson Parish; you have just scratched the surface.

  6. I am not sure that it is in anyone’s interest to know what the rank and file in JP make. Most of what I see here involves releasing information about ,”The Little People.” Yes, they are all for transparency — until it comes to releasing information about how contracts are awarded. JP says it will begin posting copies of signed contracts on its web site. Great, but that’s just smoke and mirrors. What we really want to know is the process and ranking system that JP uses to award these long term, lucrative contracts. Publish that on your web site if you are really serious about transparency. Show us your ranking committe results. Tell us the names of the people who are on those selection committees that rank the bids that go before the Council. Only when you do that will you have transparency and accountability for how public funds spent. Don’t throw me a bone by publishing the salaries of your code inspectors and back hoe operators under the guise of transparency and good government.

  7. Hey guys, long time lurker here so thought I would finally post. I’m a little shy because I’m a girl and it seems there are mostly guys here but I wanted to know why it seems you guys don’t have lives. Are the guys with very high post counts really better posters than the ones with less?

  8. Lisa: As with all things it is the quality not the quantity. Welcome to the slabbed nation. Don’t be shy. Just be honest.

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